(All actors must have at least intermediate dance skills. Especially in ballet.)

Alice Liddle - The 12-year-old daughter of the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Main Character.

Ambassador's Valets/March Hare & Dormouse - The Ambassador's servants/Often has tea with the Mad Hatter.

Cecil Longneck/Swan/5 of Spades -One of the Gardener's boys, Lorina's major crush./A caucus racer./A Royal Gardner.

Chorus - Sing most of the songs.

Diana/Cheshire Cat - Liddle family cat. Is mentioned by Alice/A cat who always grins, can change everything about it. Gives Alice directions.

Edith Liddle/Eaglet - Alice's younger sister who likes being called Matilda/One of the Caucus Racers.

Footman/Mouse/7 of Spades - Liddle servant who announces guests. Jack's cosine/Caucus racer, who adores giving lectures./A Royal Gardener.

Lorina Liddle/Lory/Lizbeth - Alice's older sister. Has a crush on Cecil, and has a slight crush on Lewis/One of the Caucus racers/Crown Princess of Hearts.

Lewis Carroll/White Rabbit/Dodo - Family friend. Real name, Charles Dodgson. Creator of the story./Employee of the King and Queen of Hearts./Caucus racer.

Jack/Knave of Hearts - Alice's crush.

Maid/Cupcake Girl - Brings in extra tarts for tea, and takes one./Mad Tea Party guest, who loves to dance. Must be able to do at least four fouett├ęs.

Mr. Carter/Mad Hatter - An eccentric furniture shop owner, who is invited to Tea/A hatter who often has tea with the March Hare & the Dormouse.

Mr. Duckworth/Duck/2 of Spades - Unseen character, invited Tea Party guest./Caucus racer./A Royal Gardener.

Mrs. Liddle/Queen of Hearts - Lorina, Alice & Edith's mother/The tyrannical Queen Regent of Wonderland.

Mr. Liddle/King of Hearts - Lorina, Alice & Edith's dad, who is often belittled by his wife./The passive & quiet King Consort of Wonderland.

Ottoman Ambassador/Caterpillar - The Ottoman Ambassador who has tea with the Liddles/A hookah smoking caterpillar who gives Alice a magic mushroom.