Oshima's Ghost Train



Sequel to 'Sneaking In'

*There is an small ghost village on the edge of Oshima Parish. The village was once an thriving town of two thousand but now only around two hundred live within is borders. At its heart there stands an old wooden train station. The train station is still in use and is one of the few remaining buildings left from its glory days.

There is an rumor that has been passed down from generation to generation, the rumor says that every Friday night an phantom station master will appear on the old wooden platform of the train station, after about sixteen minutes the person will hear the low whistling sound of an steam locomotive. And bright ball of yellowish light will appear in the darkness and it would slowly make its way toward them. Then in an blink of an eye an old steam locomotive will appear.

The locomotive will be pulling four old railroad carriages. The conductor will shout "All aboard" and with an sudden movement of the hand he will pull open one of the doors to the carriage. And an golden light will pour from the carriage and bathe the platform. The light will draw any person who may have been hiding in the shadows out and then it will draw the soul into the carriage.

Once inside, the carriage the person will then notice that they're along and that there is no way of escaping. They're doomed because the train has only one stop. And that stop lays in the middle of an forest ten miles from the station. Its here that the train wrecked killing all that were aboard.

A mighty powerful wind was blowing through the pines and underbrush that had grown up around the old wooden structure. The wind made a low groaning sound as it blew through the rotten timbers of the train station. I could feel goose bumps starting for form on my forearms and on the back of my neck. I shook my head and sighed. Why in the word was I hear again?

Thrice I had been spanked for sneaking into supposedly haunted areas. Okay maybe only twice since the last one was for sneaking in past by bedtime. But then again it was summer and summer was the season for ghost stories and for ghosts.

"What if this ghost train is really real." I said aloud. It was too quiet.

Then I heard something rumbling around in the under brush. It was low kind of rumble, sure it could have only been a fox or maybe a squirrel or maybe a stray dog or cat. But in the darkness your mind wonders and that nameless fear that always haunts the back of your mind seems to come front and center. Even the slightest noises seems to bring to mind that nameless fear.

There it was again. I stepped back and took a deep breath and curled my fingers into a fist. What ever it was it was getting closer and closer to me, and what ever it was it was not going to have me without a fight. I was not going to die like one of those air-head shojo manga characters.

I drew myself into a fighting stance as the rumbling noise got closer and closer to me, I took a deep breath and tried to calm my mind and body. But then I blinked. In the limited moonlight I could make out the outline of a small furry creature. The creature peered toward me and then vanished under the brush again.

My check bone started to tingle then burn as a fresh from the oven brick red appeared across my face.

"Its only a bloody fox." I said looking down at the ground. I shook my head and smiled a little maybe I was a little foolish for sneaking out here in the middle of the night. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my blue covered cellphone. My cellphone severed as my watch and my alarm clock.

Suddenly the cellphone start to vibrate in my hand. I peered down the once blank screen now had a picture of a yellow envelope opening and closing over and over gain. Bright flashing red letter that spelled out two words flashed above the envelope. The letters spelled out the words "New Message". I blinked the message was from Isabella. With a shaking hand I clicked the center of my phone and message was brought up on the cellphone screen.

"Okay you get brownie points for leaving me a note, but your also get a spanking for sneaking out of the house yet again and this time I'm thinking about using the wooden spoon. You better text me right back and you better include your current closes land mark. If I don't hear from you within thirty minutes of sending this text. I'm going to file a missing person's report that's not a threat that's a promise."

I blinked as I read the text. Quickly I respond.

"I'm standing in front of the old train station. I just passed the exit that will take you toward Hiro. I will be here, I know, Well to answer your question. I'm sure something is going to happen tonight so you better hurry up and come find me… I will be hiding in the woods. Something deep within me is."

I ran out of space. With a sign I pressed the center button of my phone and the message was sent. That is when the strangest feeling ever came over me, everything seemed well heighten. There was a rumor that

Clairvoyance ran in are family. My mother was one of the ones whom claimed to have it and it was strongly hinted that my sister also had the gift. But there was strong doubt that it had been passed onto me.

Hide said a voice deep within me Hide within the woods, the light will only catch you if you hide within the area of the train station Said the voice again. I blinked where was this voice coming from was I going crazy, well it was a pretty good idea. If I hid within the train station and the turned out the stories where true then well I would have been screwed but if I hid in the woods and the stories turned out to be true, I would be shocked but still unharmed.

Two seconds passed. I took a deep calming breath and then without thinking I dove into the thick undergrowth of the forest that surrounded the train station. I took another deep breath as I peered through the small gaps between the trees. I could barely make out the outline of the station house.

I reached into my skirt pocket felt around till I fished out my buzzing cellphone. The 'New Message' screen was once more flashing. A sudden feeling of dread came over me as I pushed the center button of the phone that would bring the message up.

"What do you mean something deep within side you? Well what ever we will talk when I get there just stay where you are, don't make me come looking for you. I'm pulling out now I should be there say in fifteen minutes. Stay where you are."

Read the text.

Soon my figures went too pecking at the keyboard of the phone as I texted out this response.

"I'm not sure Isabella, I'm kind of lost for words right about now." I looked up from the screen of my cellphone the wind was picking up. The tall pine trees swayed back and forth in the wind. As the wind blew through the trees it picked up a few dead leaves left over from winter. The rustling of the leaves along with the howling of the wind formed a very hunting melody. It was too this melody that the trees danced almost as they swayed in the wind.

I peered into the darkness. Then in the blink of a eye a bright light appeared. There was something strange about the light. The light gave off a feeling a very uneasy feeling almost like a haunting feeling. A sudden chill rand down my spine. Soon the like took the shape of a man, with the aid of the light and the few bright silver rays of moonlight. I could make out a navy blue coat. Then I could make out the outlines of a few strains of silvery white hair sticking out from the cover of a old conductors hat. Soon the outline of a nice round head came to be seen. He head slowly turned toward my direction.

I took a deep breath and hugged the ground. I heart was thumping now, the sound of the thumping grew by the second till at last I wondered if the whole forest could hear it.

I reached for my cellphone and once again I pressed the center button. The 'Message Sent' icon came up on the screen of the phone. I mutter a silent curse under my breath. Then a feeling of coldness came over me I slowly shifted my eyes upwards. The eyes of the phantom conductor where looking straight towards me. They where like two nicely rounded rubies they beamed like diamonds in the dim silver moon light.

My breaths became more labored under the ever present gleaming red eyes. The seconds slowly gave way to minutes. Then from somewhere in the darkness a low whistle broke the silent's of the night. My eyes widened. The source of the whistle could only be one thing; a steam locomotive and judging by the sound of it. It had to be not too far away.

The phantom stationmaster and now the low whistling two signs had already come true. Then it hit me the ghost train was real. The whistling crew louder and louder and soon with the aid of the moonlight and the glow of the phantom station master the outline of the phantom locomotive came into view. A loud hissing sound escaped from the wheels as it pulled up to the platform

I felt a sudden chill run through my body as my eyes took in the full sight of the phantom train. The smokestack was bent like a tree limp. The front lamps where shattered. Small moth ball size holes dotted the hull of the phantom engine. The coach cars it was pulling where nothing more than shattered frames. All of the windows where broken and dark red flames danced upon the surfaces of those that still held in there century old frame.

I could only lie there a mixture of shock and horror kept me pinned to the hot earth of the forest floor. I opened my mouth and tried to scream yet no words could I command. So I looked on in horror as the station master walked toward the coach's and pulled the door.

"All aboard! Next stop Ryo Station." Cried the station master in to the darkness. He climbed inside and closed the door behind him. A cloud of pale gray smoke hissed from the wheels of the phantom locomotive as the power rod started to turn the wheels. The wheels make a loud creaking sound as they slowly started to move forward.

Then as if in the blink of a eye the train reached its full speed. Another haunting whistle filled the air as the train vanished into the darkness. Everything grew kind of hazy, my head grew heavy like it had been stuffed with wool. I almost airy feeling came over me and soon I was fast asleep.

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked. A nice warm rag sat upon my forehead. My clothing had been replaced with a nice soft cotton nightgown. My dolly Ikumi lay near by her soft cotton arms lay open like she had been snuggling up to me in my slumber.

"Susie, your awake girl." Said a voice from behind my wooden bedroom door. The door slowly opened and there in the doorway stood Isabella. Her shoulder length red hair was tied back in a neat ponytail. She wore a short sleeve blue blouse with a matching ruffled blue skirt. She rolled her eyes and folded her arms under her breast.

"You are going to give me a heart attack, Why do you always have to sneak out of the house when mom and dad are away?" She added her question was directed toward me. She unfolded her arms and they quickly dropped to her side.

I felt my check start to tingle as she gently scolded me. I shifted my eyes toward my bedroom window and somehow a small crooked smile came across my face. I had seen Oshima's ghost train and lived to tell the tale.

"Okay so now your smiling. I did not want to do this too you Susie, but you're grounded. That's right your grounded from the internet, the wii, and anime." Said Isabella. Her tone of voice was well a mixed tone. It was half commanding and half crossed.

"And that means no spanking right?" I said shifting my eyes away from the window and toward her. I crossed my fingers under the cover and took a deep breath. There might have been a slight glimmer of hope after all.

"I never did say that now did I. If you check you inbox you will see a text saying you will be given a spanking and it was hinted that I might use the dreaded wooden spoon." She said reaching toward her back skirt pocket. In the blink of a eye a wooden soup spoon appeared in her hand. She slowly made her way toward my bed and in the blink of a eye she was sitting upon it.

"Well you know the drill, over my lap." Said Isabella toward me. She offered me a out stretched arm and a open hand. A look of fear came across my face I took her hand she wrapped her figures wrapped around mine and with using the right amount of force the gently pulled me onto her lap. A second later, the helm of my nightgown was up and pinned to my back. Within another second my panties where lowered.

A loud cracking sound filled the room as the wooden head of the soup spoon came into contact with my bottom. A sudden wave of sting and burn flooded through me. A shrill yell escaped my lips. And so it started.

Isabella soon fell into a steady pace. It seemed every other second the head of the wooden soup spoon would come crashing down upon my bottom, sending another wave of sting through my body. At first I tried to count the licks, but I lost count at five.

Finally after what must have been the longest minute and a half of my life small droplets of tears started to fall from my eyes and onto the covers of my bed. I breathing harder now and my endurance was quickly running out. Another long minute passed and then it was over. From the corner of my tear blurred vision I could make out the outline of the wooden brush being laid down upon the wooden bedside table.

The a sudden feeling of being lifted came over as I was gently lifted from her lap and into her shoulder. Her arms wrapped around my back and drew me closer to her.

"Susie, did you ever think that maybe I would like to go ghost seeing with you?" Said Isabella her voice was low barely above a whisper.

"No sissy, it never entered my mind." was my answer

"Well I would love to tag along with you." She started rocking me back and forth a little. A small smile came across her face. "You have awakened," She added.

"What do you mean by that?" I said a puzzled look came across my face.

"You will see in time, You will see in time." She said as she gently kept rocking me back and forth.

In time she let me down and the day melted into its normal course of events.