Supernatural Investigators: Episode 2: The Full Moon Rises

STARRING (In order of appearance);

Emma Caulfield as Isla Jones

Zachary Gordon as Kieran Radford

Grant Gustin as Callum Young

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Daniel Monroe

Amy Acker as Victoria Harvey

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Graveyard, Isla's House. July 20th, 2015. 22:10

"Yeah, so. What did you need me for?" Isla asked

"Ah, well, we're trying to find a Witch, could you help us?" Kieran answered

"A Witch?" Isla thought, "Light or Dark?"

"Dark," Callum answered, "We're looking for a Dark Witch. Know any?"

"Dark Witches? Around here in Caelkirk?" She stopped to think for a bit, "Not that I know of. Although, they might be hiding."

Kieran nodded, "Good point. That might make it tough to find her."

"True, but we can figure it out sooner or later." Callum added, "Now, what next?"

"We head back to the base." Kieran answered

"The base? You mean your apartment-"



"...You know I have no idea what you 2 are going on about, right?" Isla asked

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 20th, 2015. 22:20

Kieran put his key in the door, turned it & took it out.

"So, what're we going to do about Miss Witch then?" Callum asked

"I'm not sure." Kieran admitted, "I'll wait until something new comes up. Until then, we'll research it at the side."

"Right. Nice plan." Callum agreed, "So...what next?"

"Not sure." Kieran thought, "Let's see what comes our way."

"Alright, let's sleep on it first." Callum suggested

"Agreed!" Kieran smirked

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Dark Alleyway. July 20th, 2015. 22:45

A black haired man & a blonde haired woman walked into the alleyway laughing.

"No, no, no. I think Ringo was the best member of the Beatles!" The woman persuaded

"No, no, it was definitely Paul!" The man said back

"Paul? Was he the guy on Guitar?" The woman seemed confused

"No, I think he was on the Drums." The man added

"Oh yeah, I think he was!"

The 2 seemed a little drunk.

"Look at that!" The woman pointed up

The man looked up and saw the full moon coming up, "Oh aye, it looks like a wee little bouncy ball."

"Yeah, I just wanna pick it up and..."

The woman instantly stopped when she saw what was happening to the man. He was changing.

"Why have you stopped?" The man wondered, clearly unaware of what was happening

"It's your hands!" The woman warned, "What's happening to your hands?!"

"My hands? What about my ha..."

He looked down to see his hand hair growing, and his nails sharpening.

"What the hell?!"

"Daniel! What's happening to you?!" The woman was scared

"I...I don't know!"

He looked back down to see that it wasn't stopping at his hands. It continued, making his arms thicker & hairier. His clothes started ripping along with it!

"Oh my god! What's happening to me?!"

"I don't know!"

His shirt ripped & everything started to join in. It came to his head and his teeth sharpened!

"AAGGH!" He screamed

He fell to his knees which were getting thicker too, and his toenails sharpened too.

"Daniel?" The woman walked towards him, cautiously

He looked up at her, and his irises turned yellow & his sclera a blood red colour. His sharp teeth gave a grin. He had become a Wolf-like creature!

"Are you okay?"

He gave a howl and lunged at her! Pinning her to the ground, growling at her.

"Daniel, please!"

She begged and begged, but there was no traces of Daniel left. The monster that was once Daniel, lowered his teeth & tore her neck off!

She died. With a victorious howl, he started to chomp down on the rest.

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 21st, 2015. 08:00

Kieran and Callum were asleep, Callum was turning a lot, and Kieran was snoring.

"RING RING RING!" Went the alarm clock

Kieran rubbed his eyes and got up. He yawned and stretched.

"Ugh, that sleep was...decent, I guess." He looked over to the spare bed & saw Callum squirming "Hey, morning."

"Mmm, yeah." Callum got up and yawned, "What time is it?"

Kieran checked the alarm.

"It's 8 in the morning." Kieran answered

Callum groaned, "Gimme 10 minutes, I'll go take a shower."

Kieran yawned again, "On you go."


Callum stood up, wobbled, and walked to the bathroom. Kieran groaned.

"Another day, another chance."

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Kieran's House. July 21st, 2015. 08:10

Callum walked out the shower with his trousers on & a towel wrapped around his head.

"Haven't had a shower in a week!" Callum stretched, "You want in?"

Kieran was eating Coco Pops, he looked up at him.

"Nah, I take my showers at night."

He took a spoonful of cereal. Callum shrugged.

"You think anything happened last night?" Callum pondered

Kieran swallowed. "Maybe. I'll check once I'm done this."


Callum walked to the room to get changed. Kieran finished his cereal, put the bowl away, and opened up the laptop.

"July 20 2015 night reports." He typed

He looked at the Police reports. He looked, but saw nothing.

"Nothing? Really?!"

He checked through the reports, and eventually found something.

"Man found naked in the streets. No memory of the night? Okay, then."

Callum walked in, changed into a blue shirt & brown trousers.

"Man found naked?"

Callum looked at the screen.

"That's just weird. We went from Witches to men found naked in the streets...this'll be fun." Callum complained

"Wanna go down? See if we could pick anything up?" Kieran asked

Callum thought, "Yeah why not?"

Kieran realised something, "You want breakfast?"

"Oh, yes please!"

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Police Station. July 21st, 2015. 08:30

Kieran & Callum walked in the Station.

"Where is he?" Callum asked

"Not sure." Kieran replied


Callum looked around.

"See anything?"

"No." Kieran answered

Callum pointed, "How about that?"

Kieran looked to see that he was pointing at the reception desk.

"Oh...why didn't we notice that?"

"Not a clue." Callum answered back

The two walked over to the desk.

"Hello," Callum started, "We were wondering where Daniel Monroe is?"

The policeman raised his eyebrows, "Detectives?" He pondered

"Yup!" Kieran answered

The man sighed, "Fine, he's in Questioning Area #20."

"Thanks." Kieran thanked

The two walked down the corridor, passing rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

"Number 20, right?" Callum asked

"Yeah." Kieran confirmed

United Kingdom, Scotland, Caelkirk, Police Station, Questioning Room #20. July 21st, 2015. 08:35

A blonde Policewoman sat in the interrogation room with Daniel.

"So can you remember anything?" She asked

"No Miss, I'm sorry." He answered

"You don't have to call me Miss, my name is Victoria Harvey."

"Okay...Miss Victoria Harvey."

Victoria simply smiled, "Don't worry then, Miss will do."

"Alright, Miss..."

Suddenly realisation hit Daniel. He clutched his forehead in pain. Victoria shot forwards.

"Daniel, are you okay?!" She sounded worried

"Victoria, do you need assistance?" A policeman asked

"No. I'm okay." She answered

"I'm...I'm remembering!" Daniel was clutching his forehead

She put her hand on him in a calming manner, "Take it easy, Daniel."

He slowly put his hand down and sighed, "Right. I'm remembering."

The door to the surrounding room opened and Kieran and Callum walked in.

"Ah, listen in." Kieran reminded

Callum nodded in response.

"I was coming out of a party with Karen."

Victoria took out her notebook and started to scribble down.

"Who's Karen?" She asked

"She was my girlfriend." He answered, "Karen Cooper."

"Was?" Victoria wondered, "What happened to her?"

"...I." He fell forward, clutching his forehead in pain


Victoria lunged at him

"Daniel are you okay?!"



He slowly took his hand off. He stared up at her with a look of confusion, "I killed her."

[To Be Continued]