It was like reliving his past.

There weren't any windows. The walls were void of color and various items that could distract one from their imprisonment. There were no clocks to track the time; no calendars to track the days. The door hid seamlessly within the wall yet it always moved, making its definite location unknown.

Escape was futile in other words.

Upon waking up in that place, there had been a chain tethered to his ankle. It was just long enough to allow movement around the room but not much else. The chain was eventually taken off after changing rooms for a third time. Unfortunately, he wasn't too sure of when he had switched rooms since the switch usually occurred when he was sleeping. He was also sure that he could account for the soreness in his limbs having something to do with him sleeping through the moves.


Brown eyes drifted towards the intercom on the ceiling before the young man looked over his shoulder to see an open door. Hesitation always worked against him in his time there so an open door was his only chance of getting out at all.

Looking out, he was met with an immediate wall to his left. With no other choice but to make a right, he followed the colorless corridor before stopping in front of the door to be the bathroom. Utilizing the facilities, the raven then stepped into the shower. The cold water hardly fazed him anymore. He already been subjected to too many of them and, if anything, the cold water as enough to numb the ache he continuously began to feel in his limbs.

Stepping out after the water shut off, the young man walked over to the sink to wash his face. When done, he stared at his reflection to see a pair of dull, vacant gaze staring back before touching his cheek. He had gotten paler. He could see the faint rings starting to form under his eyes. His hair was always a spiky mess, even if it was wet, but it now lay limply against his head. Sighing to himself as his hand trailed down to his neck, he took note of the reddened area of an injection site.

He had been given more than twelve series, each varying at six to eight shots a piece, and it was starting to show more and more each time he looked at his reflection. The more his limbs hurt, the less he wanted to move. He even started to lose his appetite more, leaving his given clothes to hang a bit more loosely off his frame. In all, he figured that the treatments would eventually kill him.

Lowering his gaze at the thought of his own imminent demise, he turned around to have clothes thrown in his face. Not wasting any time in getting dressed, he then looked at the stark white apparel before sighing as he looked at the armed man that had come to fetch him. Being escorted down the hall was not as easy as it would sound.

Uneasy on his feet, the young man leaned against the wall prior to being nudged in the back with the butt of the other's firearm. Stumbling forward, the captive caught himself before lowering his head. Getting back to his feet, he held his own when he was shoved again before moving once more.

Walking through the door that led to the next room, the teen took a seat at a table before hearing the door close behind him. Looking down at the dull-looking food, he then picked up a plastic fork and knife.

He wasn't trusted with actual silverware.

Eyeing the meal set before him, he set down his utensils in favor of pushing the plate away. He knew his body needed the nutrients but, at the same time, he knew he wouldn't have been able to stomach anything long enough to get it.

Rising from the chair as a door opened, he made his way into the adjacent room. His legs buckled beneath him while is breaths came out clipped after spotting a single chair sitting in a lone spotlight. The sound of footsteps behind him made him flinch before he was eventually dragged and strapped down. His head lowered once again after the sound of steps receded behind a closing door.

From there, all he could do was wait.

Again, there were no clocks to keep time.

Everything meshed together until a door opened yet again.

"Oh my. You're not asleep are you?" The teen shifted somewhat before having his head tilted up and a light flashed in his eyes. "No, you seem awake today."

The icy feel of a stethoscope against his chest hardly registered. He didn't notice the thermometer or its beeping when it was done reading his temperature. Hell, he couldn't even hear the one who had been talking earlier.

"Hey, can you…hear me?" He recalled a blonde-haired child muttering that to him. "Hey…your name?"

My name?

"Want to tell me your name?"

My name is…?

A sharp prick in his arm made him jerk involuntarily before the deadened gaze drifted over to see a second needle pierce already bruised skin. He flinched at the fourth and fifth shot before steadily starting to black out.

"Wake up…wake up…" An odd pair of eyes watched him intensely. "Wake up! Do you hear me?!"


"Good, good. What's your name?"

My name…?

"I'm 902-Evren."


"No, just Evren."

Right...almost forgot…

"Hey, what's your name?"

My name is…

Dark eyes cracked open as he felt a needle shift beneath his skin. Looking over to see an IV dripping some type of dark blue liquid, the man struggled weakly before hanging his head as he felt the icy liquid starting to run through his veins.

"Hey, stay with me," the newcomer said, tapping his cheek.

"Wake up….wake up…"

"Tired," he muttered as his eyes began to close again.

"Wake up! Do you hear me?!"


Coming around, the one dubbed 8679B, slowly rolled onto his side. Grabbing hold of his achy limb, he sat up to stare at the reddened skin before noting the irregular, dark blue squiggles running up his arm. Making them out to be veins, he rolled his sleeve back to trace the blue trail all the way up to his armpit. He then checked his other arm to see smaller red spots due to injections but none of the blue veins.

Looking around to see that he was back in his room, he laid back down to stare at the ceiling. Nothing changed about it but it was something to look at. Hell, he could imagine whatever he wanted on the blank canvas.

The first time he started, he imagined an ocean. He had never seen one before but he had seen enough in books and on the web. He pictured gentle waves crashing up on a sunny shore. The further away from the wall, the deeper the ocean became. There were sharks at this point; all the way down to the small, colorful fish that swam amongst the wreckages of ships from centuries past. The closer he got the center, the darker the water would become. Eventually, the blue changed to black though the waters would still be illuminated by the lights of monstrous fish. They would take on any form his mind could fathom until he would ultimately drift back to sleep.

The idea of drowning in such dark waters occurred. Despite it being one of the worst ways to die, he started to welcome it since he figured he could see many things before everything disappeared into darkness.

Another time, he picked the starry expanses of space. He would count of the planets, including the moons to the best of his ability, before noting where black holes could have been. He imagined galaxies dotting the ceiling, swirling colors and shooting stars. He would picture distant planets, create other life forms, just anything to keep him busy prior to him falling asleep.

The idea of being sucked into a black hole would cross his mind. Would it happen quickly? Would it hurt? Would he be stretched or would he be crushed? Was there anything inside of it or was it just dark? Then again, maybe he would suffocate from the lack of air? Or maybe he would freeze to death as he drifted helplessly through the cosmos?

It was just a fleeting notion.

However, after seeing the same thing over and over again, it was growing difficult to think of much else. He had refused to think of home as the thought was almost unbearable yet there he was imagining a starry sky as he touched the thin, silver chain at his neck. If he rolled over, he could see decrepit buildings lining the dusty and cracked streets. He pictured the outmoded vehicles that were here and there.

"Don't worry."

"I'm scared…"

"It was a close one but they won't get you."


"The only way they'll get to you is over my dead body," the blonde boy had stated.

"Don't say stuff like that," the youngest replied. "That's scary."

"Oh, ok." The smaller child wiped his eyes to see a confident smile on the other's face. "Don't ya ever worry about me. Imma be A-ok!" the eldest beamed, giving a thumbs up.


"Of course!"


Opening his eyes to stare at a colorless ceiling, said person sat up slowly, clutching at his blue-veined arm when it throbbed. Looking up at the intercom, the captive went back to focusing on the ceiling again.

Hearing the number being called out once more, he got to his feet and walked to the center of the room. Focusing on the intercom, he held his arm a bit tighter before taking a knee when his legs felt weak.

"Hey, what's your name?"

My name is…


"Wake up! Do you hear me?!"

I'm up…


"Good, good. What's your name?"

The raven flinched as the bigger voice echoed around the room, giving him a headache.

"…Do you hear me?!"


"Good, good. What's your name?"

My name is…


"You're name. C'mon, I know you you know-"


86… He held the side of his head as the louder voice continued to echo against empty walls. 8…

"A number isn't a name. What's your name?"


"Hey, wake up!"


"A number isn't a name. What's your name?"

My name… Jumping at the sound of a blaring siren, the raven covered his ears. My name…


I can't…

Scrambling back to the bed, the teen buried his head beneath his pillow. It muffled the sound but not by much.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled the cover over his head before screaming at the top of his lungs. It had been awhile since he used his own voice but what surprised him more was that the ear-splitting noise had come to a stop. Lowering the pillow, he poked his head out from beneath the blanket before looking around the room like something would've possibly changed.

Lying down, the young man looked about once more before closing his eyes. Not even two minutes into his sleep was he startled by the blaring sound of sirens. Picking himself up from the floor, he could hardly hear the pounding of his heart in his ears before he screamed up at the intercom. Again, the sound stopped though the residual echo of it lingered for just a few moments.

Everything then went quiet once more.

Exhaustion was unforgiving and, despite how much his body wanted to submit to it, sleep was interrupted by that unnerving sound of sirens going off. Every time he would close his eyes, nodding off for even a moment, that sound was back and louder than before. After hours, maybe days for all he knew, his voice had long since been broken.

He couldn't hear himself think, yet alone hear the old voice of a childhood friend. His concentration had been broken and he was faced to deal with an unending headache.

Everything else after that became irrelevant.

The sound of sirens had long since faded but, for all he knew, they were just waiting to come back on the moment he closed his eyes.

Not chancing anything else, he sat in a corner with his knees pulled up to his chest. He only ever moved when he felt his eyelids starting to droop. Whenever he didn't have the strength to pace the room, he would lie on his back and stare up at the ceiling like he had done so in the past. The only difference was that his mind could no longer picture a vast ocean or the starry expanse of infinity and beyond. When he looked around the room, he could no longer imagine the desolate city that had once been old Polaris. Now, it was just a blank wall in front of him.

Curling up into a ball, he could feel the strain in his eyes. Rolling onto his side, he stared at the dark blue lines in his arm before being startled by the sound of alarms. Covering his ears, he couldn't block out the sound no matter how hard he tried.

Unwilling to uncover his ears, he remained on the floor due to the lack of strength he required to stand at that point. At the rate that this was going, he was sure he was going to lose his hearing. On the other hand, it wasn't like he'd need his hearing when being confined to such a place, right?

The noise died away eventually though it left a defeated individual in its wake.

Trembling on the floor like a frightened child, the prisoner slowly sat up. Unable to stand, yet alone drag himself over to the bed, he remained where he was. Dull, brown eyes stared down at the hands in his lap while fingers slowly curled and uncurled in the fabric of his shirt.

Due to all the alarms going off, the quieter sound of a door opening went unnoticed as well as the footsteps that followed.

Bowing his head when a shadow fell upon him, he began to raise his head but lowered it in the end. Having his hair seized, he squeezed his eyes shut before cracking them open in fear of another treatment of disorienting sounds.

Hardly registering a light being shone in each eye, the teen fell forward once released. Feeling an imminent headache forming after his head hit the floor, he lay there once he failed at picking himself. Being pulled up by the back of his shirt, he hung his head before being startled by the blaring sound of a siren.

He didn't have the strength to shout out the noise; he didn't have the voice to anymore.

Being dropped back onto the floor, the raven slumped over. Just making out the sound of footsteps on the tile, he winced as the echoing lingered all around him. His eyes fell shut just a few moments before additional footsteps padded along the floor.


Awakened by a siren, tired eyes cracked open to see a lone spotlight flashing down. Looking down to see the heavy bands securing him to the chair, the young male hung his head for the umpteenth time. This simply triggered that insufferable sound that seemed to be the bane of his sleep-deprived existence.

Eyes open once more; he stared out ahead before slowly turning as he spotted something fading out of the darkness. Looking in that area direction, he was blindsided by a needle from the opposite direction. He raked his nails against the arms of the chair momentarily before releasing a breathy sound when felt the icy liquid creep beneath his skin.

A choked sob briefly gave the otherwise quiet room sound.

Slumping forward as the syringe was extracted, he heard movement to his right but didn't dare to look that way. Another needle then crept out of the darkness and though he had seen it, he could only emit a strangled cry. He slumped forward as his sight blurred. His head being tilted back didn't even register until he vaguely made out the outline of an individual standing in front of him.

"My, you don't seem too active today." A hand patted the teen's face. "C'mon, can't you speak?" The other remained silent. "Ah, you must be thirsty."

Cold water was provided through a squirt bottle. Though care was given, it did not do much when the liquid drained out the corners of one's mouth. When several other tries proved ineffective, the rest was poured onto the other's head. Through it all, the raven remained hushed before slowly slipping into an unconscious state.

Obscenely loud sirens were his wake up call.

Feeling a hand on his cheek, he slowly looked up at the man that merely started to smile.

"Why don't we try a bit of stimulation to keep you awake, shall we?" he questioned as he held up a third needle. "Let's try something a bit easy, ok" Brown eyes shifted somewhat. "How about telling me how old you are?"

The younger male lowered his gaze before being frightened by the sudden horn blaring in his face. "N-n…nine…teen?"

The other only watched as the other quivered in his seat. "You don't sound too sure of yourself, son," he replied before injecting the teen in the arm. "How about telling me where you're from?"

The needle being extracted went unnoticed as well as the next one being inserted. "C…can't…"

"Don't remember?" The teen's head dipped before shooting up when a siren sounded. "Don't remember, huh? Well that's ok," he said as he walked away for a moment. "It's not really relevant anymore, you know?"

A shiver crept down his back as he was doused with more water. "T-ti…"

"You're tired, huh?" Dull eyes started to close before shooting open when another two needles inserted whatever series he was on by that point. "Hey, you gotta stay awake, you know?" A set of heavy pants were all he received. "Hmm, you really exhausted today," the man said as he administered another shot. He then removed the needle, watching the other shudder. "Let's ask another simple question. If you can answer me, I will let you sleep in peace. How's that sound?" Of course the dark-haired male said nothing but he did look in his direction. "What's your name, hmm? You never did tell me yet I think I've heard it in passing or saw it on your record… It was Calix, right?" The other's head dipped somewhat before having his chin seized. "Calix?" He remained silent. Cal? Hmm, I take it that's not your name." The older man then scratched his head. "Let's see…there was something else on your file…I think it was…8679B?"


Picking his head up, vacant eyes gradually focused on a blurred outline.

"8679B, is that you?"

Opening his mouth momentarily, the captive slowly dropped his gaze before lowering his head. Being doused in cold water hardly fazed him by that point. The sound of sirens did little as well.

Flashing a light in each eye, the older male watched the teen's head loll to the side before walking out of the darkened room. Flipping the papers on a clipboard he had, he nodded at one of the armed men before receiving a phone.

"How is he?"

He hummed in question before smiling as he reviewed older files from the past. "Ah, you mean you're little runaway. He's a bit tired and out of it at the moment but there's no need to worry. He appears to be completely broken down and ready for your immediate use."