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He thought avoiding her, telling himself over and over again that the kiss they shared was meaningless, he thought that keeping his distance would eventually make the feelings go away.

He really should know by now that his thoughts were always wrong.

He kept up his futile gestures of defiance for several weeks, all the while plagued with dreams of that night that woke him up in a cold sweat. The feel of her arms around him, treating him like he was the only one in the world who could make her feel like he did.

The sad thing was, he wasn't.

A side effect of the dreams was waking up and instantly thinking about the other princes who Serina spent time with. The princes were his friends, his allies, and he knew they would gladly give their lives to save his own.

Yet when Serina came into the picture, he only saw them as competition.

There was Horace who was a jerk, a loyal jerk, but still a jerk.

Tobias who had earned his ire, by calling Serina an "Angel." It was a harmless little pet name…and Tobias didn't know her secret like He did…..that didn't make it hurt less however.

There was Nicholas who Serina always seemed to care about, if he was out of her sight for more than five minutes she wanted to know where he was…and when he returned she acted all relived. He however could be gone for days and he doubted she even noticed he was gone.

Finally, there was Terrance who seemed to swoop in and take everything from him. He could count at least a dozen times where Terrance had interrupted a moment between him and Serina…..whether it was a dance, or just him getting her all to himself for a few moments and being able to actually talk to her….Those moments were made even rarer by Terrance who seemed to make it his mission to interrupt those moments and make them non-existent.

Despite all their flaws, Serina loved them all….just like she loved him. That only made it perfectly clear that he was nothing special….everything he could do could be done by someone else. The kiss that was shared between them was empty and meaningless, because her feelings for him were just that.

And yet he wanted more.

Every time he saw her he had to push back thoughts that made him start sweating and kicked his brain back into that night. He simply wanted to shove her against the nearest wall and start kissing her or tug her into an alcove and trace patterns on her back, just the way she liked it, while kissing the spot on her neck that made her moan his name in the angel tongue, which was actually just his English name….but still.

Those thoughts always made him feel ashamed, and more than once he had to leave her presence before those thoughts became actions.

Still those thoughts weren't as strong as the anger and sadness he held because of her inside his heart.

While he'd been avoiding her, he'd been focusing his attention on other things. The only way in or out of this dark prison was a single gate, which was guarded by lesser demons. Most of them were man sized, armed with spears and swords, and had a pair of bat-like wings. They traveled in groups of three or four and had fairly predictable patrol routes, so they could either be avoided or knocked aside like bowling pins.

The more diverse ones were the ones he needed to fear, but thankfully most of them only appeared when alarms were triggered. They had horns, claws, fur, feathers, were big, were small, used fire attacks, used weapons, spat venom and….those were only the ones he had seen, but he was positive there were others much more dangerous than the ones he had seen.

He'd studied, prepared, and even armed himself with a staff of wood he'd made into a spear. All I need to do is get outside the gate and then hide. The rest of the underworld is nothing but rocks, lava, and monsters….I've traveled into this realm, so I know I can travel back.

All he had to do was become strong enough to walk away.

Serina meanwhile was ripping herself to pieces over her stupidity. He hadn't spoken to her for a long while, a few days she could understand because they'd taken a big step in their….whatever they had. Those days turned into weeks and she began to blame herself.

She replayed that night every morning when she woke up in a bed that was so much colder without his arms around her. The way he had kissed her was so wonderful, and she instantly knew he loved her….lust or not.

She would just close her eyes and imagine his hands tracing her back, running up and down her arms, and holding her close to his heart. He knew exactly how to make her feel bliss…perfect wonderful bliss as he took her soul to heaven's gates and back down to earth….and her soul rode on a cloud of pleasure the whole way.

I could have had years…years of that night and so much more, every night.

That thought would always make itself known in her head, and she'd feel bitterness and regret. She'd just been so consumed, with running a kingdom, being an angel, watching over her mortal, and living her new life….

She'd had to adapt to being a princess, and with her looks it wasn't easy. She was constantly distracted by princes, and thanks to her nature she did what she could to help them. She became the person everyone depended on.

But by helping others, did she lose herself?

Was she so accustomed to helping others, then moving on? Was she ready to commit to focusing on one person and giving him everything he had earned over four years? She knew he would change for her, but would she change for him? Could she?

The answer was one word, Yes.

His eyes when he had stared down at her that night were shining with lust, but underneath all that….love was easy to see. That was what she wanted, him to treat her like he did….and she'd do whatever it took to get that look back.

And once she got it, she'd never let go of it again.

That night both of them had the same idea….and one shared glance from across the room was enough to communicate volumes. As the demons turned in and the slaves were dismissed back to their "cells." She beckoned him to follow her, walking back to her room, hearing him follow her like a trained puppy.

She opened the door, and walked inside the room. The King sized bed stood in the room's middle, and two dressers were against the walls. Velvet curtains framed a massive window, that looked out onto the lava fields and ash pits that were outside the kingdom. Light came from candles that stood on stone holders, and the room flickered with the movement of the flames.

Serina turned around and could see questions raising on her beloved's face, what are you doing, do you want this, do you love me?

She crossed the room and shut the door before placing a hand on his face. "I want this to be real…..Do you?"

He hesitated then, her eyes were a bright and shining blue, no lust, no fire driving them to do this, no more lies, no more pain. This was real.

He wanted this more than anything….but if he crossed this final line, only he would be responsible for the pain he caused.

He leaned into her touch and placed a hand at her waist. A thousand thoughts battled through his brain, but only one action occurred.

He leaned downward, she rose to her tiptoes, and their lips met again.

Once again it was soft, hesitant, and awkward. Lust wasn't pulling any strings, so they had to experience everything again. His arms wrapped around her back and her other hand reached up and tangled in his black hair. He pressed her against him and she mewed into his mouth at the contact, lightly squeezing and releasing his hair. The pair walked backwards and he pushed her against the door while moving his hands down her sides to her waist. She jumped upwards and wrapped her legs around his waist as he used the door to hold her up, careful not to hurt her wings.

Their mouths opened at the same time and their tongues twined together, both of them freely holding and then giving up control as the kiss progressed. Her hands pressed against his chest, fingers curling into the muscles of his chest, trusting him to hold her up.

He played with the folds of her robe as his hands grabbed her hips, feeling the soft skin beneath, so soft he was scared that pressing into it would hurt her….He pulled his mouth from hers and began kissing her neck, at the spot she loved.

She began to mutter words in the angel tongue, and he heard his name….it was the only thing he understood. Her head lightly bumped the doorframe as she arched her neck, wanting to give him more. He kept kissing lightly at the spot, before moving away from it and kissing the rest of her face and neck harder. She moved her head, trying to return his lips to that spot, but he was having none of it.

"Serina….." He playfully scolded "Let me do this please."

He turned around and led her to the bed, wanting to recreate the night they had already shared, just without the lust.

This time however, she took control, twisting around so he sat at the edge of the bed and she wrapped her wings around him, moving them up and down at a fast pace.

The individual feathers seemed to take on a life of their own as each one caressed him. His skin crawled with each sensation as the feathers moved up and down. He groaned into Serina's shoulder and kissed the spot on her neck with more force, wanting to return the pleasure she was giving him.

Angels' wings are naturally sensitive, so simply moving them up and down was making Serina happy, but when he began kissing her she shuddered and smiled letting the mutual pleasure surround them both.

Eventually they tumbled back onto the bed and she smiled down at her best friend, her mortal, and now her lover. She moved her hands down to the edge of his shirt, and bit her lip as she stared into his brown orbs.

He looked upwards, into those ocean blue eyes, also moving his hands down to the hem of her robe, they both knew that this was the final line. Once they crossed it they were bound together…..and they could never go back.

The next few….minutes? Hours? They passed in a blur and both of them knew how it felt…..

To have the other look upon them with pure, true, simple love.

To feel the other's hands trace a map over themselves, and to feel the electrifying tingle of fingertips brushing over skin.

To melt as they connected together in the most intimate way possible, sharing and showing, giving and taking.

To finally hear those three magical words come out as their connection was completed.

And to hold one another in the glow of a love that was finally brought to the surface…..a love that couldn't be denied by anything at all, until sleep claimed them both.

He woke up much later, and looked down at Serina's slumbering face. This wasn't a dream, this wasn't a fantasy, and this wasn't lust…

He felt wonderful, his new life was being built….and he knew he could handle the underworld….as long as she stood beside him, and she always would.

But that fact was confirmed when she snuggled up against him closer and murmured one word into his skin.


He did, and he always would…forever.

They weren't fixed and they had a way to go before either of them were truly healed…but for now, it was enough.

He didn't need to wonder about that.

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