Chapter 2

A Mysterious Challenger

It had begun. They hunt for the select few had commenced, and yet he didn't have a care in the world. While they searched down below he just sat there on the cliff; watching as the poor saps passed right by him. And with only twenty minutes left, there was no way they'd find him so high up. Still, it wasn't exactly fun just sitting there without anyone to talk to. Oh well, when bored, there was only one thing to do he thought before taking out his handheld.

"Welp, since I've got some time." he said before pressing the on button.

And it was dead. Perfect, just what he needed.


Without much else to look at or watch, all he could do was lay back and rest his eyes for a bit, and wait to see if any poor suckers wandered into his territory.

"I wonder how Jerel's doing. He's pretty good at hiding. Then again Ela is also pretty good at finding him. God speed you beautiful son of a bitch." he thought before letting out a yawn.

While in his thoughts, it gave the enemy enough time to pull a sneak attack on him. Or it would have if he hadn't already sensed them.

"I know you're there. Come on out." he told them after standing up.

And just like that, they took the bait. From the bushes jumped two cat girls, along with a human boy and girl. They looked pretty desperate to capture him. What morons he thought as they faced off.

"You're a fool for letting us get this close vampire." one of the felines told him as they walked closer.

"Heh, well you're pretty sneaky I'll give you that. But I don't know what's funnier. You four clowns thinking you'd catch me, or that you thought I'd just let you." he replied while backing up to the edge.

"Give it up. We've got you cornered." the boy said, as they prepared to pounce.

"Seems about right, or maybe you're just that stupid." he replied before jumping down.

Using his vice grip, gripped the cliff side as hard as he could while the others watch from below. What morons. Two nekos and humans? Were they serious about catching him? Sure, Nekos were fairly fast, but he was far more cunning. Even with his weakness against the sun.

"Much better. Now then, where to?" he wondered, just before three more babes jumped out from under the sand.

"Gotcha!" they yelled.

"Were you hiding under there the entire time?" he questioned.

"That matters not. All that matters are your trunks." one said as they surrounded him.

Three humans versus one monster. He couldn't wait to see how this turned out.

"Tell you what. I'll give you the first move, but it's best that you don't."

Too late, they were already on it as all three ran towards him.

"...Waste it."

So rash, but they were humans after all. Overconfident in their abilities, even though the chances were small. He couldn't say he hated them for it though. In fact he rather liked it. But now came his first lesson as he dodged all three of them. While also collecting his prizes.

"If there's one thing I've learned about women nowadays, it's that they hate being exposed." he told them before showing them their collective bikini tops and bottoms.

Even in direct sunlight his speed couldn't be beat. Once they realized what he was holding all three let out an embarrassed shriek.

"You pervert!" one cried out.

"Maybe, or maybe you should pick your battles next time. Tata." he replied before walking away with their clothes.

There were three things they needed to know about him. One, he had no shame when it came to his own perverseness. Two, he'd do whatever it took to win. And three, he had no problem putting those who stepped out of line in their place. This was the Alucard way.

"Maybe I should start a collection." he said while looking down at his trophies.

While walking along the beach, he heard someone call out to him. Hopefully this time they'd think before they acted.

"Yeah, what's up?" he asked.

Behind him stood a camera man with what looked like a professional camera newscaster's used.

"What's your name kid?" he asked.

"Uh Alucard? You haven't heard of me?"

"Indeed we have, but we're interested in why you're here. Aren't you suppose to be protecting the city?" he asked, before holding a microphone.

"It's my day off, and I'd rather not be bothered. I've got a contest to win. What's this for anyways?" he asked out of curiosity.

"We're streaming the event for all to watch and enjoy."

"Caught anything juicy yet?"

"At least ten of the hidders had lost. Only five remained."

"Huh, well keep up the good work, I guess." he replied before running off.

Like hell he'd let someone take his trunks. And if they did, they'd suffer the same fate as his other victims. It came as no surprise his presence drew in even more seekers, but just before he handled it with grace. embarrassment, that's the name of the game. If they were too shy to step out naked, they they'd lost. Only ten minutes left. At this rate he'd be the only one standing. While nearing the end of the beach, he felt something crawling up his leg, then his back, before it rested on his shoulder. It was a crab, a talking crab.

"Heh, I see you're still in." he said, knowing it was his friend.

"Yeah. Although there were a few close calls. Especially with your sister. God damn can she run."

"True that. But just think. In a bit we'll be free."

"Thank god. It's been fun and all, but I'd rather not walk around naked."

"But you can shape shift."

"Yeah...but it still feels weird."


They weren't alone though. In fact they about to find themselves in the company of someone corrupted by power.

"You feel that?" asked Alucard.

"Uh Al?"

"I know, it feels, deadly."

"Al." he said again while tapping his neck.

"I know, but we'll face it together."

"Julie!" he exclaimed in fear.

"Yeah, what about her?"

"Behind us!"

"Huh? What the hell?!" he yelled, seeing her riding a wave of matter right towards them.

And she was in her true form. That's when they knew she wasn't screwing around. How could they escape something that big? Even with speed on his side, if that wave collapsed they'd still be screwed. There was only one way to end it.

"Go, I'll keep her busy." he said, before tossing him to the ground.

"What? You're insane. You'll never make it. She'll steal your trunks." he said.

"Perhaps, but I'd rather you escape, than take you down with me. Now go!"

"Alucard, I'll come back for you my brother." he promised before scurrying away.

Time to initiate the contract. With his arm raised he called forth his ultimate self, Vampiric Scorn. At the same time she looked rather surprised, but in a good way.

"So you chickened out huh?" she asked.

"More like take advantage of what I have." he said as his piercing yellow eyes stared directly into hers.

"Good, this'll be fun then." she replied before dropping her wave.

It was coming in, and fast, but thanks to the contract the sun was no longer a factor. With his swings out, he gave a good kick off the ground just before the wave could take him. The sky was the limit as he flew back down.

"So you want these trunks?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, I'll tear them off ya if I have to." she threatened, while giving off a creepy glare.

"Grrrr I like a girl who knows what she wants." he teased.

"Tsk whatever, just give." she began demanding, before noticing an odd character standing behind him.

The guy looked like a cowboy, taken straight out of an old western. He even had the hat to go with it. And the guns? Her eyes widened when he brandished the two weapons. Was he a rogue? It looked that way as she called out to her friend.

"Alucard behind you!" he warned.

"Oh? Oh ho wait a sec. Nice try, but you'll need something a bit more clever than that."

"I'm serious, move!" she cried out before shoving him out-of-the-way.

Just then the sound of gunshots were heard as she raised a barrier to protect herself.

"So it's true. You and the princess are as one." they heard him say, as Al jumped back to his feet.

"Look bud, I don't know who you are, but we're in the middle of something." he explained.

And for his politeness what did he get? Four more bullets. This time however he'd learn who he was really dealing with as he swung his sword in multiple directions. Little nuggets of metal, that's all that remained of his ammo when he lowered his blade. Their intruder even seemed impressed when he put his guns away.

"I see, bullets do nothing. In that case I'll treat you to something special." he said before opening his shirt up.

"Whoa hey, it's alright. Just button back up man." he said, while stepping closer to his partner.

"No, you really need to see this." he pleaded before revealing his non-existent chest.

Weird, but it was par for the course for what they'd see. He didn't stop there, oh no. Instead he took hold of both rig cages, before slowly opening them. Black smoke poured from the dark abyss, but something else was laid dormant within. Low growls were heard as two hounds escaped through the opening.

"Feed." he commanded.

"Throwing your pets on us eh? Whatever floats your boat." he said before both jumped into action.

The trunks could wait. As for this moment, there were more pressing matters at hand. With her scythe at the ready they both went at them, showing no mercy in the process. They were fast for sure, but they were faster as Alucard dodged all their incoming attacks. Their teeth were as sharp as knives, but that's about all they had to use. With a swing of his sword Alucard launched the beast, before jumping up. Cutting it to pieces was nothing, and to add insult to injury he burned the remains to ash.

"Hey Juls, how's yours going?" he asked, just as she severed its head.

"Pretty well." she replied with a cocky smirk.

Well that was something. Definitely not a challenge though.

"Get rekt!" Alucard shouted before rushing ahead.

It was on, him versus them, and what would the outcome be? They had a pretty good idea while charging him head on. Using their combined strength, both swung as hard as they could, but something was wrong. He was smiling.

"Don't screw with a ghoul." he warned, as their weapons closed in.

Impossible, never had they met a being like this. Their attacks, they didn't work. Instead their blades slipped right through him like didn't even exist.

"What?" Julie questioned before jumping back.

"Nice try, but physical objects have no effect on me. So you'll need to try a lot harder than that."

They were way ahead of them though as they began firing bolt after bolt of pure energy at him. Just as they though. All those hours of playing Pokemon weren't for nothing after all. Though physical attacks didn't jack, energy based attacks seemed to have him quaking in his boots as he danced around. It served him right for interrupting them.

"Ah okay stop I give!" he yelled, while trying to escape from the barrage.

"Heh hear that?" he asked his partner.

"Should we?"

"Sure. Sounds like he's had enough." he replied, before ceasing his attack.

They'd sure done a number on him. From head to toe his body smokes, along with his now tattered clothes.

"Ugh, you guys really are strong." he told them, his skeletal body almost completely exposed to them.

"Right, so what did you want anyways? Our heads on your mantel?" he asked.

Before he seemed pretty chill, but now he acted completely different. More like a nervous teen when they try to ask their crush out.

"Actually, I was wondering if you'd sign this." he answered, before pulling a burned book from his jacket.

"Uh what?"

"It's just, ever since you guys saved the city, I've always been a huge fan. The way you took down that creature was magnificent. I'm also subscribed to the Monster Hub. You and the others are really something else." he admitted straight out.

"Oh, well yeah. Gotta keep up the good image. What's your name?"

"Winston, Winston the Ghoul."

"Well Winston I don't have a pen on me, but if we see you again rest assured we'll sign whatever you want."

"Really? No joke?"

"Seriously, just no more random attacks please." he suggested before extending his hand.

"Sure, sorry about that." he replied, while giving his hand a good shake.

"It's cool."

"Cool. I'd best be on my way then. Don't want to keep the wife waiting. See you around." he said before running off into the distance.

Well that ended differently than he though. But he sounded like a pretty cool guy.

"Heh see that? We've got out own fanboy?" he told her, after turning to face her.

"Alucard..." she whimpered.

"What's wrong?"

"There." she replied, her face red as a tomato while pointing to his left.

Laying in the sand were the tattered remains of what use to be a bikini top. It must have happened during the fight, but it was too late now. And to make matters worse, the camera guy was back to check out what went down.

"Hey yo, look what we've got here. Come on babe. How about a little peek for everyone at home?" he asked.

"It's gotten worse..." she whimpered, before kneeling.

Seeing her in such a vulnerable state, it didn't sit well with him. Sure, he'd play around with her a bit, but to harass her into exposing herself to the world? That's low. But things only got worse when the waterworks began opening.

"Come on cutie. Just a little flash and we'll be done here." he begged, while grabbing her arm.

She couldn't fight back. The thought of being seen like this all around the world, it was too embarrassing. Even her true form vanished as tears ran down her cheek.

"Back off!" she heard, as Alucard zapped his camera.

"Hey, what's the big idea?! This was really fucking expensive man." he replied angrily.

With his camera reduced to scrap, there was no longer any reason to stick around. But he wasn't done with him yet.

Listen here you sick bastard. You may thing it's entertaining for the guys back home, but does that look entertaining to you? Does it?!" he hissed while pointing to his crying friend.

"Well no, but."

"But nothing. You've done today. Now get out of here, before I eliminate your family line." he threatened before giving him a shove.

No one, no matter who they were, made his friends cry. With the pervert gone he decided to help her out by removing his tank top.

"Here, it's not all that feminine, but it'll cover up the goods." he offered, before handing it to her.

Looking up, she couldn't help but smile a bit at his generosity.

"Thanks." she said before slipping into it.


"Much. Thanks for the help too." she said, while wiping her eyes.

"No prob. And sorry for earlier. I guess even I can cross the line sometimes."

Before replying she had to pull him in for a big, tight hug.

"You're a real weirdo sometimes, you know that?"

"Yep, that's me. If anything there's two thing you need to know about me. One, I'm a perv. And two, I'll always be there for you guys. Especially you." he replied softly, while rubbing her back.

Just hearing that made her giggle a bit. The corny lines were always his forte, and yet she couldn't help but feel warm inside.

"Same here,you big perv."

There was that smile he liked.

"Ah. What do you say we get out of here? Oh wait, one more thing." he said before pulling the bikinis he'd taken out from his pocket.

"And where did you get those?"

"Some chumps thought they'd get the jump on me. Boy were they wrong. But I guess I should return them. Don't want those cuties attracting anyone." he answered with a smile, before leaving with her.

"Good idea."

For a day at the beach, it turned out a lot more eventful that they'd thought. And who knew what awaited them in the future. Whatever it was though, they'd face it together.