AN: Hey, sorry it has been so late, to those of you who might be following my other story. I have currently lost interest in it. It was a time when I had a brief infatuation with a guy last year. And with the feelings that have faded over the course of my summer, so has my interest for writing that story.

As for this little one-shot, it was born when my creative writing teacher made us create characters of our own and gave us a prompt: To use three of them and create a one page story out of it. If you are confused, I will explain it all at the bottom.

See ya there.

The waiter smiled and sat the drinks down on the the table right in front of the courting couple, murmuring a few words. He backed away slowly, the slight smile still on his face.

"Thank you, " Jade paused for a moment, her eyes latching onto his nametag, "Ross." She smiled politely, watching the young man-who looked to still be in high school-giggle nervously before turning on his heel.

"What do you think his story is?" Her date asked, prompting Jade to look back at him. He seemed to have read her mind, and it gave her this light feeling in her chest.

"Well, Sergeant Jones," the young single mother breathed in a teasing tone, "I think that he is on the football team. The star quarterback at that." Jade gave him a smile.

Sergeant Jones looked intrigued. "I bet his parents are both pastors."

Jade nodded her head, moving the story along. "Yeah, and he is a nice guy who doesn't stick to the status quo."

"Who also happens to have a girlfriend."

"And happens to be gay." Jade finished, and an awkward silence ensued. Maybe she shouldn't have said that. Looking down at her intertwined hands, she noticed that they were twitching. It was something she did when she was nervous.

Sergeant Jones cleared his throat. "So, uh," he seemed to be struggling for another conversation starter, "what do your parents do?"

Jade looked up to see intrigue in his light brown eyes. "Well, my biological mom died of cancer," it was at that point that her date reached across the table to take her intertwined hands in his, giving them a reassuring squeeze, "and my dad, Bob turned out to be gay." Jade's voice was quivering now.

"Sorry about that..." he said, holding onto her hands more tightly. Another question popped into his mind. It might get her mind off of her mother's death. It brought a smile to his face "You said you had a daughter?" He paused, trying to remember her name. "Rose?"

Jade's face lit up, a grin splitting across her face. "Oh, yes, Chad! And she is the most beautiful thing that has come out of all this loss."

As Chad looked at the love on the beautiful face of this young woman as she talked about her autistic daughter, he thought to himself, "I could get used to this."

AN: Ok, so if you are reading this, I am going to give you a rundown of how I created this story.

We were to develop about 5 characters, each special and catered to each separate student's own version of that character.

You see, first, she created the names of the characters, and with them, she also gave them each one of their own of these: Name, Gender, Age, if they are single, married, widowed or divorced, and if they have children, how many their are, and if they are grown or not.

With that information, we were to write stuff down about those characters that best suited us, as individuals. That meant that Everybody's Bob (like the one mentioned in this story) was different in ways.

With the five we created (each different characters of ours) we were to pick out three and put them in a story. So, each name in here represents a character that I have made, except for the mom. And there are some things that you don't know about the characters that I do because I had created a lot more to them than I could fit into the criteria, and so I tried to convey them to you with a few sentence.

Take Ross, for instance: Maybe what Jade and Sergeant Jones decided about Ross's story was true. Maybe it wasn't. I created this, and it was fun.

Review, tell me what you think!