[Alice's bedroom. Alice is in her bed, sleeping. She's surrounded by her family & Lewis Carroll.]

Lorina: I think she's having a nightmare. (Brushes Alice's face) Alice, wake up. Alice, please wake up.

[Alice stirs.]

Edith: She's waking!

[Alice wakes. She's stunned.]

Lorina: Don't worry, Alice. Everything's all right.

Alice: Wh-what happened?

Mrs. Liddle: You fainted, so we brought you here. Unfogenetly, you missed Tea.

Alice: (Confused) I did?

Lorina: Yes. Now, what were you dreaming about?

Alice: I was in a strange place, called "Wonderland". And (points to Mrs. Liddle) you were there, (points to Mr. Liddle) and you were there, (points to Lorina) and you were there, (points to Edith) And you were there, (points to Lewis Carroll) and you were there!

Mr. Liddle: Sounds like an interesting dream.

Alice: It was! It was so realistic!

[Mrs. Liddle looks at clock]

Mrs. Liddle: Well, dear, now that we know you're alright, we'd better go, we have guests waiting.

Mr. Liddle: You can tell everyone about your fascinating dream later.

[Mr & Mrs Liddle and Lewis Carroll go to leave.]

Alice: Wait, may I please have a private word with Mr. Dodgson?

Mrs. Liddle: Why?

Alice: (Sternly) I have private matters to discuss.

Mrs. Liddle: (Unhappy) Very well.

[Mr & Mrs Liddle leave.]

Edith: Alice, I must confess, that I was spying on you & Jack. I told Pappa everything, he said he'll talk to Mama. I'm sure he'll be back.

Alice: Thank you. Can I have my private word with Mr. Dodgson now?

Lorina: I thought you just said that to get Mother & Pappa out.

Alice: No, I need to ask him something about my dream.

Lorina: You sure I can't stay?

Alice: I'm sure. I'll see you after the Croquet game.

Edith: How'd you know there was going to be a Croquet game?

Alice: (Nervous) Jack told me, now, please leave.

[Lorina & Edith look suspicious, but they leave.]

Alice: (Once they're alone) Dodgson, I have to know. I dreamed that you transformed into a white rabbit, and brought me to Wonderland, to end the Queen of Heart's tyranny. Was it real?

Lewis Carroll: (Takes out pocket watch) Look at this, (hands her Pocket Watch) and you tell me.

[Alice looks at it, it has a curious inscription on it.]

Alice: (Reading) Property of L. C. Rabbit. (Inspects it again. Realizes something) Why, this is the watch the White Rabbit had! I remember seeing him wear it! (Lewis Carroll nods. Alice gets confused) Why do you have it?

Lewis Carrol: Because I am L. C. Rabbit. It's my alias in Wonderland.

Alice: So it was real!

Lewis Carroll: Yes, my dear.

Alice: But why am I in my room? And why does everyone think I fainted & missed Tea?

Lewis Carroll: Because Alice, Wonderland has strong magic. You can go there, and think it nothing but a dream, or forget it entirely. Few, like myself, are immune to it.

Alice: Why is it like that?

Lewis Carroll: How else can it be kept secret?

Alice: Why keep it secret?

Lewis Carroll: To keep it safe from those who would wish it harm.

Alice: Like, the World's Undergrounds?

Lewis Carroll: How do you know about that?

Alice: You're not the only one with secrets, Mr. Dodgson.

Lewis Carroll: Fair enough. Any more questions?

Alice: Yes, what happened after I left?

Lewis Carroll: Long story short, the Queen lost power, the King's in charge, and Lizbeth will rule when the time's right, with the 5 of Spades as her Consort.

Alice: But I thought she chose that Prince?

Lewis Carroll: Don't you remember? The 5 was in disguise.

Alice: While I was helping them escape the executioner, we stumbled upon a trunk, and the 5 picked it up. I don't remember anything else.

Lewis Carroll: Well, that's alright. Any more questions?

Alice: (Thinks) No. (Looks at clock) I should be getting ready, I want to tell everyone everything!

Lewis Carroll: Just make sure, you say it was just a dream.

Alice: I will.

[Alice gets out of bed, with some help from Lewis Carroll.]

Lewis Carroll: Take care. We probably won't see each other until Christmas.

Alice: Why?

Lewis Carroll: Your Mother has her worries and expectations; your Father & I, have our disagreements; and there's the matter of those two photographs, and your Governess's attraction towards me.

Alice: I see. I shall miss you. You're such a wonderful friend.

Lewis Carroll: Don't worry, my dear Alice, things will get better. Just you wait.

Alice: Ok, I'll see you soon?

Lewis Carroll: Hopefully. (They hug. Alice gives Lewis Carroll back his watch) See you downstairs, and after that, till we meet again.

[Lewis Carroll chastely kisses Alice, then leaves. Dinah enters.]

Alice: Oh, Dinah, I feel like Wonderland was supposed to teach me a lesson. Like, afterwards, things would be different, and I'd be, I don't know, more mature?

Dinah: Meow.

Alice: You're right, I am more mature, in a way.

Dinah: Meow.

Alice: Again, you're right. I can still write letters, Mother can't stop that. (Clock chimes)Better get dressed.

[Alice goes into her closet. Dinah looks at audience.]


Meow, meow.

[Chorus enters.]

Alice in Wonderland

Over the hill or here or there?

I wonder where

[Alice, Jack/Knave, Lorina/Lizbeth & Cecil/5 of Spades enter and start dancing]

Alice in Wonderland

How do you get to wonderland

Over the hill or underland

Or just behind the tree

[Wonderlandians enter]


Alice in Wonderland

Where is the path to wonderland

Over the hill or here or there?

I wonder where

The End