Fade to Black Minis

#1 Humans and Monsters

Chapter 1

Two months, for three long months they'd lived with humans knowing of their existence, but unlike what they though things weren't so bad. Sure they got a bottle of alcohol thrown at them every so often, most of which his father was drink, but for the most part it seemed more and more people were becoming more accepting of the truth. Shoot, the previous month one of the local apartment builds caught on fire due a lit cigaret, and before the firemen could even get there their trusting pal Frank had already gone inside and rescued the poor woman before she could be burnt to a crisp. As for the young vampire and his friends, well after their encounter with Nightmare things began winding down. Hardly any monsters showed up to disturb the peace, and with the fan hype dying down most of his kind shed their human forms, just like him.

The day began as any other for the two partners, at the arcade. Unfortunately the beach was always packed, so instead they had to make do with what they had around. Even so, video games were a good way to spend their time, at least to them. And with it being a beautiful day, was there any reason not to?

"Dang it, alright, you won't score again." he said before placing the puck on the table.

"We'll see." he replied with a cocky smile.

Air hockey, the test of reflexes and speed. A game that truly helped out in their training, and one she could beat him at.

"Heh don't get too cocky. You've only gotten one in so far." he said before hitting the puck back at her.

"Mhm, you're pretty good, but I'm still the best." she replied in a cocky tone before hitting it back.

Though he never wanted to admit it, she was. At almost every game she'd always beat him, although he wasn't to bad at Dance Escape. But if she wanted a challenge fine, he'd give her one. As the puck came back at him he used a small bit of his power to swat it back at her, but this time she couldn't react fast enough.

"I believe that's twenty to twenty?"

"Alright, you wanna play dirty, then let's play dirty." she thought before reaching for her top.

"What are you doing?" he asked, confused by what she was doing.

No answer, instead she unbuttoned the top four buttons of her top; giving him a clear view of her developing chest.

"Oh no, breasts, my one weakness." he thought as he dropped his mallet.

"Something wrong? Want to surrender?" she asked while leaning over the table.

"Uh...no, let's just play." he said before knocking it back at her.

Damn the female body, his only big weakness, besides water, garlic, a wooden stake through the heart, and the sun. Maybe if he thought of something else and ignored it his mind would be more focused.

"Get it together Alucard, she's your friend. Not a potential lover. But what if she grows into a lovely~" he thought only to hear the sound of the buzzer go off.

"Hah, in your face!" she exclaimed with great pride.

"Fine, but you and your two girls are going down next time." he said before throwing in the towel.

If she was honest, she loved teasing him. It was pretty funny seeing this powerful monster lose to a simple game because he saw her chest. Good times. But with the end of the game came the end of her fun as she buttoned it back up.

"So what do you want to do now?" she asked.

Oh, he had something he wanted to do as he appeared behind her; his hands wrapped her tightly.

"Oh, I know what I want to do, but is it what you want to do?" he whispered in her ear.

"Alright, now you're just being creepy." she said, but instead of struggling she just let him have his fun.

"Creepy, or sexy? Come on Julie, just let it into your body. Once you go vampiric you never go back." he hissed before running his hands over her stomach.

The last time he used his mesmerizing voice the girl almost instantly feel for him, and it seemed to work wonders on his own partner as he began biting down on her neck.

"Okay, no." he head before being shoved off via dark matter.

"Ouch, come on I was just kidding. You didn't have to go and punch me in the gut." he said while grabbing his stomach.

"Then next time don't try seducing me." he told him in a stern tone.

"Oh yeah, says Ms. Titties."

Their quarrel would have to wait, something else was going on that required their attention. In a flash they saw Jerel fly by, looking like some kind of mutant gorilla. Lucky for him the chairs and table outside the nearby café broke his fall.

"You okay?" Alucard asked as they helped him up.

"Never better, but it's not me you should worry about." he told them while pointing towards the angry wolf like creature headed their way.

"What that? It doesn't look all that bad." she said.

When she said that though they watched as its muzzle peeled open like a banana as multiple tongues shot out; shattering the glass of the local bakery before it grabbed a few pies for itself.

"Oh, okay I get it. Has it hurt anyone?"

"Six, they were having a get together, and I guess it decided to crash their party."

"How badly?"

"Two cuts to the waists, one to the face, and some puncture wounds."

"Good, I like 'em rough. You stay here alright?" he said as she changed form.

"No problem, kick its ass guys."

"Will do." she said before leaping into action.

First things first, they needed to keep it away from civilians, and she had just the solution. With it mostly focused on him it gave her an opening. With her plan in mind the top of her container popped off before the black particles dropped to the ground. With them she spread them around before using them to lock its legs in place.

"Nice job, now it's just a matter of killing it." Alucard told her as he pulled out his sword.

However, they weren't alone in their little endeavor . As he approached the beast the sounds of a motorcycle approached. Quickly he turned to see who it was, but it looked like any ordinary human.

"Hey, it's not safe here! You need to turn around and go back!" he called out to them.

But they still weren't stopping. Well if they weren't going to stop on their own, then he was going to force them. While the beast struggled against her he turned to face the cyclist; his hands at the ready. Being that it was human made it wouldn't kill him, but it would still hurt. With a deep breath he braced him as he and the vehicle collided, but with a good grip on the handle bars and his feet skidding across the ground, the civilian began slowing down. But then something unexpected happened. They jumped off and towards the rogue.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Julie exclaimed as the beast began breaking free.

Whoever this person was, they weren't going to listen. They were probably too stupid to run away, or so they thought. While in the air their mysterious fighter pulled out three long and thin needle; both dripping with a green substance. And with one good throw they penetrated the deformed canine's flesh.

"Who is this guy?" Alucard asked, watching in some amazement.

"No clue, maybe it's Locke?"

"Check again, do you see green?" he asked, motioning to the bare white fingers.

Within two seconds the monster settled down as it fell into a deep sleep, but they weren't done yet. With both hand they pulled their crotch rocket off the ground, and while doing so it began to shift; changing shape into something that resembled a gun.

"You may want to cover yourself." suggested Alucard as he raised his hood.

Within second she had a barrier up to keep her mother's outfit clean. Good thing too because shortly afterwards their little trooper began blasting away at the creature. Blood and guts went everywhere, the walls, windows, nothing was safe except for Julie who had more sense than her partner.

"I think you got it!" he yelled as blood covered his face.

Did they take the hint? Apparently, or maybe they stopped because there was nothing left to shoot. After disposing of their rogue friend the gun transformed back before their mysterious brawler sped away.

"What just happened?" she asked before turning to him, hid body dripping with blood.

"Ugh, I don't know but that thing tastes terrible." he answered before spitting it out.

So that was a thing, and she just couldn't wait to get back to the club so she could tell everyone how he got cockblocked. So after a quick shower they were off to join their friends for some drinks. The good news was they had gotten in some new drinks to test, and Jerel couldn't be any happier; probably because he was the one testing them.

"So wait, you're telling me you, a great and powerful vampire, got cock blocked? Hold on for a second." Locke said before bursting out into laughter.

"Hah hah yeah right, like you've never been before." he replied while slurping down a bottle of fresh blood his mother gave him.

"And it's usually you. So how does it feel? Does it make you angry?" he asked before poking his nose.

Bad move, and for that he lost his hand as he threw it in trash can.

"No baby, come back!" he cried out before running after it.

"Did you get a real on his essence?" asked Jerel.

"Nope, actually I couldn't pick anything up from him."


It was a pretty common occurrence for monsters to sense each other's presence, but this guy gave off nothing.

"Maybe he's a new type?" Julie suggested.

"Possibly, who knows what other kind of monsters are out there. Did you get the number on his plate?"

"He kind of ran away before I could see it."

"And you didn't pursue why?"

"You saw me, I looked like a red gummy."

"Anyways, should we search for him or just let him go?" asked Julie.

"I'd say let him go for now, but if he interferes again then nab him."


Whoever this person was had no business doing what they did. Only those who signed up for such services with Frank could fight those things. And if he returned, then they'd have a message for him.