Spanked by a Ghost



A sequel to 'Oshima's Ghost Train'

*Angle: Local slang for a Five Hundred (500) yen coin.

* The City of Oshima is divided into Four Districts, Nova Sakura being one of them. Old Sakura once was a village within its own right a bolt of lighting started a small fire that quickly spread through out the village burning many of the buildings.

* Copper: Local slang for a fifty (50) yen coin.

*The once grand villa's that lined the cobblestone paved streets of old Sakura are now nothing more than skeletons of there former self's the blacken timbers stand out like bones from a blanket of coal black ash. When the wind blows through these old building it makes a haunting sound. A sound that some say sound like rushing feet upon cobblestone laced with the screams of the dying and cries of ones searching for there love ones.

When darkness falls and the pale silver moonlight baths the ruins of the old district some say that the spirits of those that dyed during the fire come forth from there unmarked graves and wonder the charred ruins still searching for items and maybe even loves ones they lost that day of the blaze.*

The air was scented with the smell of carnival food. Groups of children walked around the cobblestone paved plaza we girls wore colorful yukata's a lighter version of the more heavy Kimono the boys wore light brown trousers and white button up shirts. Some had added a tie and a blazer to there outfits.

The ventures booths formed a maze like pattern of narrow passageways. The passageways where filled with the shouting of ventures as they called out to us. Each one of them trying to lure you to purchases a cheap gift or stuffed animal some even tried to poke you into trying your luck at a game that even the most skilled person would have trouble at.

I shifted my eyes toward one booth. A young girl around the age of nine was trying her luck at a game where one tossed several egg sized baseballs at varies hole's in a card board cut out. To the side of each hole there was a number the largest being worth one point the smallest being worth five points. It seemed one would pay the venture a angle* and then they will be given around ten balls. Once they used up there ten balls there points will be added and they could exchange there points for varies prizes. By the looks of the prizes I think one could have brought something just as good if not better from the local 100 yen shop.

I reached my hands down into my purse and felt around, soon my figures crossed the cool smooth surface of metal. I scooped the coins up in my hand and mentally I started to count them by shape and weight. After a few seconds I came to the conclusion that I must have at least two thousand five yen in coins in my purse a good bit of coins I must say.

"Oh so sorry my dear better luck next time." Called the booth vender to the little girl. The little girl hung her head down in shame and slowly she started to walk away from the booth.

The booth vender gently started to rub the back of his neck. He shifted his eyes around maybe looking to see if anybody else was looking his way. Once he decided the coast was clear he called out to the little girl.

"Hey kid, say you want that stuffed Panda bear.." He said with a sly grin across his face.

The little girl turned around and slowly nodded a yes toward him

The man once more shifted his eyes around and slowly made his way toward the prize rake. He reached up and took down the stuffed black and white panda bear and placed it down upon the counter of the table.

"You see ladies and gentleman! Even a young girl can win herself a nice prize at my booth. Come on all you strong young men, come on all you lover boys win you're self a prize or a prize for you sweet heart its only a angle a play." He called out to the crowds.

A sudden look of glee came across the little girls face as she rushed toward the counter top and wrapped her thin little arms around the stuffed bear. She whispered a soft thank you to the man.

The man turned around and gave the little girl a good natured wink and shooing jester with his hands.

The little girl joyfully nodded and quite quickly she vanished into the crowds of people.

A small smile came across my face upon witnessing this, it was a rare glimpses of the human side of these wayward people, show folks where a strange collection of people, they spoke different tongues and they belonged to no one nation or state.

Soon it became clear the showman's true aim the gift to the little girl was only a ploy to lure the crowds in soon a long line of young teenage boys eager to win a prize for there sweet heart had formed up behind the wooden counter. From where I was standing I could catch the outline of a forming pile of coins. The something else count my eye standing behind the man was another little girl.

The girl had shoulder length raven black hair, her skin was almost white, white like cake flour there was a soft light glow about her. Her eyes where red, red like ruby's and they sparkled like diamonds, I found the sparkling the most unsettling since the little girl was standing in the shadows and the only real source of light was the old rusty oil lantern that hung from the center beam of the tent. The lantern only gave enough light for the both owner to keep a eye on the money box and for the costumers to see the wall and the point holes. And not enough light for ones eyes to sparkle.

"Come play with me, you can see me, and I can see you. Please won't you come and play with me." Said the little girl toward me. Though her lips did not move I could hear her voice inside my head. I blinked and stepped back a little.

The little girl gave me a crooked smile and slowly she lifted her arm toward me, her hands where wrapped up in little fist. Slowly she unfolded her balled up fist and drew her figures together. She then make a come with me jester. "Come play with me, I have not played since the fire, since mommy left me there in the house." She said again. A look of sadness crossed her face.

My eye brow shot up, fire was that a clue maybe?

"What fire? What year is this?" I said softy under my breath. It seemed I was the only one how could see the little girl and if that was the case I did not want people giving me strange looks for talking to the air.

"I don't know the year, and why does that matter you can see me and I can see you." She said folding her arms across her chest.

I stepped back a few more steps upon noticing her style of her dress it was well outdated by at hundred years or more. I eyed her formed into two narrow slits a powerful beam of energy seem to flood from around them.

"You can see me well enough." Came her voice from within side my head again the voice had changed both in tone and pitch it was more sinister more demonic. A tone of voice that made it seem like my feet had become like the roots of a tree and had planted themselves into the cobblestone.

"How in the hell are you." I whispered again.

"Follow me and lets play." She said leaning backwards and then in the blink of a eye and a twinkle of the noise she had vanished into the darkness. Though at that very second a soft giggling sound ringed within my ears and I felt goose bumps starting to form upon the skin of arms and legs.

"Follow me, if you not chicken." Came the voice again. Once more the tone and pitch of the voice had changed it was more of a low playful teasing voice ringed with a demonic edge. A voice that made the goose bumps shoot up like the grass after a sudden summer shower. The mental image of two eyes both red like rubies and sparking light diamond's came to my mind. Then it hit me a sudden coldness feel upon my chest, it felt like a solid block of ice had been placed there. My heart felt encompassed in a bone chilling chill.

Without thinking my legs started to move forward, quite swiftly I moved through the bright often blinding lights that spilled from the wooden boxes of the vender booths. My pace only quicken once the lights have way to solid darkness. Solider darkness it was, till a sudden flash of light appeared some distanced from me, The light was round, the only shape I could compare it too was a soccer ball.

The bright ball of light started to bounce up and down in the darkness. My eyes followed the bouncing movement of the ball till it seemed I found myself in a trance like state. My feet seemed to move upon there own down the unpaved hard brown dirt packed road. That linked Nova Sakura with Old Sakura.

When I finally snapped out of my trance I found myself surrounded by the ruins. The street that stood before me covered in thick vines that seem to lace themselves around the still standing lantern poles. Blacken brick walls that once formed the square outlines of each plot of land the old villa's once stood where crumbling in places.

The bright rays of pale silver moonlight danced upon ponds of shattered glass that covered some patches of ground. Orange rusted iron rods that once formed iron fences stood at odd angles as they propped from the ground.

A low whistling wind blew through the old rotten tempers that still stood. The wind made a loud hissing sound like a snake as it blew through and over the ruins. I shifted my eyes around wondering what force or act of nature had made me walk the three or four miles. To compound my wondering I did not really remember walking the three or four miles.

"Come play with me, play with ," Said a voice from somewhere behind me.

"How are you." I cried in the direction of the voice.

"I'm lonely and looking for somebody to play with." Answered the voice.

"How long have you been lonely." I slowly said.

"Long enough." Came the voice again.

Then slowly before me appeared the outline of a little girl. Once she fully appeared in front of a sudden chill ran down my back. This was the same girl that appeared to me back in Obon Festival. But she had changed her grin was more demonic.

"Follow me if you will.." She said as she floated backwards. She floated toward the remains of a old cottage. Then she stopped and hovered above something.

For reasons still unknown for me today I followed her. Slowly I made my way over the piles of ash and brick and old slate. Till I found myself standing in the middle of a what appeared to a dinning room . A sea of broken chine and glass littered the area. The blacken remains of forks and knifes lay in helps all twisted from the blaze.

Then something caught my eye. At the bottom of my foot there sat a old picture frame. The frame was forged from silver or what appeared to be silver. And by a strange twist of luck the both glass and picture held within it where intacted. I reached down and picked up the picture frame by one of the edges. I looked up thinking like before the ghost girl would have vanished or by now attacked me with some weird mental attack.

"Why did you bring me here." I called toward her.

"Play, please play with me." She started floating toward me, Her grin had grown. It was more demonic like she was planning something, I could tell I had seen the same grin upon Alice and Isabella face before they pulled a prank on some unlucky person and nine times out of ten that unlucky person had been me.

"I don't think I can play with a ghost.." I said backing up a little. She was now face to face with me. She reached down and wrapped her ghostly figures around my arm.

"Oh you can play with me, you simply must become a ghost." She said forcefully pulling me forward.

There was nothing I could do or say she simply pulled me along. The place where she held me became cold like ice.

"Wood shall break and you shall fall. Foolish little girl, following a demon into the ground of there choosing. I'm sure though, I'm sure you will make you away into a Kwaiden. Oh yes I can hear it now The Kwaiden of the lost girl." Said the Ghost girl toward me.

"What the bloody fucking hell are you going on about!" I cried into toward the ghost girl. She was really starting to creep me out. I shifted my eyes around me hopping that maybe something or somebody will come and save me.

"Nobody came save you know my sweet. " She cried dragging me a little further in the ruins. Soon I was standing upon a web of lose and rotten house beams that had somehow withstood a century worth of seasons. The beams slowly cracked under my weight.

"I'm sure the fall will kill you my dear, if not you will surly break a leg or something and death will slowly but surly come too you. And then you can become my playmate."

"Sapphire that is enough!" called a voice from what appeared to be a crumbling brick wall.

Then before me appeared another ghost. I could tell my the outline of the body this one had to belong to a older female around the age of thirty or thirty five. Her hair reached down to her back and it was surrounded by a soft white light.

"I've finally found you." Said the other ghost to the ghost girl. "Its been a hundred years daughter and as I thought you have not aged a day nor have I. We must leave this earthy word and cross together over the river." She quickly added she offered a outreached hand to the ghost girl.

"But mommy.. I want to play with her she the only one that can see me." Whinnied the ghost girl.

"Where we are going Sapphire there will be many friends whom can see you, some you have not seen in very long time." Said the ghost women toward ghost girl.

"Yes mommy.. I've missed you." She said and with that they vanished.

I wasted no time in skippering from the rotten temper boards to more solid ground. Then the strangest feeling the word came over my it was the feeling of being lifted from the ground and in fact I was being lifted from the ground.

"You need to learn young that with your gift of second sight comes great respobilits. There are such things as demons and ghost in this word and in this the season of summer and in this the festival of Obon there more likely to be found wondering this earth in search of there pray." Whispered a voice in my ear.

"Hmm.." I was really lost for words now.

"You where lucky this time, in fact you have been lucky twice so far. If had not awaken that night your soul would have sucked into the ghost train and you will standing here right now. Also you where lucky your light was strong enough for me to come and find you. Though I due own you something for helping me find my daughter." Said the voice once more. The voice had the pitch and tone of a mother whom was in the process of gently scolding her daughter for a foolish mistake.

"Hmm okay so how do you know about that." I said my tone of voice was tinted with confusion and a little worry heck here I was floating face down.

"Being a ghost has its perks you know." Came the voice again

Soon I felt the hot burning summer wind upon the seat of my panties as the helm of my yukata was lifted up. Soon the wind was upon my bottom as the snow white cotton panties where lowered. Exposing my soft vanilla ice-cream bottom.

"I think you need a little lesson in why one should not just up and follow ever earth bound spirit that happens to cross your path. While some of these are just looking for help others are out to draw you into the shadows before your time." Said the motherly tone of voice once more.

Then I felt it a sharp sudden sting rolled over my bottom like a wave rolls over the flat surface of the ocean. I could not tell where the sudden rush of sting came from but from nor did I care, there only one thing in the word that stings like that and that's the open palm of the hand.

Again and again the palm of the hand fell upon my bottom, the unseen swats quickly turned my bottom a rose pink and make my bottom checks bounce under the unseen force.

"Let this be a lesson my dear." Another wave of sting rolled over my bottom, the rose pink melted into a new rose bud red. "That you need to learn to control your gift and you need to learn self control." Once more a wave of sting rolled over my bottom.

Then it happen the mental damn that holds back are reservoir of tears cracked open and came crashing down and the tears came flooding out.

"I've think you have learned your lesson little one." Came the voice again. Within the blink of a eye I was slowly placed down upon the ground. Within another blink of a eye my panties where raised and the helm of my yukata was lowered

"Know no more changing ghost okay." Came the voice once more.

"Whom are you!" I cried out after the shock of being possibly spanked by a come started to wear off.

The voice did not responded.

I gently rubbed my bottom and started walking. I had no compass to guide me tonight only my soul and my ears. I walked toward the sounds of laughing children and of street venders calling out there goods. Of older often wiser teenagers and adults calling after young care free children. That night I danced with countless boys as we danced to the latest tunes and sons. I had a small daisy painted on my face for a copper* by a up and coming art student. Whom happen to know my sister. I won several stuffed animals and two dolls. It was a night of true magic as all Obon Festivals are, but there is one scene that sounds out in my mind. And that scene is of me being spanked by a ghost. The truth is often stranger than fiction when it comes to such maters.