Once a woman broke the rules of marriage (either as a spouse,

Or the one with someone else's husband, sleeping in his house,

Out of wedlock). Then religious leaders cut off her retreat.

But they dumped her at the safest place on earth: Lord Jesus' feet.

They were using her to try to catch Him out, by quoting laws

Of adultery. They had laid their plans to serve unholy cause,

By insisting that they bury her, except for neck and face,

Tossing rocks until it killed her: nothing like the Father's grace.

Jesus' knew THEIR every sin as well, and cut off what they'd planned,

When he bent down to the ground and started writing in the sand.

He said, "He who has no sin can throw the first one at her head,"

With his future cross atonement planned to save her soul instead.

Every leader (who had set that up) then put down every stone,

Since not one of them was sinless, what they held could not be thrown.

"Then I don't condemn you either," Jesus said, and cured her then,

With His influence that really works: He said, "Don't sin again."

Asking Him to reinvent us is the only way to stop.

We must always look to Jesus, thus to see the penny drop

We shall talk about ungodliness a lot on Facebook's walls,

But the love of Christ will be the only way that Satan falls.

He's the one who is responsible for marriages gone bust.

It's his interfering demons who set men aflame with lust

For eachother. Just as Satan lusted after God's control

Of creation, he will try to get a stronghold in your soul.

If you're caught up in a fleshly sin, let Jesus change your ways.

If you've seen or suffered sex misused, He'll show you better days.

He's just waiting to forgive the sins, and heal the long term wound

Of an open heart that turns to Him, so thorns can all be pruned.

For as long as wounds remain untreated, victims just crusade,

Fighting all that still reminds them of the way foul games were played

In their past. So every symptom of those lives not serving Christ

Takes its toll. His crucifixion shows how high our lives are priced.