A Picturesque Remaking

Petals of white hope
Dripped onto the canvas
Of flowing crimson

Little by little
The petals were stained
Pink then nearly invisible

A carpet of soft iridescence
Covering the stream
That carried endlessly

It sparkled in the light
Through the open spaces
of the petal blankets

Then slowly transformed
Into tiny crystalline

Encrusting the surface
As if Life itself
Slowly entered cryostasis

With the wave of a hand
The crystals shattered
Into a glittering ash

Littering the land
With maroon red
As if the sky bled mercury

An eerie gong rang
Long and in the distance
Signaling the Fury

A sound so ominous
As to disturb the peaceful
Facade with its true song

Darkness began to envellope
The edges of the sky
With sinister shadows

Until all that shone
Was the fetid light
Faltering deep inside

Greens and blues painted
The vision of a falling
Entranced mind

Colors faded to white
Before blood and rock
Came into view again