They came to the lonely place that I cherish.
A place these people had told me to perish.

They were mourning near the river at a corpse left to wither.
The sight churned in my liver and my chill became a shiver.

Karma had come early, but it wasn't my wish.
It was fate that decided he die with the fish.

In person, they were with him and it all had seemed swell.
But inside he was lonely and his mind burned like hell.

They said he was much higher...
But, to me, he was a liar.

Earths sun was now rising on his world full of whim.
And despite all their tears, I can't say I liked him.

The people spoke fondly of the times they had met.
As I flashed through my nightmares filled up with regret.

'Not much of him mattered.' I thought as the wind blew.
It was a breath of fresh air and, in a huff, it was through.

There was a churn in my liver as a chill became a shiver.
For I was looking at my image in the bottom of that river.