Bounding Between Two Sisters



Part of the Susan Stories

*Warning the following Fiction Does have a spanking scene, please don't read if your offended by such. The author does not condemn or approve the use of spanking. Once again you have been warned. Please leave a comment if you enjoy this fiction.*

The sakura trees that lined both sides of the wide cobblestone paved main street of Oshima were in full bloom. Each tree looked like a massive ball of pink cotton candy. A sudden channel breeze tossed the limbs of the trees around showering the ground with a massive amount of pink blossoms. These scented the air with their sweet smell.

Yes, Spring had come to Oshima. Spring was one of best times of the year for me, during this time of the year it seemed our family drew closer together and my sister and I always set a few days of the week aside to have 'Bonding Time' as we liked call it. I look forward to these times because, well, I see my sister for the person whom she truly is.

My sister is named Isabella, she was named after are great grandmother Isabella March Bell. Isabella is my hero in some ways. She has always been there for me when I needed somebody to talk to and has always been there when me and my friends were backed into a corner we couldn't escape. She was quite the wild child in her school days and still holds many records, some very good, and some of them are quite, well not so good.

I guess my hero worshipping has brought me to where I am now. See, in our school there many places that are suppose to be haunted. Every year a good number of students, most of them foolish boys, try to impress us girls by visiting these locations to prove there courage. Most of these end up with a sore bottom and a tear stained face, but sometimes one of us girls visits these locations and she often ends up with a note pinned to the front of her sailor fuku.

I shifted my eyes down toward the pink note and poked it with one of my fingers. I guess today I had been one of the foolish ones. I had been dared you see to visit the old Shinto Shrine that sits in a grove of pine trees a good mile and half behind our school.

Now, visiting the shrine is really not enough to get one paddled or a get a noted pinned to the front of your blouse or skirt; It's going into the shrine. The shrine is quite old and is need of massive overhaul maybe one of the school offices should call 'Extreme Home Make Over' and see if those folks might come and fix the thing up. I doubt it.

Anyway, it was during break and me and the girls where resting under the shade of the massive apple and pear trees. You know, reading Shojo Beat and watching the boys practice there Kendo drills. I still don't see the point of watching sweaty boys drill with wooden swords they're just not cute enough. Well then one of my friends, Sakura, looked up from her Shojo manga and smiled toward me her smile was a mischievous one I that along should have sent a warning message to my brain.

"Well I wonder if there are any among us who wish test their courage today," She said toward us. Her nut brown eyes sparked for a second in the setting sun of the day.

"And what is this 'Test of courage' Saku?" Said Lemon. Toward her she lifted her Sapphire eyes from her manga for only a second just enough time to give her a wry smile of her own before she returned to her reading.

"I dare one of us to sneak off into the woods and visit the old Shinto shrine." She said raising her second finger into the air. "And then the person must take a picture of the shrine with their cellphone, return and show us the picture." She added. Her tone of voice said she was quit proud of herself.

"And what is the prize for the person, there surely must be a prize in this Saku-chan, I mean why else would a person risk a paddling or maybe running into a ghost." I said, leaning toward her. Blasted I had swallowed her bait hook, line, and sinker.

"Hmmm," She said, stroking her chin for a briefly. "How about a cosplay of their choice, any character from any manga normally priced at five thousand yen can any of yours for free today." She said with a small smile.

Now it was a well known fact in our group that Sakura had more skill with a needle and thread than any of us. Then again is must come natural to her because her mother was the town's seamstress and her father was the local cloth merchant. The others kind of just nodded, none of them really wanting to risk getting their bottoms warmed by the headmistress or their folks tonight. Well, nobody ever said I was normal.

"I'll do it," I said, raising myself from my sitting position. Upon hearing this, the rest of the group shook their heads and went back doing what ever they where doing before. I brushed off some dust from my sailor fuku and strode toward Sakura. "Care to shake on it Saku-chan?" I asked, in a playful teasing tone of voice. With that I held out my hand for her. Now here I was, putting my self on the line if she took it, and I was bound to if she did not. We could both walk away and nothing would be lost.

"You're on." Sakura said to me as she took a firm clasp of my hand. I felt a sudden chill run down my back there was no backing out now I had placed my honor on the line. I smiled and released her hand.

"Well good luck," She said, toward pointing toward the open gate

"Thank you," I said toward her. This brought a group roll of the eyes from my friends and a few eavesdroppers. And with that I marched toward the gate, by a strange stroke of luck most of the teachers where too busy reading or catching up on the with the news to pay me any mind.

And so with the wind to my back I started down the well beaten earthen trail . But my luck soon ran out as soon I heard the shrill voice of one of the teachers.

"Susan Waterflower Bell!" She called her voice was very tense and strained with age.

I stopped dead in my tracts and a sudden chill ran down my back, as I heard my full name being called. All of my courage left me at that second. With my whole body trembling I turned around and blinked in the direction of the voice.

"Kagome-sensei," I called, in a nervous tone.

A old women appeared in front of me, her hair was shoulder length and was a bright silver color. Behind her half-moon glass two bright brown eyes glared at me. She wore a dress that had gone out of fashion some twenty years ago but it was well kept and looked like it had been purchased just yesterday. She raised her boney hand and wagged her finger at me.

"Skipping class! Skipping class!" She croaked.

"Oh if only I could raise your skirt and lower your panties here and now and cut a good thin oak switch! Teenagers are foolish little people they are, they think they have all the rights of adults but they forget that they're still children, children how need a good switching!" She croaked again.

"Yes, ma'am," I said looking down at the ground. Without thinking, I kicked a few small stones around with my shoes. I felt my face rush with a sudden burst of color.

"Skipping class, oh lord what would your mother say?" She said, her tone of voice of was a mixed with anger and disappointment. "And the daffy thing about it, school lets out at noon today.." She said palming her face.

"No ma'am I did not know that, it skipped my mind." I said toward her. I lifted my head and blinked I could already feel the tears starting to form on the edge of my eyes.

Kagome removed the palm of her hand from her face and gave me a puzzled look. After a few more seconds her frown became a wry grin. "You can't go crying over spilled milk, honey. Come now girl, we're not going to paddle you this time. We'll phone your mother and let her handle this." She said turning around.

"My mother's out of town this weekend ma'am she left for Tokyo this morning on the Tokaido Morning Express. And my father's away too. Office business in Kyoto. Its just me and my sister, my sister's at work." I said quickly. This was both a curse and a blessing.

"Ay where does your sister work at Susan?" Said Kagome toward me, her voice sounding even more stressed with age by the second.

" Saint Jean Catholic Hospital and Clinic." I said.

Without speaking another word, she reached into her dress pocket and withdrew her cellphone. After pushing a few buttons she placed the cellphone to her ear and walked just out of earshot. While I did not catch the whole of the conversation, I caught the basics of its. What it boiled down too was simply she had called the front desk they transferred her call to my sister, and told her that I had been caught skipping class. She nodded her head and closed the flap of her phone. I took this to mean the call had ended and my fate had been sealed.

Kagome shifted her eyes toward me and then shifted her eyes toward her black leather messenger bag. She kneeled down and withdrew a tablet of bright pink legal paper. She placed the tablet upon her knee and reached up, taking her ink pen from the front pocket of her blouse. And with a steady hand she started writing.

I stood there shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I shifted my head to the right a little and then to the left a little hopping to maybe catch a brief glimpse at the paper. A few seconds passed in this manner before Kagome stood up and folded the paper in half and folded the half again. She reached into her pocket and withdrew a very large safety pen.

"I have called your sister and I have also written her a note. She told me she is expecting you in her office within the hour. I do hope you learn something from this Sue-chan, you're a bright girl; too bright to be acting like a Jack Dawn Fool." She said pinning the note to the front of my blouse.

"Yes ma'am," I said hanging my head low.

"Very good." Kagome said.

Our walk was a brief one, very brief. And before long I found myself stepping onto the cobblestone paved streets of Oshima. I looked down and poked the piece of paper. A sudden heavy feeling had come across my heart, like a massive stone had been placed upon it. I took a deep breath and lifted my eyes toward the bright midday sun. Well there was no running from it now, I had to be brave, courage was my best weapon of choice now and it was my only choice.

I stepped off the main cobblestone paved street and onto the brick paved walkway that would lead me to the main entrance of the clinic. I took another deep breath trying to push down the building fear that flooded through every part of me. And with shaky legs I started down the walkway. Each step I took seemed to not bring me closer to the clinic but farther away. Finally I reached the highly polished cherry oak wooden door and with a shaking hand I took the brass door handle and entered into the clinic.

Once I was inside the clinic I made my way up to the front desk. Sitting behind the desk was women around the same age of Isabella. Her hair was tied back in a neat bun and she wore a white cotton dress. I stood there for a few minutes till she looked up from the papers she was working one and then a wide smile came across her face.

"Sue-Tan!" She cried in a high pitched tone of voice. "Oh my god you have grown, Its been like forever since I've seen you, oh my god you have grown and you're still as cute as a button." Said the nurse standing up.

"Hmm…" I was at a lost for words. I blinked toward her and started to back away. Forgetting for a brief period of time about the note pinned to the front of my blouse. The young nurse gave a quick roll of her eyes and as if she was crossed she folded her arms under her breast.

"Susan, its me Alice-chan, your sisters best friend. Think back girl.." She said toward me. "Remember one time we locked you into that darken bathroom and screamed bloody Mary, bloody Mary over and over again.." She quickly add with a wry grin.

"…" I blinked, still speechless. See, Alice is my sister's best friend, she had almost become part of our family. She was overall a nice person with strong sense of justice and honor about her. Though she, like my sister, love to play pranks on others. (and most of those pranks had been aimed toward me, mind you ) nothing of harm ever came from them and there was always a little 'reward' at the end for being such a good sport and not running to mother.

"Anyway nothing bad happened to you, and heck we even fixed you a huge ice cream sundae for not running to mommy and telling her.. And for that I'm still thankful because if you did, well you know." Said Alice toward me. She unfolded her arms and retook her seat.

"So what brings you here?" She asked me.

I sighed and pointed toward the folded piece of pink paper pinned to the front of my blouse. A sudden blush came across my face.

"You're a chip off the old block. What you do, sneak into the boys bathroom? No, too simple, I got it. You stole the one of the cute kendo boys boxers and know your going to frame them in your room. This boy also happens to be your crush correct?" Said Alice snapping her fingers and locking eyes with me.

"Alice… what the bloody hell.." I said.

"Darn it, why in the heck where we the only ones how ever did that?" She asked looking clearly disappointed.

"No comment.." I said with a sigh.

Alice took notice of the sigh and her grin slowly disappeared. Without speaking another word she reached for a clean sheet of white typing paper and she laid it flat on the desk. She reached for a ink pen and with a smooth well trained hand she quickly wrote something out on the paper and folded.

"Here take this, it's your pass." She said, handing me the folded sheet of paper.

I nodded, took hold of the paper and stuffed it down into my skirt pocket .

"Your sister is in her office. Yes she has a office. We all do, its more a small personal room where we withdraw to when we need some alone time.." She muttered.

I nodded to her and started down the long narrow hallway. Both sides of the hallway where flanked by rooms. Most of these where basic exam rooms. Most of these room had a green piece of paper pinned to the front door, green was color for go and that told the staff that these rooms where free. If somebody was using a room they would pin a yellow piece of paper to the door.

I soon happened to come upon the nursing station. Two nurses, both young, sat behind the wooden desk looking bored out of their mind. I guess working at a hospital is not all it's cracked up to be. One of the nurses caught site of me and within a second she flashed me a little grin.

"So what bring you hear Susie, still looking for the ghost nurse, or are you looking for the headless doctor?" She said in a joking tone of voice. Her bright flaming red hair was tied back in a neat ponytail and her eyes where the most pure sapphire blue color I had ever seen.

"…" I blinked and palmed my face.

"She just joking with ay Susan. Lord Bella, give the girl some slack can't you see the note pinned to the front of her blouse, 500 yen says she snuck into some roped off location in search of ghost and got busted." Said the other nurse toward the nurse with flaming red hair.

"You're on." She said reaching into her dress pocket and withdrawing a coin; A somewhat large silver coin with the numbers '500' was engraved on the center of the coin.

"But how are we going to find out?" Said the other nurse with a shrug of her shoulder.

I blinked once again and backed away from the nurses. Turning to my left I started down another narrow hallway. I quickly noticed there was something different about this section of the hospital. For example brass plates with names engraved upon them hung in the center of each door. And then it hit me, here where the nurses offices.

I searched through the names until I came to a brass plate that read, 'Isabella Waterflower'. I walked up to that door and with a weak hand I knocked, and soon my sisters voice rang out.

"Hey I'm on my two hour lunch break come back another time!" The voice rung out from behind the wooden door.

"Hey sissy it me!" I cried blinking.

"Susan! Susan Waterflower Bell!" She cried her tone of voice had shifted it was now shriller and there was a hint of anger in it. "Well don't just stand there come in you foolish little girl!" She quickly added.

I nodded and stepped into her office I kept my eyes glued to the floorboards of the room. I sniffed and slowly lifted them and there she stood still dressed in her nursing dress. I shifted my eyes toward the desk and there upon the desk sat a package.

"Yes that's for you!" She said tears forming in her eyes. "And no its not going back to the shop like any good sister would do!" She said walking toward me tears where running down her eyes now. Her tone of voice had taken on something of a hurt feeling. "Why! Why Susie?" She kneeing down to my eye level.

I sniffed too and soon the tears where rolling down my own face, "Bella!" I said looking into her sapphire pink eyes. "What do you mean Bella"

"Why would sneak into a area that's roped off and you knew, that's the bad thing you knew that you would get in trouble! And its just like that old school building. You knew, why, why are you so damn hardheaded?" She said her tone of voice was low and choked with tears.

I blinked and looked down at the floor once again. I really could not answer her question. It was strange I knew I would get in trouble, but we had shaken upon it. I had placed my honor upon it just like I had placed my honor upon sneaking into that old wooden school house and to this day I could not figure out how the school's staff ever found out we snuck into the rotten building in the first place.

"Well Susan?!" She said narrowing her sapphire pink eyes toward me.

"I really don't know Bella, It was my pride I think, yes it was my pride. Pride cometh before destruction ay," I said toward her with a wry grin across my face.

"Or in your case, 'Pride cometh before spanking'" She raising herself from her kneeling down position. Without turning around, she walked toward her desk, reached into one of the drawers, and withdrew a nice wooden hairbrush. The hairbrush was wide and thin and had a smooth polished surface.

She placed the wooden brush on the surface of her desk, pulled out a chair, and brought it to the center of the room. With a huff, she took her seat and started to straighten her skirt and her blouse. She gave me a look a look that sent chills down my body. A look that could cause cubes of ice to form in ones blood stream.

"Susan Waterflower Bell, you are found guilty of the following crimes; sneaking to a roped off area of school and skipping class. Your punishment shall be one good spanking with the hairbrush on the bare bottom." Isabella said to me her voice firm and commanding.

"Would you like to comment on your sentence young lady?" She added once again I could feel those cubes of ice forming in my blood stream.

"No ma'am," I said walking toward her.

"Well then, come on." She said pulling me over her lap. Before I could blink my eye I felt my skirt being raised and being pinned to the small of my back. I also felt the cool spring breeze upon the bare skin of my bottom. I shifted around just a little.

"Susan please take hold of the chair legs for support," She said raising her brush into the air. I nodded and did just that. And within a split second a loud crack rang through the air as a wave of sting flooded through my bottom.

A low sniffle escaped my lips. I bit down on my lip and dug my fingernails into the wooden surface of the chair legs. Again a loud smack rang out and again and again and again each time I felt the palm of my sisters hand landing a powerful stinging smack upon my bottom.

"Susan," She said landing three quick swats upon my bottom. "I want you to learn from your mistakes," She landed another three stinging swats.

"Yes ma'am," I said trying to keep my voice level.

I heard her sigh, and then she started spanking in earnest. Again and again and again she swatted my bottom with the brush. Each swat stung more than the last. Soon I felt tears forming on the edge of my eyelids and soon these tears spilled over.

"Bella-neesan this is so unfair, what about all the trouble you caused at school. If you did not leave a name for yourself I would not be trying so hard to live up to it," I cried through the tears my voice rang through the room and bounced around a little.

I turned around and gave her a tear stained face and a pout puppy dog look. She blinked and blinked again and to my great surprise she placed the wooden brush down and started to rub my back a little.

"Tell me Susan," She started there was an edge to her voice. The tone was that of a somebody in a great deal of thought. She shifted her sapphire pink eyes down to me and gave a little smile.

"Tell you what sister?" I said in low tone of voice.

"Is that the true reason you did what you did . Come now what foolish little one will want to follow in Alice and I's footsteps." She said.

"Not a lot, the older students still talk about some of your deeds and the teachers well some of the older ones often make sly remarks about you. The bookkeeping teacher says your where her best student and she praises your name along with the science teacher. The History teacher says you where a excellent student though you had a bad habit of falling asleep in his class." I started.

"I always enjoyed bookkeeping and science history is a really easy subject. Just read the text book. I mean, read the book like you would ready any other book and boom, there you go." She said. "But that still does not answer my question." She added her tone of voice had changed again it was now the tone of a puzzled caregiver.

"Hmmm what was your question again?" I said toward her in a even more puzzled tone of voice.

I tried not to giggle when she rolled her eyes a little.

"Is the name I left for you too great? I mean, do you feel like you are walking in my shadow or something?" She said her tone of voice was still thick with puzzlement.

"I do sometimes, sometimes I mean lets face it, you were my hero Bella. I mean, I looked up to you. Any game you played I wanted to play it. You snuck into a old school house. I snuck into a old school house. You snuck into a old shrine I snuck into a old shrine. You finished middle school with honors I want to finish middle school with honors." I said toward her in a very honest tone of voice.

She grew quiet.

"I didn't know. I didn't know that my actions then will have such a profound effect on my little sister. I guess I never learned to think twice before jumping." She said in something of a sassy tone of voice.

"Hmm?" I said shifting my eyes upward toward her.

"Never mind you silly little thing you." She said reaching over with one and ruffling my air.

"Bella please don't ruffle my hair. It took me like forever to get it like that this morning." I said as I felt her hand ruffling a few strains of my hair.

"Now lets finish your spanking." She said picking up the hairbrush and raising it high into the air.

"Oh Susan, consider yourself lucky. Because while I did not have a big sister keeping me on the straight and narrow, I had mommy always ready with the brush. And lets face it, that brush stings worse than the paddle." She commented before she brought brush down on my bottom with a nice stinging swat.

Again and again and again she swatted my bottom with that dreaded hairbrush until even the slightest touch stung like a bee sting. Once she was finished she lifted me from her lap and pointed toward one of the corner of the room.

"But sissy.. It stings.." I said, sniffing. My eyes where choked with tears. She gave me a hard look and I knew there was no reason for further pushing the subject. Feeling defeated and somewhat unloved I walked toward the corner.

"No rubbing," She said in a commanding tone of voice. She stood there, her arms crossed across her chest and sapphire pink eyes where as cold as ice. Her face looked like it had been carved from stone.

She looked away for a few seconds and I thought it would be safe to sneak a quick rub. For a few seconds I was allowed to rub some of the sting from my bottom before an icy command cut through me like a hot knife through butter.

"Susan Waterflower Bell, remove your hand." Said my sister in her chilled tone..

"Isabella Waterflower Bell, what if I said no?" I said still rubbing my bottom.

She blinked and with a quick movement of the hand she removed my hand from my bottom with one of her and with the other she brought several stinging swats across my bottom. I hissed a little as I felt the sudden sting across my bottom.

"That's for your sassy mouth.." She scolded.

I nodded and folded my hands above her head. I blinked as the salty tears stung my eyes and form small rivers down my cheeks. I could still feel her eyes gazing at me.

"Susie," She said finally with a sigh. "Come here,"

"First let down your skirt." She said with a sign and she walked up to me and removed the pin that held my skirt in place. She turned me around and then she draw her arms around me and dew me close to her. I blinked and smiled a little as I wrapped my arms around her body and she wrapped her arms around mine.

"Susie, if you forget everything you ever learned, please remember this. Even though I might tease you sometimes, even though there has been those days when have even fought it out tooth and nail. My love for you baby sister is everlasting." She said.

"I love you too Bella." I said finally. I blushed a little and muttered something under my breath. Thankfully it was in Latin. English had long since become the De facto of the Nappon government and empire. To this my sister cocked her head to the side and blinked.

"Susie, speak English girl. I can't understand a word of that Latin." She said toward me.

"Then how did you know it was Latin?" I said

"By the sound. And don't get smart with me I can still turn your bottom over my lap." She said narrowing her eyes toward me.

"Hmm Bella I'm hungry.."

"….." She blinked and smiled as she released me from her hug, walked over to the coat rack and took down her coat. She placed it around her shoulders and smiled.

"Well mum and dad are gone. I take it you want a steak." She said smiling toward me.

"Steak sounds good with double French fries and tall root beer." I said.

And with that last sentence another day in my strange life came to a close.