To those without empathy, I hope that you know...
All the things you are reaping are the things that you sow.

Do you wave because it's nice?
Or is pain fun to laugh at twice?

Do you share because you care?
Or is it because someone is there?

Do you empathize with peoples pain?
Or sympathize and feel the same?

Did you really want to hear me out?
Or was there nothing much to talk about?

Did you hear what I've been telling you?
Or will you laugh at all the things I put here too?

I sit and listen, but when it's said and through...
Seems all I learned about was you.

A person who can say, but never can show... Should know their act will never flow.
A malicious person whose acting coy... Should not be shocked when they can't grow.
And the person causing hurt while pretending not to know... Will still be reaping the things they sow.