My World

The world I know is tiny, only four little cities, and not even that truly.

I know the world outside mine is vast, but I've known no world but mine in my memory.

When I was a little girl though, oh my world was huge!

All the time I was a little girl, I traveled to other universes.

I was a jedi, I was a Timelord, I was a wizard, I was an elf, I was a warrior, I was a hobbit. I flew on invisible wings.

But now, those worlds are only childish memories that I've almost forgotten, but cling to.

My memories of being that little girl, that girl who'd go on such adventures, and still be so shy,

that girl who could fight endless battles, but not know what to do when she truly came to one,

that girl who had so many friends, and yet was too shy to make one.

Well, that girl grew up.

Now, I've found sisters I share no blood with, I love my life, I have no regrets, and I've had tons of fun.

But my life is still in the making.

My world, that was once so huge, well, maybe I can make it huge again.