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What if there were people in this world that have extraordinary powers? Well that is what happened, hundreds of years ago. There used to be many types of people that were not fully human. To many, it sounds quite strange. But it happened to a few pre teens. The awkward thing is that it happened on the last day of 5th grade. The four students all met on one faithful day. But as they slowly connect and learn all new secrets. Due to them meeting each other, they caused an old dark magic to reawaken As darkness lurks in the shadow, an organization is slowly rising. As they create a bond with each other, they are increasing the darkness. But as the organization slowly targets them As the kids make new allies, they learn new secrets that were once shut in the dark. The organization is slowly multiplying in numbers. The kids find refuge in a camp where they learn magic. But as the organization is searching for a dark and ancient magic item. The kids then go on a journey to find a book of magic. But as someone gets kidnapped,suddenly the organization planned to kidnaps the others and use their powers. The kids then wonder about whether their power is natural or if it's from a chemical reaction. As the darkness is slowly consuming the light. They realized that they have no chance to stop the organization. But when a traitor walks among them and leaks information to the organization. Suddenly they are about to quit, they then realizes that giving up would just mean allowing the organization to win. As a battle raged on from good and evil an unexpected resource comes to help.

Currently there are four types of four types of powers are magic,elemental,fighting,and healing. Magic powers allow the user to cast spells,shoot out curses, manipulate and also generate magic energy. Magician are able to cast spells by channeling magic energy or just by saying a few words. Meanwhile for shooting curses is simply just saying a few sentences. The effects of it, would make it so the person feel like they are being attacked multiple time. While manipulation is simply controlling something such as it water was falling, they could send send the water and put it in the cup. Generating magic is being able to create something. Such as wanting fire,they would absorb then absorb some heat and transform it to flames. Elemental is being able to use fire,ice,time,earth,water,celestial,air,electricity,and many others. While fighting powers allows the user to summon a weapon from a bow all the way to a sword. They can also allow their weapon to be on fire or use electricity with a sword to attack. Then healing is the type of power that is known as the weakest. Healing allow the user to heal themselves and other. While using an illusion is also a healing power along with others, by they give someone time to heal. Everyone used to have only one power but then some had two by obtaining their mother and father powers. Then there used to be people that had seven powers. There used to be eight people that had them and they were called the prince or princess of whatever category of power they had. There was also knights that had four to five powers. While a sorcerer had five to six magical powers. Mages were people that could use any power by an element. Such as being able to heal with fire. There also were four people that had all the powers over a category of power and they were called the guardians. Then there was the chosen one.