In 2120 Thadeus is a world within the deeps of the galaxy where trade is its main import. The futuristic, steampunk style and it's reliance of crystal technology made this world one of the top trading stops in the galaxy. Thadeus was run by a dictatorship, but it had a dark history of civil war. The forbidden knowledge of time travel made the citizens fearful for any mention of those topics can get them imprisonment or killed. However, there are those who rebel against the current government and one of those companies is The Time Travel Detective Agency.

The headmistress of the agency is named Carina Essex. She ran the agency with all seriousness and had a history which she doesn't talk about much with anyone. She was going about the business of the day, doing paperwork while managing her spies. Royal Mardsten, who is a sky pirate and arms dealer, gives her air reconnaissance and builds the weapons for the agency.

He was looking over a possible lead on the infamous "Shadow". They hadn't had much luck since Corina suspected that they kept everything under wraps. At the same time she had her other spy, a saboteur named Melina Pond, who was working on breaking into the office of the inventor, Dr. Rahul Black of the company "Future Tech Industries".

Carina had sent Marina to his company under suspicion of possible illegal activity. Meanwhile, Carina sighed as she glanced out at the window that faced the royal palace thinking on how corrupted the government was now. "What are you hiding Shadow?" She didn't like being kept in the dark and as soon as she broke the case open and could tell the citizens the truth about what had happened 15 years ago during the civil war, the easier her life would become.

All of the sudden her thoughts were interrupted when Royal called in. "Ma-am I got news."

He had called over the crystal tele-communicator on a secured line. She picked up her end.

"What is the news?" She hoped that he hadn't been captured.

"I found nothing and I will have your shipment delivered as soon as I can." She sighed with relief that he was alright.

"Well done Royal, see you soon with that order." She hung up and returned back to her paperwork.

At the Future Tech Industries, Melina was still working on the security system when all of the sudden the silent alarm was triggered and she had to retreat. "Who has a silent alarm? This isn't good..." She had a feeling someone will be coming after her. "Royal where are you?" She asked. Royal picked up the crystal.

"Melina, where are you?" He was concerned for her safety especially since he didn't want her captured by the Shadow. Melina sighed as she tried to find a safe place.

"I will send you my coordinates." She typed in the area and sent it to him.

"I will be right there." He turned his sky ship around.

"I really wish I had a teleporter right now." Melina thought as she kept an eye for any other possible movement.

Meanwhile, at the lower levels of the research facility, there was a big roar of applause as Lucien finished off his act with just the right flourish. They always went crazy for his act with the doves. He would use a snap of the fingers and fire would appear as if ignited. Once he threw that fireball it would change into a dove before hitting the crowd. It was one of the only acts he used a top hat for. Hats were such dreadful things, and he would never let one on his head for a few seconds if he could help. At the same time as he had the crowd distracted, Nina, a small fey would swipe their pockets clean for him.

It was usually such a clean sweep, but tonight there was a hitch. As soon as he was about to go off stage, there was a large commotion at the back of the room as a group of armed guards rushed in.

"Everyone sit down, the facility is officially on lock down," the largest of the men said. It was the burly, captain of the guard, Dougal. Dougal swept the room with a glare before finally landing on Lucien. "I knew hiring a trickster was a bad idea. Were you here to distract us while your little friends made off with the goods?"

"I'm absolutely positive I have no idea what you're talking about," Lucien replied evenly as Nina slipped back to his side and handed him a hefty bag of coin that he hid behind his back. After that she returned to the crystal at the top of his cane.

"Don't play dumb!" The big man continued. "How does it just so happen that you offer a free show the same night some of the Time Agency's rats decide to sneak in? You're under arrest!"

Lucien quickly fished his father's pocket watch from his trousers and took a quick glance. "My, my. It is quite late. I'd best be going," he said and then snapped the lid shut. At the same time, the light in the hall went out and screams erupted in mass panic. Luckily he had memorized three different escape routes just in case.

"You really blew it!" Came Nina's high-pitched voice as he ran up a flight of dark stairs towards the roof. "I wasn't even half done with the room before they caught us!"

"It wasn't me!" Lucien shot back a bit winded. He was almost certain there was a whole level of hell dedicated to having people run up a never ending staircase. "They said it was some Time Agency—oof!" He was immediately interrupted in midsentence by running into something solid in the dark. He rubbed his nose in pain as a similar cry sounded in front of him.

"W-who's there?" Came a feminine voice, that sounded a bit frightened.

"I'm terribly sorry miss, did I hurt you?" Lucien asked, ignoring Nina's flighty giggles behind him. Hitting his cane's crystal a few times, a small blue light erupted and let them both see a bit. He had run into a short haired girl. She rubbed a hand against her head where no doubt his nose had collided with. "I didn't mean to frighten you, I apologize. The name's Lucien." Lucien tried for a reassuring smile.

"Oh god, your nose is bleeding—here." The girl handed him a handkerchief. He took it gratefully and used it to ebb the flow.

"Well, miss-?"

"Oh, it's Melina," she answered.

"Miss Melina, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry and need to get to the roof as soon as possible…"

"COME BACK HERE YOU BASTARD THIEF!" Came the sudden yell from below them. Well, they must have gotten the lights back on. Melina gave a wide eyed look of terror in that direction. She looked as if the guards were coming after her. Then it clicked.

"You're the Time Agency rat he was talking about!" Lucien exclaimed accusingly.

"What did you call me?" Melina bristled.

"You blew my whole gig tonight!" Lucien continued heedless. "I have a warrant now because of you!"

"Hey, do we really have time for this? I have a plane to catch," Melina frowned. They both could hear the pounding of footsteps getting closer.

"Right, well I need to hitch a ride then." Lucien started running up the steps again and Melina as well. They both were going at top speed.

"What, why should I help a thief!?" She demanded.

"Because if you weren't here then this wouldn't have happened! And I'm an Illusionist not a thief."

"No way, my mission is too important," she protested, but just then Dougal and his men made it to them. At the same moment the light flickered back on in the hall and they could both see they were surrounded. Melina and Lucien had no choice but to stand side by side with both their weapons ready, her gun and his cane. "Okay, I take that back, if you help me take care of these goons and get to the roof, then I'll have Royal give you a ride anywhere you want."

"Then we have a deal," Lucien replied.

Melina couldn't believe this guy, he was acting way too proper and it frightened her some and his accent reminded her from one of those British soaps that were all the rage these days. But nonetheless he wasn't going to leave her to deal with these buffoons and she was a little grateful.

"So a magician I see, let me guess Harry Houdini was your inspiration?" She smirked as she shot at the first guy who tried to grab her foot trying to throw her off balance.

"Seriously I am way better than that century old dinosaur miss."

Melina just shook her head. "Don't do that. I am not used to proper speech." Lucien could tell she was a little embarrassed.

"My apologies." He didn't mean to embarrass a lady and he could hear his little fey laughing. He was hoping that they could have met under different circumstances.

It wasn't long until Melina saw the famous. "The Demon" pirate air ship appear and she sighed. "Well looks like my ride is here. Don't say anything I will do all of the talking."

Royal leaned over the rail of his ship. "Well I hope you have a good reason for interrupting my cargo delivery Melina." He glanced to see the other chap and he groaned. "Wonderful a stowaway."

Melina rolled her eyes. "Just put the ladder down Royal, we are needed back at headquarters asap." Royal didn't want to take orders from her but since they were now partners and newbies at the agency, he rather listen to Melina than face the wrath of Carina any day.

"Alright all aboard than." He threw the rope ladder down and he climbed down to help Melina. Once she was aboard he climbed back up. "Come on chap."

Lucien didn't say anything and climbed aboard which he noticed for a piece of junk it wasn't too bad. "You know you could really do some redecorating to this piece of junk." Lucien turned to him. Royal put his hand in into a fist.

"Watch it chap or I will throw you overboard. My ship is my treasure so please keep your comments to yourself."

Melina was getting a headache. "Will you both knock it off with the macho crap, Lucien this is my colleague Royal, he's a sky pirate. Royal this is magician boy Lucien now both of you shake hands or this ship isn't going anywhere." Melina had to be the responsible one in this scenario. Royal sighed and put out his hand which Lucien gave it a quick shake than Royal returned to the wheel.

Soon they were on their way back to the agency which Carina called in than. "Royal where is my shipment?" She was furious on how late he was. Royal turned back and gave a small smile.

"I had to save Melina from the Future Tech Industry and also a rat who might be helpful to the agency."

Carina yelled, "What, do you know how much paperwork it will take just to add another person to our agency?"

Royal groaned. "I know but he helped out Melina from what I could see and just give him a chance." Carina was getting a headache.

"Fine just get back here and I will get the paperwork ready." She hung up the call. It wasn't long until Royal landed his air ship on the landing dock of the agency and they departed.

Melina smiled at Lucien. "Welcome to the Time Travel Detective Agency. Carina will want to meet you and it will be nice to have a new partner." Lucien glanced between the two of them and nodded.

"It will be an honor to meet Miss Carina and I take it you two are partners?" Royal heard the conversation.

"Yes, Carina put Melina and I together just today, we are newbies and I hope you will enjoy your time here." He showed them the way to Carina's office. Once he knocked Carina answered.

"Come in all three of you, we need to talk." She glanced them over relieved they weren't injured. "So you are the so called magician that Melina found tonight?" She asked him getting straight to business.

"I prefer illusionist, and my name Lucien Blair." Lucien sighed, nodding in her direction in greeting. "So, correct me if I'm wrong but is this truly a spin off from the old Time Detective Agency back when the royal family still ruled?" Carina's eyes widened at bit at the perceptive question.

"My, I thought that name was familiar. Nathaniel and Martha Blair, your parents are royal family sympathizers," Carina said. Lucien gave her a tight smile.

"I'm afraid that would be that they 'were' sympathizers. My father had been sent to the gallows long ago and I have not seen my mother in many years, but I'm sure she's still imprisoned in the Ladies Reformatory at the capital," he said. Carina got a sad faraway look. She had known Lucien's parents back when she'd worked at the palace.

"I'm sorry, they were good people." She offered, truly feeling the words. Lucien shook his head.

"Thank you, but let's not dwell on such nasty business, the point is I have a bit of information your organization could put to good use," Lucien said.

"Oh?" Carina asked as she pushed the sign up papers to him along with a pen. Lucien filled them out as he talked.

"Yes, it seems the shadow might be trying to gain an interstellar ally in the war. The Noko." When Lucien said this everyone in the room froze. It was Royal who broke the awkward atmosphere.

"Nokos can disguise themselves as human and manipulate the brainwaves of anyone they see. No offense but there is no way you could know. They would hide their appearance or just alter your mind to make you forget you saw them in the first place," he said, trying to as much to make himself feel better as everyone else in the room. Lucien smiled.

"I wish it were as you say, but I was born with a strange ability to withstand brainwave manipulation. So, their power does not work on me and I see them as they are, strange creatures…and I've seen them out with the leader of the Shadow, Brant Herring." Carina's heart went cold at the mention of that name. She took the papers as Lucien gave them back to her in almost robotic motions.

Carina filed the papers and turned to Lucien. "Thank you and you will be in the room next to Royal. I'm sure that he would be happy to be your guide until you get use to the building." Royal wasn't thrilled but he wanted to stay on Carina's good side.

Lucien smiled. "Thank you." He turned to see Melina having almost a sad expression on her face. "Are you alright?" He asked. Melina felt bad at hearing Lucien's past and she turned to Lucien.

"I don't like to talk about it but I never knew my parents, I know something terrible had happened to them when I was young and I still get flashes of the tragedy. I was raised in an all girl's home, they taught me how to be a saboteur. I survived by selling my skill set and thanks to Carina I have this life." She ended it right there and Royal couldn't believe that all three of them had tragic type pasts. Lucien didn't know what to say and he turned to Royal waiting to see if he opened up. But instead Royal turned to Melina.

"So I see that the mission was unsuccessful, what happened?"

Melina sighed. "They had a silent alarm and that is why Future Tech Industry went into lockdown and the security interface alerted the guards. I couldn't get what you asked for Carina."

Carina nodded. "We will try again and since Lucien is now on the team, we might have better luck." Royal glanced at the time.

"Well I will go grab the weapons and be right back." He left the room.

"So do you think the shadow wants something from the inventor?" Melina asked Carina.

"I don't know it will need more investigation but the shadow is dangerous. I want all of you to be extra careful from now on."

Royal reappeared. "No problem and here is your order." Carina took the package and placed it in a secure vault.

"Alright that is all for the night. All of you get some rest."

Melina smiled at the boys. "Night." She left the room and headed toward the other side of the building. Royal turned to Lucien. "Alright chap let's go." He left the room with Lucien following. With the kids out of the room Carina started digging into the shadow files again knowing that it was going to be a long night. She also had her secret agents double secure the building for she had a bad feeling.

There was a war on the horizon she knew that she had to get the device and the crystal before it was too late. She could only imagine what Brant was planning. She lit her lamp and got to work.

Back with Lucien and Royal, Royal turned to him. "Night and welcome." He went into his room and shut the door. Lucien knew that Royal would eventually warm up to him and he entered his room as well. On the other side of the building Melinda was sound asleep but she was haunted once more of the past.