Come Home


The night was burning.
Hailing with frostbitten pearls,
the sheer fire-like pain seeped through the open wound.
My heart sank.
You were so far away.
Frozen in time,
I wished I would have held you longer.
Now you are not here,
nowhere near.
Loneliness was not enough to suffice the feeling of being left behind.
Death was cruel.
Taking you away from the world you grew in,
the world you were given time to be a human being,
our so-called savior broke all prayers.
Where are we now?
Without each other I am nothing.
Nothing but a stone amongst rubles,
I drift into a world not our own.
Why did you go?
My love,
do you recall our first words?
Do you remember our first kiss?
Would you remember anything from where you are now?

I can't put my arms around a memory.

I can't forget the euphoria of falling in love.
I can't forget the joy of living beside you.
I can't forget the moments shared.
Why did you go?
Where are you?
Come home, please my love, come home.
It burns.
These tears just rip me apart

like a glass shattering in an airless breath

Come home