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Finch's hand slid over the curve of the bow as the other held it in front of him. He fingered the taught string before he shook his head and handed it back to Sir Untany.

"I can't."

Sir Untany just looked at him, not taking it. "And why can't you?"

Finch sighed, and his knight saw right past it. The boy's eyes were looking over at the swords.

"I told you, you have to learn the bow first, and then I will give you a sword. Aren't you curious how good you can get with a bow?"

Brown eyes locked with his, dropping whatever emotion Finch was trying to pretend. No one was in the armory with them, but Untany still felt uneasy about it.

"If both my hands are occupied with offense, then how will I defend myself?"

"You drop the bow and pull your sword."

"But doesn't that hurt the bow?"

"The best course of action is to shoot them before they get that close."

Finch shook his head. "How can I taste their blood if they are far away?"

Untany grimaced in disgust. "That's not the point, boy. The point is that bows and arrows cover a long distance quickly that you cannot do on foot."

Finch tilted his head. "I can run faster than an arrow, so wouldn't it really be wasting time?"

"You can?"

"Do you want me to prove it?"

Untany didn't think it was possible. Sevens were known to be able to catch or dodge arrows, but outrun them?

"Yes. Come."

He led the way to the practice arena, which was also empty. It was the middle of the night, after all.

"Alright, knock the straw man over before my arrow hits it."

Sir Untany pulled his bow and an arrow out in smooth motions. It was ready within seconds. He said "Go!" right as he let it fly.

He watched the arrow, and the straw man fell right before it hit it. The arrow broke on the wall ten yards behind the straw man. Untany let his bow drop and stared at Finch, who reset the straw man. He set his jaw and nocked another arrow.

"Stand over there."

He tilted his head to his other side. Finch did as told and Sir Untany drew his arrow back.

"Now outrun this, don't dodge unless you have to."

He let it go, and after a minute heard it rattle to a stop on the ground, Finch in front of it. The boy picked it up and then ran to stand next to Untany and handed it to him.

"So, you really don't want to see how good you can get with a bow?"

"Isn't there a cap on how fast an arrow can go based on the draw weight of the bow?"

"We could make you a heavier one."

"Wouldn't that make it obvious that I'm not average strength?"

Sir Untany scowled. "Wanderers have a bow and a sword. It's how we are trained."

"A bow is a two handed weapon and the light swords we use are one handed. Why have three handed weapons if we only have two hands? Can I have two swords?"

A huge weight settled on Sir Untany's shoulders. He had one more card to play.

"I don't know how to use two swords. How can I teach you something I don't know?"

The mask settled back over the boy's features as he smirked. "I can teach myself."

Finch ran at the man on horseback, flipping his left sword to a reverse grip right before he jumped.

Are my calculations correct? Will some still chase after Ri if I knock their obsession out? Can I take nine at once? How long until Ri gets out of my obsession range?

He sailed over the wisters, one of them managing to jump right after he sailed over them. He used his left blade's blunt side to deflect that attack and hit the short man on horseback on the temple with his right blade's blunt side. His momentum combined with the added energy of the block and the hit sent him off to the right, where he tucked and rolled up to his feet, now facing the wisters.

The nine of them skidded to a halt, the horse rearing and throwing its unconscious rider. One of the wisters barely managed to catch him before he hit the ground. Two others tried to catch him, and the other six ran straight at Finch, weapons drawn. He set his feet, switched his left grip, and let them come at him, taking in as much detail as he could. They were a Level Five, two Fours, and three Twos, and all but one had weak grips on their weapons.

How well trained are they? Will Ri run into her father? If I die here, will she cry? Should I kill them? Would Ri want me to kill them? Can I keep up my mask whilst defending myself from them?

He spun away from the direct hits coming straight at him, using his left sword to push aside the point of a spear he would have spun into. Two of the wisters stumbled behind him, so he listened for any attacks from them and was ready to respond with his left hand as his right sword blocked a slash at his torso.

He concentrated on defense for a few minutes, figuring out the rhythm of the battle. He had fought as many as ten opponents at once before, but they had all been regular men. Regular men tended to act differently than wisters, especially wisters with a damaged obsession.

Why are some of these wisters obsessed with Rey left eyed? What does Ri know about them?

Finch switched grips on both swords frequently, adjusting which side of his falchions he used so the blunt edges deflected, keeping the sharp edges in tact. Shields made one arm useless; falchions made both arms available for defense and attack.

How long can I keep this up? How far is Ri? How long can they keep this up? Is she safe?

Finch got the tempo of defense down within a minute with only one scratch along his shoulder blade as payment. His questions about how to fight many wisters with his two swords were being answered quickly, and he could soon switch from defensive questions to offensive. Blood flew as he started aiming the sharp edges of his swords for joints. Once a wister was down or unarmed, he used the blunt sides to knock them out, hearing many shattering cracks. Soon, it was only him and the Level Five battling, and then an arrow entered the battle. Finch bat it aside and noted the angle so he could find the archer and then quickly pivoted and threw his left sword. The point of it broke the bow and shattered the wister's arm.

Before Finch could turn and finish off the Five, he felt something rip out of his chest. He stumbled and fell to a knee, his free hand clutching at his heart.

Where is Rianna? How far away is she? Is she hurt? How can I get to her?

He looked in the direction she had taken the horses on instinct, and then something hit him in the back, knocking him down. He rolled to avoid a jab of the spear head and kicked at the Five's legs to send him sprawling next to him. Finch chopped his head off with his right sword and jumped to his feet.

The wister who had had the bow was charging at Finch with a short sword in his hand, so Finch pulled a dagger from his belt and threw it at him, impaling him between the eyes. The wister fell forward with his momentum. Two wisters cowered in front of Prince Rey, one a Three and the other a One, both scared.

Should I go to Ri? Where is she? Is she safe? Did she keep going? Do I take him or leave him so I can join her? Where did the horse go? Where did Ri go?

Now that he wasn't fighting, he could use his focus to rebuild his mask, though it had been giving him issues for about 24 hours now.

Why did I obsess with her? Where is Rianna?

His face twitched as he pulled his left sword from the ground and approached the two wisters and the prince. Both were left-eyed.

"How are left eyes obsessed with a person?" he asked, lifting his swords.

Neither were armed. One gulped.

"He, uh... " the Four started and trailed off, too scared to continue.

"Forced us?" the One finished shakily.

Finch nodded and sheathed one sword. "Do you want me to get rid of your wists?"

The One stared at him wide-eyed. The Four shrank away but nodded.

Can I take away their wists? Where is Rianna? Will anything change if I take them? Is she safe?

He placed his left palm on the Four's forehead and focused past the pain in his chest.

Where is Rianna Morden?

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