It was the year 2120 and Neo York was a buzzling city filled with many wonders. The royal family were in power and treated their citizens with respect because without them the point of the monarchy would have never existed. In the outskirts of the city, the sky pirate base were busy doing their usual routines. They were merchants who had a deep connection in the trade route. Royal was a sky pirate captain who just recently started his own division. His sister Faya was his navigator and his father couldn't be more proud.

"Son remember you must deliver that package on time and no slacking this time. We need the money." His father warned him.

Royral smiled a little. "Sure thing pops, come on Faya."

They set off and his mother laughed a little. "Royal is just like you."

His father shook his head and sighed. "I know and that's what scares me."

Meanwhile as Royal travelled to his location he can't help but feel like something was missing like there was a hole where something important used to be. Faya saw the expression and she knew her brother was in deep thought. She wished that she could help him but didn't know how since he never opened up to her.

At the same time Melina was happy, she was living a life of nobility with her parents. Her father was a healer and her mother was in the trade industry. She was an only child and had grown up in the security of a happy home. She was learning to become a healer herself and after she finished her lessons for the day she would go outside to glance up at the sky. She wondered why she had such a connection to the sky like it brought her peace.

"I wonder why I feel alone?" She thought hoping that whatever it was that was missing would be found soon.

At the same time in the palace, Princess Adelaide was getting ready for the ball this year. Her father and mother were so happy because their daughter was finally of age to choose a husband and start learning to rule the kingdom.

Princesss Adelaide looked at her gown in the mirror and frowned. Was it too much? Tonight would be her big chance to find a husband and she had to look perfect.

"You look stunning," a new voice said. She glanced backward and saw her good friend Lucien standing in the doorway. Blushing, Adelaide turned and nodded in greeting to him.

"Hello Lucien glad to see you came," she replied. "Are you ready for the ball tonight?"

Lucien shot her a grin. "Yes, I just finished delivering the invitations to the Merchants and other friends of the Royal family. Everyone in the Kingdom and beyond will be there."

"Good, I look forward to seeing all our old friends," Adelaide said. She felt a strange kind of ache inside. Like she was missing friends, but couldn't quite place their faces. Lucien came forward and offered her his arm.

"We should be going, it will start soon," he said. She nodded, and let him lead the way.

Royal had gotten a call from his father telling him about the invitation to the royal ball at the palace. "Dance seriously?" He wasn't one to mingle with others but since his family were the main defense for the royal family he knew he didn't have a choice. But than a thought overcame him "Maybe I will find the thing I had been missing."

Faya laughed at his expression. "What are you thinking about brother?" Royal turned and gave her a smirk.

"We better hurry little sister, we have a ball to get ready for." Faya was shocked for she knew how her brother's personality was.

"Alright well I might find my guy tonight."

Royal groaned a little. "You are too young."

Faya stuck out her tongue at him. "No way, I am 17 years old and I will find my true love."

Royal didn't like the idea of his sister dating. "Over my dead body."

Faya rolled her eyes for her brother had a huge big brother complex and it got annoying when he acts all tough. She didn't care for she had a feeling that he would be too preoccupied tonight to notice her.

Soon they were at their location and dropped off the package. They retrieved the money and were on their way back to the hideout.

Meanwhile, Melina was dancing around with joy for she never been to a dance before and she was excited. Her mother smiled at her.

"Maybe you might find your love tonight."

Melina blushed a little. "Yeah that would be nice." She only dreamed of finding love and now that she was 18 years old she was hoping to find her prince charming. Her father groaned but he gave her a smile for his little girl was now grown up and all he wanted was for her to be happy.

Her mother grabbed her daughter's hand. "Let's go shopping."

Melina smiled for she was looking forward to shopping.

Once Royal landed and they left his ship, his sister ran over to their mother all excited. "Mother I need help picking out an outfit for tonight, I want to attract a guy." He glared at Faya which his father just laughed and hit him on his back.

"Lighten up son, she is of age and it wouldn't hurt if you found the girl of your dreams." Royal gave his father a look and tried to play it off but deep down he had a feeling that maybe his father was right.

"No way the sky is my love." His father laughed.

"You sounded like me when I was your age but son you are 19 years old and I know you would be happy with a girl. I just want you to know that your mother and I approve of whoever you fall in love with."

Royal gave him a smile. "Thanks." He went to get ready.

Finally later that night it was time for the royal ball and Adelaide stood at the font of the room watching as lots of guests entered into the ballroom. There was plenty of space for dancing and also a giant feast for everyone to enjoy at their own leisure.

Even though the dance was just getting started Adelaide felt disappointed because she wasn't finding any perfect guy or anything. Lucien noticed her dismay and walked over.

"Sorry to see you looking so glum, Princess. Care for a dance?" He extended a hand to her and she took it. A they made their way to the dancefloor Lucien bumped into someone and their hat flew off.

"Oh, terribly sorry, didn't see you there." Lucien apologized and handed back the bowler. Royal shrugged.

"No big, hello Princess," he gave a bow to Adelaide who giggled. She knew Royal from seeing him around the palace.

"Princess Adelaide?" A new voice said as Melina approached. Royal then turned and noticed her for the first time.

Royal had a feeling hit him deep down like this girl who just walked up felt familiar somehow. Melina met his gaze and she felt a headache come on and it felt like a vision.

"I will always find you.." That sentence hit her like a ton of bricks and the voice sounded just like his. Melina was curious.

"Do I know you?"

Royal didn't know how to react and as Melina turned to see a kid with the princess, it felt like deja vu. Royal also felt it for it was more than just this girl in front of him but the princess and the kid who had ran into him. Had they known each other before? Royal realized he kept the girl waiting.

"I'm sorry but I'm not sure. Would you like to dance?" Melina smiled a little and took his hand but when she did they both felt a charge of electricity between them. Or that was how Melina would describe it. Royal knew than that it was possible that this was the missing piece of his heart, it was her.

"I'm Royal a sky pirate and who are you?" Melina felt her heart jump at his name like it recognized it.

"I am Melina and I am going to become a healer." They started dancing which to them it felt like they were reliving a dream.

Meanwhile Carina smiled for she too had felt a connection to not just the princess but to the other three. Like they all had met before but was it possible? Who knows maybe fate was kind in allowing them to all meet again. She continued her guard duty and kept an eye on everyone.

Lucien meanwhile turned to the princess. "Do you think we met those two before?"

Adelaide was relieved that she wasn't the only on feeling that way. "I'm not sure but I have this feeling…"

"Then again, I think I would remember his terrible hat anywhere," Lucien replied. Adelaide just hit him lightly on the shoulder.

"Let's just get to dancing," she told him and he took her hands.

"My pleasure." He smiled.

The two couples danced into the night unaware of how their lives had intersected in a different time and circumstance.

It was real late when Royal asked to take Melina home which she more than accepted. She wanted to spend as much as time as possible so they were having simple conversations until they reached her home. Royal smiled.

"Well good night Melina."

She nodded for this might be her only chance. "May I see you again tomorrow?"

He took her hand and kissed it. "I will love to see you again. Sleep well beautiful." Than he turned and left with a huge smile on his face he knew his sister might make fun of him but it didn't matter. He found the one he wanted to be with.

Melina was on cloud nine and as she got comfortable for the night she couldn't help but feel giddy. This guy had made her feel special and it looked like the future was going to be bright. In fact both couples were destined to be happy.