A Man stood at the back of the empty cinema hall, staring at the screen. He was waiting for someone.

He felt very sleepy, so he dozed off. It must have been 15 minutes when the lights came on and as the man woke his features came into focus. He had a fair complexion, blond hair and a sharp nose.

Two other people entered. The man named Uriah was short and a heavy-set man, the other was a tall lady named Naomi.

"Hello Rodrick!" said Uriah.

Rodrick nodded at the duo.

"Have you heard from the Omega?" Naomi asked.

"Yes, we will see him soon." Rodrick replied.

They waited a bit longer. The time was 7:25 and the Omega had promised to be there at 7:30.

At 7:30, the lights went out. Moments later, the whole hall was now illuminated by a sort of blue light from an indistinguishable source.

And next to Rodrick was the Omega. He wore a suit of armor, and a helmet with a triangular visor which covered his entire face. He looked like knight and he radiated power. He addressed the group.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today is the beginning of our newest objective- to eliminate the square-4"

There was murmuring among the trio.

Rodrick stepped forward "How will that help us? Why should we wipe out an insignificant organization which cannot harm us?"

"You are too confident Rodrick. Just because you three were once the strongest members of the first division of square-4 doesn't mean that they can't challenge us. As for the reason, it's simple- they will keep hindering our progress. They already made a great fuss about the incident at sector B-22."

His visor turned blood-red. "If we wish to find the key to the Protoverse then we must turn all that stand in our way into rubble no matter who it is. Besides, I am of the opinion that you don't exactly love square-4"

"We detest it, greatly." Uriah said. "We will do our best to eliminate each member."

"You misunderstand me, Uriah. To bring down a house, you need only weaken its foundations."

He raised his hand and the screen started showing pictures.

"The people I'm talking about are known as the four pillars."

The trio showed signs of recognition.

"Yes, you have probably heard of these people before. They are prominent members after all, still let me tell you all that we have gathered regarding these pillars."

A picture of a man with black hair and a mischievous grin appeared.

"Number-1: Tyson Grunt, high tier soldier, member of the star legion, abilities include creating portals and advanced pyro-kinesis."

Then Tyson was replaced with a man whose face wasn't visible. A closer examination revealed that he had no face, but a dark abyss instead.

"Number-2: The Void: officer of star legion, uses telekinesis and can become intangible. Can also create explosions strong enough to level cities in a go. Must be handled with extreme care."

Then there was a person with a helmet having a green visor.

"Number-3: Samuel Stryder: Possibly the most dangerous person in the list, has extremely remarkable super-strength, speed and incredible time perception, limited destructive capacity, but has been shown to have the capability to take down every single higher tier soldier of square-1 in one-on-one combat."

The next one was a person with a metallic face. He would have been mistaken for a robot if not for his brown hair.

"Number-4: The last one-Machine Khan: wears a sort of armor having very high durability and can withstand powerful hits. Also has the ability to summon weapons of a unique design that have not yet been found on earth. These weapons can easily damage high tiers. Potentially very dangerous and must be given higher priority. "

The screen went dark. Everyone was silent for some time, then Naomi spoke up

"So we will take them on one-by-one if I'm correct. From weakest to strongest?"

"Yes and we will give a higher priority to capturing them alive." Omega replied

"Why?" Uriah asked.

Omega turned to Uriah, who suddenly felt irrational fear building inside him.

"Because I wish to feed on their essence- so I can become stronger. Is there a problem with that?"

Sweat dripped off Uriah's face "No sir, there isn't"

"Naomi, how is the recruitment going on?"

"Good, we have many candidates with potential."

"I hope so. Soon we will be needing as much help as we can get." Naomi couldn't make out Omega's expression but she was sure he was smiling.

"They won't know what hit them" Omega thought.