I let out a grunt as I hefted my long sword from another corpse, these creatures, or should I say people? I don't remember anymore, some still seem to maintain some form of their former human selves but they are nothing but. These things never seem to stop, an unbreathing horde of destruction, they care not for the cries of the wounded, the old, women or children. They kill and feast without remorse, bending to the will of their lords, those bastards from the inquisition who let this happen to us. They controlled everything, the king, the people, and most of all, magic. I could feel the constant draw from the magic slowly drain away what little aethim I had left, the very essence that is used for magic is what keeps us alive, use too much and you'll die.

I sheathed my longsword then tightened the straps on the buckler attached to my right arm, clearing out village after village of these things was beginning to take its toll on my body. Unfortunately I couldn't just lie down and die, or let one of these things get a hold of me, because of my actions, and blind fanaticism for those who I served, they were able to bring this plague onto the world.

"Edelo, Lale, this house is clear, no survivors" I yelled out after emerging from the house that had just been cleansed.

"Good because we need to get out of here, the pack we thought was ditched back in Summerdale apparently caught our trail and are almost here." Edelo's gruff voice boomed out from the church tower.

I scanned the corpse littered path running through the tiny village of Borgos and was able to quickly spot the armored figure of Lale. The three of us knew what needed to be done next and was joined by Edelo and Lale as I began unloading a clay jug of mage oil from our cart that had been moved into the village center.

"Alright let's make this quick and be on our way back to Hampstead." I ordered as we began dumping the oil onto each of the houses and lighting them ablaze. My movements began getting more sluggish and I could feel my legs become heavier with each house we set ablaze with magic. I steadied myself against the side of the cart as the village burned, Lale and Edelo either failed to notice my condition or didn't care. Either way I was fine with it, flaring the last of my aethim I straightened up from the cart and walked over to my companions who were watching the village burn.

"It's oddly beautiful to watch mage oil burn, no matter what you burn with it never smokes or causes ash." Lale mentioned as a matter of fact statement. I watched as a gentle breeze sent a few strands of her jet black hair across her face.