The air in the darkened forest was thick, hot, and humid, very characteristic of the warm summer that seemed to be suffocating the land. Despite this, the sound of animals running about was present. The creatures, seemingly not caring about the heat, were running and scattering here and there, leaving little footprints in their wake.

"Dominick!" A pitiful sounding howl came from an enamored she-wolf, as she was held against a tree and pounded into mercilessly.

"Fuck…" The man in question groaned, feeling the pleasure poised in his shaft from the endless thrusting. His rough hands held his mate still, his uninhibited strength creating countless bruises on her pale skin.

"Maria…" His voice was husky and low, affected from the passion of the moment. The woman moaned, her legs wrapped firmly around Dominick's waist as he continued to slam into her, again, and again.

"P-Please, go faster," she begged, her voice ragged and breathless. Dominick could only chuckle and shake his head.

"Never. I'll go as fast as I please," he teased, suddenly stopping and then slowing his pace down to something that was nearly agonizing. Maria let out a soft shriek, trying with all of her might and bucking with her hips in an effort to bring the friction back to a front. But it was to no avail.

"F-Fuck you," she snapped, anger rushing through her soft body. Dominick only laughed and continued at the slow pace.

"Beg for it, and I might reconsider." Maria's lower lip jutted out in a pout.

"You know I'm too prideful for that…" Dominick snickered.

"Then I won't speed up."



"Please?" Maria asked slowly, trying to get him to speed up. Dominick shook his head, letting his hands press into the sides of her hips.

"I told you," he said softly. "You're going to have to beg. A little more than you have been doing." Maria scowled, looking at Dominick with a lot more than irritation in her eyes.

"You're insufferable," she snapped. Dominick laughed.

"Am I truly? I don't believe you've told me that before," he joked, looking at her with an unintelligible glance. Maria closed her eyes, trying to calm her raging temper. If she just managed to beg, then she could have the pleasure that she so desired. If she didn't, Dominick would get the best of her and she would be sour for a long time after this.

"...Please, fuck me, I need you," she suddenly begged, looking up at Dominick with puppy dog eyes. His eyebrows raised before they settled, a smirk resting over his face.

"Very well…" He sped his pace up again to one that made Maria want to moan and beg further. His eyes snapped shut, and he grunted appreciatively as Maria bucked her hips, starting up a delightful rhythm that had both of them gasping.

"Fuck, woman, the things you do to me…" Dominick growled, nipping at the soft and sensitive flesh of her neck. Maria giggled softly and then tilted her head to the side, allowing Dominick more access.

"Please…" Dominick nodded and sped up even further, letting the rhythm pick up the pace.

Maria let out a soft shriek, feeling tension begin to coil in her abdomen. She knew this feeling; had felt it many times before in sex with her mate. Soon, she was going to orgasm. She just wanted Dominick to come first. With a wicked smirk on her face, she forced her walls to clamp down around his cock, faking an orgasm.

Dominick shuddered.

"Maria…" he groaned, unable to hold out for any longer. He gave a few more vigorous thrusts before the hot feeling of his seed spilling inside of her made itself known. Maria grinned victoriously before her walls clamped down a second time, and pleasure ran through her body. This time, the orgasm was real.