Sneaking In



Sequel to 'Bonding Between Sisters'

I turned the corner of the cobblestone paved street that lead to are house, a sudden channel rainstorm had put a sudden cold and wet end to my little adventure. The rain was a cold one a bone chilling kind of rain. The raindrops felt like small droplets of ice once they came into contact with your skin. The rain was in all sense a cold bitter winter rain.

I quicken my pace once my sapphire pink eyes caught sight of the faint outline of are house. Never before has the old saying rung ever so true in all of my life. 'May it ever be so humble there is no place like home'. I soon found myself rushing down the brick paved walkway that lead to are front steps.

It took a few seconds of digging around in my skirt pocket but soon I fished out the small metal key to are front door. Pushing the key into the lock and quickly turning the lock till the lock gave way. Once the lock gave way I pushed the old wooden door open and I quickly stepped inside.

Closing the wooden door front door behind me I took a deep heavy breath as small droplets of water dripped from the helm of my skirt and from the sleeves of my blouse. These droplets of water formed small drops upon the wooden floor around me. Well at least I was out of the rain

The air inside the living room was nice and warm a welcoming feeling for my cold to the touch skin. The air was also heavily scented with the smells of dinner, I could not help but smile it was good to be home and out of that rainstorm.

A small smile came across my lips as I made my way to the Kitchen. For once it seemed my luck as in my favor. My mother and father where out of town on there second honeymoon. That left only Isabella and I. and if my luck held Isabella would be working the grave yard shift at the clinic.

"Welcome home Susie," Called a voice from the stairs. I could tell by the tone and pitch of the voice that it belonged to her. Almost as it was second nature my hands covered the bottom of my skirt.

"Bella… Bella what are you doing up at this hour?" I cried toward the source of the voice. Maybe I could possibly talk my way out of this. If anything I could possibly delay what I thought was coming.

"Your in no position to ask questions young lady. But to answer your question what good big sister could possibly be sound asleep in her nice warm bed while her foolish little sister is out running about past her bedtime and to make matters worst during rainstorm no less." Said Isabella toward me in a scolding tone of voice.

She appeared before me then. Her shoulder length bright red hair was tied back in a messy ponytail. She was dressed in a floor length pink nightgown with lace around the neckline and sleeves. A strange look graced her face something like a look of disappointment and amusement.

"Yes ma'am," I said shifting my eyes down ward.

"I guess you know what is going to happen know, Susie?" Said Isabella slowly making her way toward me. She lifted her hand and slowly placed the palm of it upon my checks. A quick frown appeared across her face.

"My stars girl, your like a block of ice." She said withdrawing the palm of her hand from my checks. She gave a quick shake of her head. "Well just don't stand there hurry up get a warm bath with the quickness, I will fetch you some warm cloths. Then we can get you something warm down your belly like chocolate chip Oak meal." She said toward me in a commanding tone of voice.

"Yes ma'am," With a heavy heart I started toward the wooden stairs that connect the upper part of are sea side cottage with the lower part. A strange feeling of dread came over me as reached the wooden door that connected are bathroom with the main hallway. A wooden duck hung from a long thread of brown string that was looped around a nail. The words Bathroom where written in the center of the wooden duck.

I pushed open the wooden door and gently closed it behind me, the air inside the bathroom was kind of warm it seemed Isabella had though ahead and had struck the gas heater that is mounted just above the toilet.

I walked over to the bath tube and gently turned on the hot water valve to my left about half way till its max. Soon pale blue hot water was filling the copper tub. I cut the water off once it reached the seventy five perfect mark in the copper tub. I quickly stripped of my rain soaked blouse and skirt and flopped them down upon the floor of the bathroom.

Small white clouds of steam floated upon the surface of the tub water. I slowly lowered my self into the water and loud hissing noise escaped my lips as the warm water came into contact with my cold skin. Soon though I was complete relaxed.

The wooden door of the bathroom slowly creaked open. I shifted my eyes toward the doorway and there she stood. She held in her hands a bundle of cloths from where I was I could make out a nightgown of some kind and a pair of socks.

"I brought you a nice change of cloths Susie. Once you finish your bath, I want you to meet me in the kitchen we are going to have a little talk about your recent rash of sneaking off and into roped off areas." She said eyeing me.

"Yes ma'am." I said sinking into the now lukewarm bathwater. "Your not mad at me Bella?" I said noticing a faint hint of anger in her voice.

"Susie, I'm not mad at you. I'm more disappointed than anything. Your too smart to be acting like a woolhead shepherd from the lowlands you know that don't you." She said looking into my eyes.

I only nodded.

With that she gently closed the door behind herself.

I quickly washed myself and then I climbed out of the copper bath tube. I reached for one of the nice warm fluffy towels. Once I was dry I walked over to the nightgown and slipped it over my head and signed. There was no escaping my fate now, like last time courage would be my best weapon of choice and it would be my only weapon of choice.

As I made my way toward the kitchen my sense of dread seemed to grow more and more with each step I took. I froze once my bare feet landed upon the last step. I took a deep breath and whispered under my breath. I can't recall what I whispered only that I whispered something that sounded like Latin.

"Your oatmeal is ready Susie." Called Isabella toward me.

"Kay." I said still a little lost for words still a little well dreading what awaited me. Sometimes waiting for the spanking is worst than the spanking itself.

Upon entering the kitchen my eyes seemed to shifted toward a cheap blue willow chine bowl that was filled to the brim with light brownish lumpish oatmeal. A good half of a cup of small milk chocolate chips dotted the lumpish surface of the oatmeal. With a sign I picked up the silver plated spoon and started to spoon the stuff around.

"Well go ahead and take eat up girl, your not going to bed on a empty belly." She said placing a mug of green tea down beside me.

With a sign I started to spoon the stuff into my mouth. The earthy taste of the oaks somehow brings out the richness of the milk chocolate chips.

"Now, please tell me where you where and why you are sneaking in when its way pass your bedtime?" Said Isabella toward me.

"Well you know the old legend about the wolfs spring?" I said looking down into my oatmeal.

"What spring are we talking about here Susie? The only spring I know is the spring that bubbles up somewhere in Watchers Hills. That spring feeds into a marsh that is slowly taking the old grave yard." Said Isabella toward me.

"Right, well you see, I heard a rumor through the grape vine. According to the rumor if one was to bath within that spring water on a night of a full moon there skin will become the fairest in all of the land. Because well the spring is suppose to be home to a fairy queen." I answered, I could feel my skin starting to tingle as a deep strawberry red blush of enbasessment appeared.

She gave me a puzzled look and finally spoke. "Susan, you know we have lotions and doctors for that kind of stuff right."

She walked behind me and placed a long hand upon her shoulder. I winced a little as she squeezed my shoulder a sure sign of love well that's how I took it. "Come on lets get this over with." She whispered into my ear.

I slowly nodded and pushed the wooden chair away from the table. I stood up and brushed off my nightgown.

She reached down and took a firm yet gently grasp of my hand. She quickly lead me through the living room and up the stairs and into her room. Once we where inside she quickly lead me over to her bed. She sat down upon the bed and with a sudden show of force she pulled me over her lap.

She pinched the helm of my nightgown and lifted it up and folded nicely upon my back. She placed a crooked figure into the elastic waist band of my panties and quite quickly they where down around my knees.

Then it came a sudden popping sound filled my ears. A wave of sting traveled through my bottom. Then it came again and again and again over and over the loud pooping sound of a palm of a hand upon the soft round flesh of bottom bounced off the walls before finally dying down.

She soon fell into a steady rhythm , ever fifteens seconds it seemed the palm of her hand came crashing down and with each swat my bottom bounced a little and redden a half of a shade more till it was almost a rose pink color.

The seconds slowly gave way to minutes and the palm of her hand kept falling upon my bottom making it bounce with ever swat. Each Swat added there own small dosage to the building level of sting. And soon ever swat that landed upon my bottom sent what felt like a sudden rush of sting through my bottom.

Soon small jewel size tear where running from my eyes and down my checks. These tears burned my eyes with there saltines and caused my vision to blur. And yet the palm of her hand kept falling and falling and falling again and again upon my bottom till the nice round checks had turned highly polished Washington Apple red.

I could only cry, then it happen the storm of swats had come to a end, I felt my panties being raised and fitted around my bottom and the helm of my nightgown being lowered. Then what happen was one of the most amazing feeling one can ever feel in there life. I was lifted up and drawn close to her. She wrapped her arms tightly around me.

I cried more once I felt her tender hand run through my long brown hair. Such love such tenderness. I can't recall what happen then, For my eyes felt heavy and the feeling of warmth and love but my mind and soul at ease and soon sleep over took me.

The End