Shakeable, Unsaveable

壊せる 壊せない 狂える 狂えない [kowaseru, kowasenai, kurueru, kuruenai]: breakable, unbreakable, shakeable, unshakeable

*according to the translation of Unravel by TK, the theme song of Tokyo Kushu or Tokyo Ghoul, on the Tokyo Ghoul wiki page

There were always earthquakes, shaking up her already shaky life. There was always someone there to save her from the earth's fury, and with that savior, she was stable.

When she let him in, however, he was as destructive as the earthquake that killed her savior.

I dove under my desk, silently pleading with the earth, asking it to calm down, praying that I was not crushed in its fury. I covered my ears and closed my eyes because I could not afford to see the wreckage that would become of my room. I could see it already: the smashed glass, the collapsed bookshelves, the strewn papers. Everything was shaking, shaking, shaking shaking shakingshakingshaking—

"Shh, Eru, shh," I heard a voice whisper. Gentle hands massaged my shoulders before gentle arms gathered me up. "It's safe now. You're safe. It's all right, Eru."

I couldn't see who my rescuer was through my closed eyelids, but he must have been brave to have carried me through the debris and have put me to sleep.

When I was young, I often discovered that, in my parents' absences, there was one person who had always come to save me. I had never ached for a motherly touch or a fatherly figure because I had always found those and much, much more in the one person who really never left my side.

He had always, for as long as I could remember, hovered over me with such overprotectiveness that rivaled that of a single father with one daughter to care for and many suitors to utterly destroy. Whenever I had a problem with something or someone, he would usually try to fix it himself, so that I didn't have to worry about anything. That often irked me, however, because I wanted to believe that we were equal in our relationship, but he insisted on sheltering me from anything with even the smallest potential to harm me.

If something did go wrong, I could always count on him to save me from trouble, although I normally tried to hide it from him so that I could actually learn to fix it myself. My determination to become independent didn't bode well with his desire to be my everything, but eventually we had matured enough to become codependent individuals with only minor hiccups and setbacks along the way.

In a nutshell, he was my knight in dorky armor, and I was his damsel independent.

Author's Note:

This was my project for Camp Nanowrimo July 2015, as well as the companion to my story, Tremors. I suggest you read that first because this is just a supplement to that. However, this should be able to stand alone, and it is your choice. I hope you enjoy either way!

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