Supernatural Investigators: Episode 1: Welcome to the Madhouse

STARRING (In order of appearance);

Elisabeth Röhm as Chloe Rodgers

Zachary Gordon as Kieran Radford

Grant Gustin as Callum Young

Elisabeth Röhm as Chloe Rodgers

Tom Lenk as Chloe's Servant

Emma Caulfield as Isla Jones

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk. July 20th, 2015. 20:30

A man with a brown waistcoat on walked down a dark alley with a briefcase. He walked down until he met a woman in a big black jacket. The two exchanged glances.

"You got it?" The woman asked, she had an impatient tone in her voice, like she had been waiting a long time for an answer

"Yeah. Right just in here," He bends down & reaches into his briefcase

The woman looked on, her eyes scanning the situation. The man picks out a box. He handed it to her


She takes the box, and studies it, "This is it? It certainly looks like the real deal,"

"It is the real thing all right. Open it," The man assured her

She raised an eyebrow, but opened it nonetheless. A black shining light poured out of the box and onto her skin. She looked in awe, "Yes. This is it,"

"Alright, you have your end of the bargain, now give me mine!" The man demanded

The woman peered up at him and sniggered, "Come now, you should know better than to threaten a Witch," She closed the box

"It is not in my intentions to start a fight, no. But I have taken down quite a number of Witches in the past, you know?," The man reminded her

The woman was not phased at all, "Ah, yes. I know your track record, but believe me, it's gonna be hard to take me down,"

"Yes, but can we get back to the deal?" The man was growing impatient

"Fine, fine, what do you want?" The woman just wanted this over & done with at this point

"Freedom. I don't want to deal with any of life's shit anymore! Can you do that?"

The woman smirked, she clearly was planning something, "Of course that's in my power. I wouldn't have this job if I couldn't!"

"You can?! Please, please let me escape life's cruel plans,"

"Of course!"

She pointed her finger at him, and it glowed with a dark glow, "Mortem!" The glow fired out & struck him in the chest

He stumbled back, "Ow! What was that?!" He was feeling an immense pain in his chest

The woman remained smirking, "Your escape from life...death,"

The man's eyes widened, realising his mistake, "No! This isn't what I meant!"

"You should know something, Never trust a Witch,"

The man screamed, and he collapsed. Dead. The woman looked down on him, "Heh, Humans, they never learn,"

With that, she walked away, with her box, leaving the corpse lying there.

[Cue theme song]

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk. July 20th, 2015. 21:00

After the event half an hour ago, the Police set up a quarantine to stop people getting in, people like Kieran Radford.

"Is this as close as I can get?"

"Yes!" The Policeman was tired of Kieran, "Look, what are you? A detective?"

Kieran was an 18-year old, brown-haired man with a knack for getting too involved. He wore a black shirt, brown trousers & a blue tie.

"Yes, actually!" He reached into his pocket, "Do you want to see my Business Card?"

"Not really-"

"Here it is!" He brought out a small piece of paper saying Supernatural Investigators: Kieran Radford

"Supernatural Investigators?"

"Yeah, that's the name of my company. It's just me right now, but I'll get more people,"

"Look, this is as far as you can get! Sorry, but the line ends here!" The Policeman was wishing that Kieran would go

"Fine, see ya!" Kieran walked away

"...Finally, he's gone! Took him long enough,"

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 20th, 2015. 21:15

Kieran took his key out, and walked in. The place wasn't too bad. It was a medium-sized apartment with a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom & an office area.

He took his shoes off, and walked into the office area.

"Caelkirk murders, July 20th 2015," He hit search. He instantly went to the Police website, "Man found dead in alley," He read out loud. He reached into his pockets & took out a notebook. "No information has been found regarding his identity, or the identity of the killer as of yet," He jot down that newfound information.

With this newfound information, he turned off the computer & set off back to the crime scene.

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk. July 20th, 2015. 21:30

The Police had all since left, leaving Kieran to scope out the surrounding area. He got down on his knees & stared at the ground.

"Findin' anything?"

Kieran almost jumped out his skin. He turned to see a 17-year old black-haired man, with a brown shirt & blue jeans.

"You are?" Kieran asked

"Callum. Callum Young," He introduced, he stuck out his hand

"I'm Kieran Radford," He accepted the handshake

"So, Kieran? You studying this case, too?" Callum asked

"Yeah, I am!" Kieran answered

"I'll tell you something about this, this ain't no human that killed him!" Callum informed

"Not human?" Kieran was confused by this, "Then what was it?!"

"...A Witch!"


United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, the Witch's House. July 20th, 2015. 21:30

The woman walked into her house & was immediately greeted by her servants.

"Welcome back, young Mistress Chloe," They sounded fearful of her very prescience, they were clearly aware of her power, "Did the mission go well?"

"Yeah, got what I wanted. The man had to die though, quite funny actually," Chloe explained

" have the box?" The servant was both curious & scared now

"Yup! Got it right here!" She pulled out the box that she got from the man

"Great job, young Mistress Chloe!"

"Heh, I try" She was clearly very confident

"At this rate you'll make a fine Witch!" The servant assured, "You might even overcome your Mother!"

"I'm not sure about that one, I'm really strong, sure. But Mother is the Witch that all Witches fear!"

"Mistress Yasmin is very powerful, yes. No-one could defeat her in a duel,"

"Yeah, that's 1243 heroes that have failed to stop her now! I've only killed 608!"

"That's still a good number, though!" The servant tried to keep her happy

"I guess. But now that we have the first Force Gem, we're almost at Goddess level! I'd just like to see heroes try!"

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk. July 20th, 2015. 21:35

"A Witch?!" Kieran was shocked, "Aren't they Human too? Just with magic?"

"Kinda. Light Witches are just Human with magic, but Dark Witches are a bit different," Callum explained

Kieran was curious now, "Different how?"

"Dark Witches start off as just Humans with magic, but overtime, all the spells, curses, potions...they start to overtake them. Those girls are transformed into unfeeling monsters that only look like girls!"

"Yikes," Kieran had no idea about all of that "...So that's what did this?"

"Yep!" Callum responded

"But how can you know that? That this was a Dark Witch?"

Callum smirked, "With this!"

Callum pulled out a yellow machine that looked like a DS with an antenna on top.

"What is that?" Kieran asked

"Supernatural Tracker. It reads traces on the bottom screen, and tells you what it is from on the top screen. And it's getting high Witch readings!"

"Wow!" Kieran was very impressed, "Where'd you get it?!"

"I made it myself!" Callum announced

"Whoa!" Kieran was very shocked by this

Callum laughed a bit, "I'm good with machines,"

Realisation suddenly struck Kieran, "Hey, I've got my own company, Supernatural Investigators, you wanna join?"

Callum smiled, "Hell yeah!"

The 2 shook hands, "Now," Kieran started, "Wanna go Witch Hunting?"

"Count me in!" Callum agreed

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 20th, 2015. 21:50

"So this is your place, then?" Callum asked as he looked around, "It's quite nice!"

"Thanks!" Kieran responded, "So, where will she strike next?"

Callum stopped, and looked up at Kieran with a smile on his face, "I get that, good job!"

Kieran laughed a bit, "You're the first one to get my references,"

Callum laughed along with him, "I have a feeling that we will get along just fine,"

Kieran laughed too, "Definitely!"


United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 20th, 2015. 21:55

Callum was on the computer, looking up Supernatural activities in Aberdeen. Kieran was sitting next to him in the other chair.

"Alright, then. Caelkirk, Scotland, Witch Sightings," He searched, "Okay, here's one!"

Kieran walked over and looked at the screen, "Reported Witch sightings on July 20th 2015,"

"Look," Callum pointed to the screen, "It gives an address!"

Kieran peered at the address, "Wait, where does she live?"

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Graveyard. July 20th, 2015. 22:05

Kieran & Callum had followed the address to the graveyard, "The graveyard?! Is this a favourite for Witches? Seems more Vampire, if you ask me,"

"It is a bit odd, yes," Callum agreed, "But we need to see her nonetheless,'

"Fine, I guess so,"

"Hey! There it is!" Callum pointed to a small house

"Nice place," Kieran complimented, " Not bad at all,"

"Let's go!"

Callum walked over to the house & knocked on the door. There was movement inside and the door opened. It was a young blonde woman wearing red high heels, a black shirt & a black skirt, she was looking out at the 2, scanning them, "Yes?"

Kieran smiled, showing his Supernatural Investigators card, "Kieran Radford of Supernatural Investigators. I'm here to ask what you know of Witches?"

The woman stared out, and sighed, "You wanna come in?"

Kieran smiled, "Thank you!" He followed her in, Callum came shortly afterwards

"So, my name's Isla Jones. I didn't catch yours,"

"Oh, Callum Young,"

"...Technological, huh?" She asked Callum

Callum seemed shocked, "How?!"

"How did I know you weren't Human?" She asked

Callum nodded

"I'm one of those Witches that get around a lot. I've met so many Technologicals that I can just tell at this point,"

"Wait, what?" Kieran was confused by this, "You're not human?"

"Didn't you wonder how he could make those machines all by himself?" Isla asked

"I just thought that he was good at DIY!" Kieran answered

"Good point. So anyway, yeah. He's a Technological, just like Humans, except, they're great with machinery. That's the gist, really,"

"Okay, then," Kieran was still a bit puzzled, "When were you going to tell me?!"

"Once everything had quietened down a bit, once we had a moment of silence," He answered

"Oh. That makes quite a bit of sense,"


There was a silence, until Isla broke it.

"Yeah, so. What did you need me for?" Isla asked

"Ah, well, we're trying to find a Witch, could you help us?"

[To Be Continued]