Part 1 - Eden:

Chapter 3 - Flaming Sword:

Camael lit his blades with a small thought, and spun both of them in a show for Eve to marvel at. Yet she didn't marvel; she laughed.

"Do you think I fear you?" She asked as though the Archangel were a fool, "The serpent chose me over all of you and your kin. I am better than you, no matter how many weapons you wield."

"Leave here now," Camael told her calmly, "Or I shall kill you."

Eve's smile curled into a smirk, "Do your worst."

So he slashed. She was so stunned at her open ribcage, she barely felt the pain. Camael took his chance and lunged into her, pushing his left sword straight through her womb and his right sword sliced her left arm clean off. He stepped back and kept his face emotionless as Eve staggered. Pain flared through her, but she quickly healed her wounds and her womb was sealed. She picked up her fallen arm and it fused back to her shoulder.

"You're going to need more than that," she shot him a smile, "The tree told me the secrets of the garden, that Eden heals, I'm not leaving here."

"I'm afraid you are," a new voice said deeply. Ariel stepped out from the shadows and Eve visibly shook at the sight of him.

"No," she told him, but it was fragile, "Adam! Get here now!"

Adam hurried towards them and found Ariel to be a threat. Adam heaved a stone blade he'd been making and glared at Ariel, "Leave my wife alone!"

Ariel sighed and stretched his jaw, contorting his head as he did so. His body began to convulse and grew fur as joints inverted and clothes tore. A majestic lion easily as large as any other beast on the Earth stood in his place. A mighty roar sent Eve scrambling, but Adam charged at Ariel and swung his sword down on his mane. The stone shattered and Ariel's paw threw Adam away. The two humans were seemingly being cornered by Ariel, getting ever closer to a border Sariel had formed. When Adam and Eve were inches away from leaving Eden when a snake lunged at Ariel.

Demamah had grown to be a size matching Ariel's lion form, and the two beasts tumbled through threw the barrier. The two of them convulsed uncontrollably as they flew past the boundary, and upon landing on the other side were in human or angelic forms. Demamah wiped blood from his mouth as Ariel stood, his clothes still shredded in Eden. Demamah then jumped at the Archangel and brought him to the ground, but Ariel's wings spread and propelled the two of them into the air.

"They were going to get me closer to God," Demamah snarled, hovering still in front of Ariel by his own magic, "And so he made you to stop me?"

"Not just me," Ariel told him in a deep monotone, "But two more angels are below us and driving the humans from Eden. Camael and Sariel are only a couple of fourteen Archangels including myself; and us Archangels are but one of nine spheres of Heaven. There are easily millions in Heaven protecting God while he rests."

"God is resting, eh?" Demamah raised an eyebrow, before sighing, "He can have a full year's rest and I can have a year of my own to gather my own army. These humans have already been driven from Eden, so this fight would be a pointless endeavour. Good luck protecting your creator, but remember this; wouldn't it be better to control yourself?"

With that, Demamah exploded into a haze of purple light, and Ariel was left floating there.

A few moments ago, Sariel danced around Eve with his sword, herding her away from the garden. Camael was slicing Adam to pieces and causing pain instead, Adam realised he wouldn't stand a chance against the angel, so he fled. Eve, however, was more resistant. She caught Sariel off guard with a punch straight to his temple. As Sariel collapsed, she glimpsed Raziel watching her from behind Camael. Wait; Camael. The hilt of his sword hit her chest and she stumbled into the boundary. Camael quickly spun his sword around, and the blazing blade skewered Eve through the barrier. He pulled his sword back, but Eve was pulled into an invisible wall when her body followed. Camael turned and helped Sariel to his feet, nodded to Raziel, and the three of them ascended into Heaven.

They regrouped in Heaven where Ariel had changed into a new set of robes. He pulled the three angels aside and spoke with them.

"Demamah told me something," Ariel whispered, "And you may find it interesting."