Maria shivered as she stepped into the looming halls of Cassingdale Public High School, the stone and brick walls seeming to swallow her up when she got inside. If it weren't for the many light fixtures in the ceilings, and the constant pumping of the (slightly faulty) air conditioning, it probably would have evoked a claustrophobic attack. The giant building which was to be her new school was really more like a cave on the inside, seemingly cold and damp. If it hadn't been from the dull roar of footsteps passing by, she could have sworn she heard water dripping down from imaginary stalagmites.

"Fuck..." Luckily for her, the noise of students and teachers passing drowned out her little swear, otherwise she would have had a stern talking to.

Cassingdale is a safe school, an area where no one should feel put off or attacked by anyone using foul language or insults towards other people, She could imagine the school guidance counselor droning to her.

"Pfft." Like she believed in any of that "school is a safe place" bullshit that the teachers prattled on about. If high school was as nurturing and helpful a place as the instructors made it out to be, she was sure that the rates of teenage suicides would be far lower.

Glancing down at the schedule in her hands, she made an 'O' with her lips and then folded it, putting the piece of paper away for the current time.

Remedial Geometry was her first class, in room 224. She remembered what the principal had said at the school orientation. The first digit of the room number corresponded with the floor the room was on. Meaning that room 224 was on the second floor.

Or...wait... was that only the case for room numbers with four digits? Maria squinted, trying for the life of her to remember. If she was wrong, that could mean that her class was in the basement of the school and that if she headed up to the second floor first, she would be late.

Oh well. She decided to trust her gut, and, out of instinct, turned left and opened the door into one of the stairwells. If she was late, the teacher would be forgiving, right? After all, it was the first day.

And, if he's not, he can kiss my ass.

End of Chapter One

(A/N: Well, hello there, fictionpress! This is my second SYOC story! Yes, I know, it's a typical high school story. But, if everything goes right, I'm planning for there to be a few twists. Oh, who am I kidding, the twists I have planned are probably cliche and overdone. Oh well. I feel like writing this anyways, even if the idea is overdone. Contrary to what most of the authors on quotev (I'm going to be publishing this on quotev too) seem to believe, I have actually never written a story set in a high school before. Wait...hmm...maybe I did, but it was for a oneshot in an art/writing trade on quizilla, 5000 years ago, when that website was still the go-to for fanfiction and stories (if you try and say you didn't like/use quizilla, I'm 1000% sure you're lying) But, let's get to the point before this author's note becomes too lengthy. You will find the form for character submissions on my profile/bio/whatever you call the thing where you talk about yourself on your personal page here. Please, send in as many characters as you would like through PM! I am looking to populate an entire school this time (Last time it was a guild (Ravenmore)). But, please, do not get angry with me if I do not feature your character(s) in every single chapter. The ones that I will pick to be featured the most will be based purely off of my personal preference. I will tell you if your character(s) is/are going to be one of the main ones. Alright? Thank you. :) )