Part 1 - Eden:

Chapter 1 - Genesis:

Upon God's will, the dust of the Earth gathered into a maelstrom, and from it formed chemicals. They broke and merged on a quantum level, building into atoms, which formed four specific compounds which formed an acid. This acid curled and spun into twenty-three chromosomes, building a nucleus, and then around it came a cell. It divided, multiplied, created tissue, and muscle, and organs. Then an organism. God strained and winced as he was forced to focus on the quanta & hadrons unless his project was to fall apart. God stopped merely thinking about it and it happening, he needed to channel his power more directly; he lifted his arm and shakily pushed his hand towards the dust & life. His other was soon necessary, and rather quickly he was on his knees. Both arms slightly above his head as he strained and sweated. The previous life he'd made had taken just over six years to engineer uniquely. From that point he let it evolve and grow. But there was a struggle for power that would never truly be solved.

Apes had been closely made by him to represent a less whole version of himself. When he realised it would soon grow just as the other life had, and would someday overpower him, he just had to see the stage directly before this line of species grew equal to himself. Contrary to his own previous thought, God decided he wasn't specifically omnipotent, rather extremely powerful. For anything's sake, God chastised himself in his head, If you can make a universe in only a few years; then you can make a-, he cut himself off. While most of his mind continued to manipulate the dust, part of it wondered, What should I call it? I guess I never thought about it, huh-, again he was cut off. His mind was searing with pain, his tendons strained and he was growing weak; but he couldn't stop now. Just as his last sentence finished, he cried out with pain, collapsed, and glimpsed his work.

It was like a mirror, the physical form was slightly smaller, but aside from that they were identical. God's strength gathered as quickly as it had left him. He stood and watched as the brain of his creation worked overdrive; most likely the flaw of turning from dust to thirty-year-old life in a minute. Not quite thirty, God was unsure precisely, and that worried him. With all current life, they were simple and easy to predict; this creature's mind surpassed all previous. The brain set up a smoke screen purely by innate nature. This was one of the things that had evolved, and would evolve further, until the mind expanded further. Understanding of something always leads to manipulation of said something, this animal, this beast, this being, would someday be mighty. It would see the world around it, yet its conscience would expand and grow beyond merely manipulating the organisms designed for itself. It would add surroundings and nearby life to its body, but not physically; it would simply control things outside its body as it were a part of itself.

Then there was the name. He'd said 'huh' just before completing the creature, then God's lips had pressed and opened with a 'mah!'. Huma... No, something was off, odd; missing. Another letter. The animal stuttered its first letter - 'n'. Human. This was a human, to evolve from apes would dawn the human; the creature that would form the bane of God. If sense had reigned in God's mind right then, then the human would have been disintegrated. Apes would be annihilated and all threats nullified. God would have watched peacefully from afar as his glorious works warred and won. But sense did not reign, novelty wore thick on God's smile and head, this creature was to be left alone. Perhaps for years, after all, it was very close to its next stage of evolution. God took from it a rib without explaining, and with a base to work with, created a suitable mate with ease.

Then God smiled, and elevated; resting in his throne among the skies. He would watch, learn & adore his equals. He would see his planet resolve itself. He would see the beasts grow and create hierarchies on their own. At least he thought he would.