The wind was howling outside and lightning flashed in the sky as a scream echoed through a huge stone castle. It was the middle of the night and the country's main Healer was summoned to the castle to assist Queen Lily in the birth of her first child as rain poured outside.

"You can do it Lily" The Healer urged the Queen on "one more time should do it." Lily panted and nodded as her husband held her hand.

"Go" The Healer said and Lily let out another painful scream that was soon joined with that of a newborn's cry.

"It's a girl" The Healer said softly and wrapped the newborn in a blanket before she handed her to her mother.

"She's beautiful" the king whispered to his wife as he looked over her shoulder.

"Our Princess" Lily whispered back, exhausted, as she looked up at her husband.

The King beamed and kissed Lily lovingly as the baby cried in her arms and the rain picked up outside.

Lily smiled at him before she looked down at her new daughter and rocked her gently in her arms. The baby calmed down and the rain slowed to a light sprinkle and clouds parted.

"What are we going to na-" Lily started before the child opened it's eyes and looked up at her parents. The baby's eyes began as pure black before her irises grew lighter and a number of colors filled them.

"Her eyes" Luke, the king, whispered in shock.

"Her elements" Lily looked at him in worry.

The baby's eyes were a number of colors; red, blue, green, grey, black, and yellow.

"She has all six elements" Luke whispered.

"We can't let Nightwood find out about her" Lily whispered "she will surely find a way to use her for her own evil desires."

"What are we to do?" Luke asked.

"She cannot stay with us" the queen said sadly "Nightwood knows we have welcomed her tonight and she will be here soon to see her."

"I can take her into the village" Luke offered with a heavy heart "we will give her to the orphanage and Genevieve will take care of her."

"We will never see her again?" Lily frowned.

"I will leave something with her to give her a clue to find us" Luke said.

"Like what?" Lily asked and Luke pulled out a silver locket in the shape of a heart.

"I was going to give it to you after she was born but if we give it to her and give her a clue insideā€¦" he trailed off and Lily nodded sadly.

"Very well" she whispered "but what clue do we give her?"

"The mortals sometimes use numbers to write the date" he said softly.

"I do not know about mortal customs" Lily said "how will she find out?"

"I sense that she will find a way" Luke whispered to his wife "I don't know when or how but I sense that she will figure it out."

"Very well" Lily sighed and kissed the baby's head "goodbye my child. You are surely destined for greatness. I promise that you will find a way back to us eventually but until then be safe and I love you."

Luke wrote a set of six numbers on a slip of paper before he put it in the locket and closed it. He came back to his wife and slipped the necklace over the newborn's neck before he gently took her in his arms.

"I will be back my dear" he kissed Lily's head and carried the child out of the chamber.

Two guards were standing outside the door at attention, the second in command of the knights and his lieutenant.

"Sam I need you to come with me" Luke said to the second in command.

"Sir" the knight said "may I suggest that Charles go with you instead? I do not want the Queen's safety to be on his shoulders if Nightwood arrives before you come back."

"That is fine" the king nodded and the lieutenant, Charles, took up pace next to the king while Sam stayed at his post at the door, waiting for the dreaded Nightwood.

Charles and Luke rushed down steps and into the dark night outside before they practically ran to where they kept the carriage. Charles hastily prepared the horses and Luke got into the carriage.

"The orphanage Charles" Luke said quickly and Charles snapped the reins so the horses would go.

Charles drove the carriage over cobblestone streets of the city of Elementia and to the far end where the orphanage sat with a warm light glowing in an overhang above the doorstep.

Luke was getting out of the carriage before the horses had completely stopped moving and he rushed up to the doorstep.

"You will see us again my daughter" he whispered "I promise. We love you and will always be thinking of you in the years to come."

He tightened the blanket around her and kissed her soft head before he laid her on the doorstep, out of the way of the door.

He knocked quickly and ran to the carriage as Charles snapped the reins to get the horses going.

The instant the child was laid down she started crying and the cold rain picked up again and pounded against the carriage and horses as they traveled back to the castle. It wasn't until they fully arrived that the rain stopped and Luke knew that the orphanage owner had found his newborn daughter and was comforting her right now. He also knew that for as long as he was without his daughter he would think of her every time there was a sudden change in the weather.

When they arrived back at the castle Luke ran in and up to his wife's chamber.

"Sam!" Charles said in shock when they found the lieutennant of the king laying against the wall, blood pooling out of a gash at the base of his neck and covering his drawn sword. He was dead and the king's heart dropped as he went into the chamber hesitantly. To his relief his wife was okay but the relief soon turned to worry when he saw Nightwood.

"Brother!" Nightwood smiled a wicked smile at the king when he entered. She was tall with long, light brown hair that hung down to her waist and bright purple eyes.

"Get out" the king drew his sword.

"Please put the sword away brother" she said and flicked her wrist. The blade itself dropped out of Luke's hand and to the floor by an invisble force. "This isn't a very warm welcome" she pouted "first your guard draws his sword on me and now you?" She clisked her tongue.

"Get out" Luke said again, he glared at the witch.

"I just want to see my new niece or nephew" she pouted "where is the bundle of joy?"

"I told you!" Lily said, crying "we lost her!"

"I don't believe you!" Nightwood snapped "if that was the case then Luke would have stayed with you!"

"I have just returned home from Ogland" the king said "I did not know we lost the child."

He leaned against the wall and covered his face with his hand, as if stricken with grief.

"You left so close to when your wife was to have the child?" Night wood asked.

"I had no choice" Luke's voice cracked "it was an urgent mission."

Nightwood looked between the Healer, Luke, Charles, and Lily. Each of them looked as if they have just heard the worst news, the royal family has lost their child.

"Leave my family to grieve in peace!" Luke snapped when Nightwood began to speak "just leave!" He turned and took Charle's dagger from him and threw it at the witch. She disappeared into a raven just before the knife hit her in the chest and she dove out the window.

Lily sobbed and Luke went to her and wrapped his arms around her as Charles went over to the Healer, who also was his wife, and hugged her gently.

"Did you give her away?" Lily asked through her tears.

"Yes" Luke said with a heavy heart and looked out the window at the now calm and clear night.

Lily nodded as she cried and the king held her tightly.

Far away, on the far side of the small village, the orphanage was welcoming their newest member. The owner was feeding the baby and rocked her to sleep at the same time.

"You do not have a name" Genevieve, the orphanage owner, said and thought for a long second "so I shall call you Aubrey."

The baby finished her bottle and dozed off in the arms of the kind, older lady, unaware of her bloodline and unaware of the great destiny awaiting her.