Keane Valmai Visits Isabella



The First Isabella Story

Slowly with shaking knees and a pounding heart Isabella Waterflower Bell, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth Waterflower bell approached her pink and white vanity. For several weeks rumors of had been spoken upon the breath of the wind of the ghost of a witch that appears before one if summoned during the witching hour.

Now Isabella was a very down to earth girl. Her thoughts where governed by logic and reason. And in her well schooled mind there was simply no room for ghost and demons. And to prove it to herself, because part of her wanted to believe in such things; she would try to summon this witch at the height of her power. The witching hour.

Now the items needed to summon this witch were simple enough to find. All one needed was a candle and a clear reflecting surface. A mirror was often used. A good mirror free of bubbles and scratches. Isabella had such a mirror and that was the mirror of her vanity. One her father had bought for her on her tenth birthday.

"Bloody hell, mom always warned me about such things. But its nothing is it, I mean it's a game. That's right a game. One that's been played by school children since the dawn of time possibly."

She whispered under her breath. She peered into the polished surface of the mirror and was greeted by the smiling face of a young women around her age, she had shoulder length flaming red hair and her eyes where a light Sapphire pink color. The face of the women belonged to her after all.

"Your nothing but a lie, those old yellow tomes on supernatural events are nothing more than fairy tales." She whispered once more under her breath.

"Now lets start."

She said sitting down upon the seat of the matching white and pink wooden chair that had come with the vanity. Slowly she smoothed out the waves that had formed in the soft cotton fabric. A women no matter her age was like a knight strapping on his armor before a fight when she was smoothing out her clothing.

Slowly she closed her eyes and quickly she brought to mind the words, if one was to believe the rumors; one needed to whisper into a mirror to summon her.

"Bloody Mary!" Whispered Isabella. A sudden wave of goose bumps cropped up upon her forearms and the small hairs upon the back of her neck started to stand on edge. "Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!" She cried out quickly as if she was spitting out the words. The spell was now completed and now all she had to was wait and see if rumor would turn into fact or if it was simply just that, a rumor.

Slowly the seconds turned to minutes and as the minutes seemed to drag along nothing appeared. A small crooked smile crossed her lips. That's right how silly had she been staying up all hours of the night to risk a chance meeting with a creature from folklore.

Suddenly a voice hissed at her from the shadows. "Hello ducky, sorry for the wait, but Mary dear is not about. She's in the powder room doing her hair and nails, you know lass; the things all girls do before a big date."

And a set of yellow and orange eyes appeared upon the surface of the vanity mirror. Soon the outline of a face took shape. His face could be called pleasing, with his high cheekbones and sharp pointy nose, like those of some nobles she had seen in her school text books.

And then came the faint outline of his hair, wich was a midnight black and cascaded down the side of his face in straight lines.

All of the color seemed to drain from Isabella's face and a look of shock was starting to appear.

"Now now little sheila, don't look all shocked or nothin'. You are the one who called ol' Mary dear after all. Though calling a women old is never a wise thing to do. They tend to get a wee bit miffed with ya. But you really don't look like the sort of lass who would say that now would ya?" his voice sounding a bit sultry now.

"Bloody fucking hell!" Isabella whispered softly under her breath as she jumped up from her seat and ran toward a nearby corner of her bedroom. And then in a act born of desperation she reached over and took hold of her wooden practice sword that happend to be resting in a nearby stand.

"Actually hell isn't all that much about blood. Its all fire and brimstone and eternal damnation yadda yadda yadda with those guys. It gets old real quick let me tell ya. Now as for the whole fucking things..." his voice trailed off, seemingly lost in thought for a moment.

"But really luv, you shouldn't swear. Swearing is for barmaids and fishwives." As he spoke, a mouth was starting to appear and soon row upon row of sharp sharklike teeth were grinning back at her. Their pearly whiteness shimmering in the gloom.

"Who the heck are you.." She said leveling the sword in front of her as she shifted into her stance.

"Now that would be telling wouldn't it?" he said in a sing song voice. Isabella frowned at him. After about a minute of silence, only disturbed by the chirping of crickets he let out a deep sigh. "Oh fine.. you humans are all the same. If you must call me anything, then call me Keane."

She took a deep breath and locked eyes with him. Her sapphire pink eyes peering within his deep orange and red eyes. Eyes that reminded her of the bonfires of Obon eve. Fires that spoke of the underworld. But she didn't waver.

"You have spirit girl, I like that in a lass." Said Keane his hands now appearing in the mirror. And then something happen that made her blood run cold. Keane's whole head simply pushed through her mirror.

Like a fish breaking through the surface of a pond. His body followed suit. Slithering through the glass. Which rippled like water. And what a body it was. Lean and slim but well defined. One that showed little or no fat only pure rock hard muscle. And then his lower body his legs and his thighs like his upper body all seemed hard and well built like they had been the product of a skilled molder.

He slithered off her vanity and onto the floor like some insane human version of a caterpillar. Then stood up and stretched and flexed his muscles. Cracking his spine with an audible pop that made her wince.

"Ya like what ya see luv?" he said while glancing at her. "Good thing I ain't shy or nothin'. I'd say take a picture but well it comes up looking like a blurry mass of shadows anyway. And before ya ask, no I ain't no vampire. It's a demon thing, alright." He said stretching out his arms. These too where well toned and hard like the arms of a seasoned swordsman.

Isabella's cheeks flooded once more with color, a deep bright crimson red could be seen coloring both sides of her face. Her breathing increased a fold along with the beating of her heart. So great was the beating that thinking became next to impossible.

"You have no shame.." She said gripping her arms around the wooden hilt of her sword.

She blew a stream of hot air from her nose and held her ground. Well this was a fine kettle of fish, here she was backed into a corner dressed only in nightgown with only a sanded piece of bamboo to use to aid in her defense.

"Well DUH! I'm a deamon. I can't even spell the word shame. But I think you're the shameless one here. Even ghost that haunt mirrors need some down time. And only a brat would dare interfere with a girl getting ready for a big night out. Oh yes, you do need to learn. So lets stop with the chitty chat and get on with the show." Keane said toward Isabella. There was a sudden shift in his tone of voice. In the toss of a coin his voice had gone from jester to scolder.

Isabella tightend her grip upon the handle of her sword. She took a deep breath to calm her thumping heart. Then, slowly she lowered her sword. It seemed the battle was lost before it could even start.

"Now.. Where were we." As he spoke, tendrils of shadow seemed to slither and crawl over his body. Solidifying into clothing to cover his naked frame. His pants where of a strange cut and seemed to be made up of dozens of leather belts and straps. The appearance of copper plated buckles only brought this idea to completion. And slowly upon his cream color hands, spiked leather gloves started to appear.

The pants where joined by a shirt that, like the pants seemed to be formed from black strips of leather, golden buckles too appeared at random at the end of these straps.

A collar crafted from the same shady leather the shirt and the pants seemed to be sewn from was now around his neck. Silver spikes set at even spaces dotted the collar. A long dark gray trenchcoat that trailed the ground completed the upper part of the outfit.

"Well little bunny, drink it all in. It's not ever day a well dressed demon appears in your bedroom." he actually did a little twirl. Showing off. As he did so his orange and yellow eyes searched around the room. Coming to rest upon a wooden brush.

Isabella blinked and took a deep breath as she noticed Keane eyes traveling toward the brush. She knew all too well that a hairbrush severed on of two purposes the first one was to brush the hair . The other one was to set right a young lady heading down the wrong path or who was acting her shoe size and not her age.

"Go! Go away, your not welcome here!" Cried Isabella a light sniffle escaping her nose and a hissing sound escaping her mouth. She bared her teeth toward Keane in the manner that brought to mind a angry animal.

"Oh nice snarl. But mine's better." Keane mocked. Flashing her a grin that would make a shark blush with feelings of inadequacy. " It seems one little girl needs to learn her lesson." Said Keane taking hold of the brush's handle. He closed his eyes and softy whispered a few mystic sounding words. As the tone of the whisper grew so did the color and appearance of the brush change.

The once sandy colored wooded shifted into a more darkend red color and slowly the deep red became black Not a normal black but a deep dark black. A black brought to mind only the evils of the word. It was like he was adding a little of his demonic power to the brush, fusing it one would say.

"There we go," He said slowly opening his eyes and zooming in on the brush. "A perfect tool for a perfect little brat." He said stepping toward Isabella. A wide grin spread slowly across his face. Phase one was now completed now it was time for phase two.

Isabella took a deep breath, she knew she was outclassed by this strange demon and the power he held at his command. Slowly she sat her wooden sword down upon her bed and started toward him. Anybody with half a brain could put two and two together and get four. And his objective had become quite clear by the changing of the brush.

"So you have called the tune and now I must dance to it ay? Fine whatever, just don't hurt my family or my little sister.." She said slowly stepping toward him. "There not the ones how called you. They have no idea about my little stunt and that's the way I want to keep it." She said trying to summon a ounce of courage in her voice.

"Fear not little bit, I have no interest in ol' mum and dad or your little sis, no the only thing I want to do is to teach a little girl why she should not play around with forces beyond her grasp." He said pulling out the wooden chair from under the vanity.

Quickly he sat down upon the soft cotton seat of the chair. Once his bottom was seated in the seat of the chair he reached up and took hold of Isabella wrist with a gloved hand.

"Wait!" Cried Isabella her eyes becoming as wide as a deer's caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. A sudden chill ran down her spine. A bone chilling coldness started to settle upon the place where the glove hand rested.

"Sorry little lady. The time for waiting is over." He said pulling her across his knees. Pinning her down with one hand and quickly flipping her skirt with the other was a time tested and seasoned art form for him. And soon her panties found there way down as well exposing her young round cheeks to the chilly October air.

"Now lets light some fire in those bottom cheeks of yours shall we." He said smacking her bottom with the polished surface of the black hairbrush. A sudden and powerful wave of sting flooded over her like a wave. The wave crashed into her bottom and caused both cheek to bounce as if they where a ball under the palm of a child.

Isabella was speechless, the first smack was always the hardest to dealwith. Like a cold bath. But for this kind of bath a cold bath would be a welcome blessing once this one was finished.

And then in the blink of a eye he fell into a steady rhythm, left cheek, center cheek and then finally the right cheek. Each once was graced with a sharp stinging swat from the backside of the brush. Each swat sent another stinging wave, followed by a light burning feeling through her bottom.

And slowly as the seconds melted into minutes the deep burning feeling seemed to roll from one corner of her bottom to the other like the waves of the ocean. At the two minute mark Isabella seemed to be sending out a Morse Code message using her soft whimpers and snuffing in place of dots and dash's.

Keane could only smile at this, it seemed the little brat was really starting to learn her lesson. Mind you that her little show would not have the slightest effect upon him or would do anything to ease the lesson. Oh no far from it. If anything her show only proved to him that his chosen method was working.

"It seems you are starting to fell the burn that comes with breaking the rules." Smirked Keane as he stroked her bottom with the flat surface of the brush. Pushing the quickly forming color a even deeper shade.

Over and over and the brush fell down upon her bottom, bringing with it fresh wave of sting. The sting sunk into her bottom like the dry ground drinks in the sweet rain water of spring. And just as the ground springs forth herbs and fruit so did her bottom spring forth a deep rosy red color.

Isabella could feel it, she could feel the last of her reserve strength melting away as the brush plowed into her bottom and turned it into a deep rosy red color, much like the blade of a farmers plow digs into the fields and upturns the good brown earth.

"Please.. Stop it.." Isabella knew better than to talk her way out of a spanking and had this been her mother or father she would have not even dared to mutter those words but as fate would have had it Keane was not her mother or her father.

Keane raised a eyebrow.

"Stop? Now why in the world would i want to do that? You still seem to have plenty of fight left in you if you have the courage to ask for it to come to a end. Afraid this aint's that type of spanking." He said only pausing in mid stroke.

"…." Her command of the English tongue failed her. Pushing past the hot as fire feeling in her cheeks she slowly opened her mouth and once more bared her teeth. Quickly before thought or chance would break her away from her chosen course of action she brought her teeth down hard upon his knee.

Her sudden biting attack only earned her a sharp roll of the eyes from Keane.

"ohho you ARE a fiesty one aren't ya?" he chuckled. " It seems you need more than just the brush my dear. Has your mother never taught you any manners." He said setting the brush down on the floor. He took a deep breath and held out his hand in a manner that suggest he was holding something.

Puzzled by the sudden lack of smacking she released her teeth from their hold. Leather did not taste all that great anyway. A faint air of hope entered her lungs maybe it was finally over. Yes it had to be over there no possible way he could lay another round on her was it.

"I have soemthing special for you little firecracker. Three of the best with my very own shadow paddle." He said reaching toward a darkend corner of her room. Slowly the shadow left the corner and like a snake wrapped itself into a ball in the palm of his open hand. Slowly the wrapped shadow took shape and like clay being formed by a potter the shadow bending into the shape of a paddle of pure darkness.

"…" Isabella was speechless. She wanted to say she was dreaming but the burn and sting in her backside told her otherwise.

"Here comes the first one!" Keane grinned, bringing the paddle down with a loud crack. The surface of the paddle crashed into her backside. A wave of sting seemed to roll from the paddle surface into her bottom following the sting can a burn that could only be compared to a very bad sunburn.

Isabella was forced to bite down upon her lip. Only a deep whimper escaped the tight seal. The sheer force of the sting even forced a single tear from her long dried up well.

"Okay brace yourself my dear." Whispered Keane in a very low tone of voice. And then the second stroke fell in the blink of a eye. Once more a wave of sting rolled into her bottom.

Isabella took a deep breath, slowly she eased the pressure of her front teeth sinking down upon her lip. She hung her head low and prayed for it to be over.

"And here we go lassy, the third and final one." He said smacking her bottom once more, this time pouring his full strength into the smack. The final smack turned out to be worst of the lot. And by the worst of the lot it was the worst. The waves of sting felt like bolts of thunder running from the cool surface.

And then it was over Isabella felt the last ounce of strength leave her body. A sudden feeling of being lifted came over her and she was carried toward her bed. Slowly she felt a warmth come over her as the thick blankets of her bed where placed over her shivering frame.

The morning sun shown brightly through the glass panes of her bedroom window. Slowly Isabella shifted around in her nice warm bed. Quickly she throw the covers off her bed and jumped onto the cold wooden floor. She took a deep breath of the morning air and started toward her vanity.

Her morning ritual of brushing out her hair was about to start when a sudden charge stopped her dead in her tracks. There sitting upon her vanity sat a pitch black hairbrush. Slowly as she reached her hand out for the brush then yanked it back as she felt a strange wave of... evil. Like something bit her hand.

The demonic smiling face with orange and yellow eyes appeared in her minds eye with row upon row of pearly white teeth formed in the wide smiling mouth. Slowly the demonic smile faded away leaving on a lasting chill in clinging to her.

Slowly she picked up the brush and placed it in the top drawer of vanity. She would keep it there as a reminder of what happens if one plays around with the forces of darkness.