Although it's happening a bit too slowly, I am chipping away at the editing pile little by little. So here's Sisterhood, enjoy.


Too many times we've found ourselves in this situation; opposite sides of the room, wielding the nearest objects we could lay our hands on (a hairdryer, a can of spray). Another unsuccessful argument turned battle of the cats. All over the television remote.

It's not always over such a petty subject - sometimes it is started by whoever didn't eat the last slice of bread (we were toast fiends in our household), or whose turn it was to walk the dog (one argument I always lost). The fact of the matter is, best friends or no, don't all sisters fight? And how we fight; I have it on good authority that we'll be the cause of the next World War, much is the intensity of our directed hate during the latest screaming match.

But afterwards I think (sometimes in too large a quantity); how would I feel if something were to happen? To either of us. This thought is always sobering, washing away the anger like ice water on a burning coal - my little sister leaving me alone, or myself gone from her side. No one to butt heads with, not being around to annoy her(though to be honest, I think I'd find a way!).

Sometimes, I'm the first to apologise; a brew left at her door, a soft knock. This is an automatic white flag between us; wars will be resolved by a steaming cup of tea, it should be noted for future reference. The Tetley's advert had it right. A mumbled apology back, later a hug, and within the same day we are back to best friends. At least until the tea runs out.

Upon getting to this and polishing it up a bit, I actually started writing more than you see here, so maybe in the future another chapter for this might appear. :) Don't forget to leave a comment if you liked, or indeed, didn't like. -CW