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The young man led me into the castle and I followed him. It was vast and I could hear our steps echoing throughout the room. I followed him to the grand stairs; it was like twin stairs standing at the center, one on the right and one on the left. He took the path through the left stairs and I followed.

"Oh yeah. I haven't introduced myself yet,"

The man said while we climbed up the stairs. He stopped and turned at me.

"It's Hue Lockwood. Nice to meet you. You are?"

I looked at him for a while and turned my face away. I crossed my arm, showing him that I won't tell. The man in front of me sighed, and he just continued climbing the stairs. And I followed him later. After we arrived at the top, a butler came towards us and gave a bow.

"Welcome home, Young Master…"

Hue waved at him and he excused himself. I tailed the butler from the corner of my eyes. The butler disappeared not long after that and I looked back to the front. Hue brought me to a room not far from the stairs. He knocked on the door and came out a young maid. She bowed showing respect.

"Young Master…"

She then opened the door wider so that we could enter. In the room, there's a bed with curtains. The bed was located at the middle with its head glued to the wall. Next to it were windows and balconies. The wardrobe stood at the opposite of the bed, stuck to the wall. Hue walked towards the bed and the maid excused herself out of the room and closed the door.

I was wondering about the person on the bed. What's with the curtains? Hue opened one side of the curtain and revealed the person on the bed. I went closer and looked at her. She was sleeping, but her skin looked bad; her skin was black and rough. It's like her skin was corroded by liquid acid or something. I covered my mouth with one hand, shocked at what I saw and that I pitied her. She looked so calm despite her skin. Her hands were the only thing that was placed on the blanket; the rest of her bodies were covered by the blanket.

"Her name is Maria, she's a villager,"

Hue said after a while. I looked at him anxiously and then, let down of my hand that was covering my mouth.

"What happened?"

I stared at him, waiting for an answer. He sighed and replied.

"We were chased away, that's what happened…"

I stunned after listening to his answer. Somehow I felt so guilty. I stared at the young lady who was unconscious, lying on the bed.

"You can heal people, right?"

Hue asked me right away and I nodded. He asked me to heal the girl until she's recovered and that he won't send me home if she's not awake. He said that all the Black magicians were chased away from Enamel to Éclair. Éclair was where I'm now. The giant gate before was built for them by the White magicians. At that time they're still considerate but the generation nowadays thought the Black magician as their enemies.

Éclair was a country at the end of the world, and beyond the border of the country laid a whole new world; world of viruses, miasmas and bad omen. It was called the Evil's Nest. The miasmas were growing bigger and it actually passed right into the border and some villagers who stayed there died and only Maria survived. The leader of Black magicians and some of their guardians made a barrier to prevent the miasma from entering the country. However, it was five years ago and they need to rebuilt it in order to protect the villagers.

Some Black Magicians ran away to Sinclair; which was located at the south of Éclair. However Sinclair was too far from their capital in Éclair so only ones with determination would emigrate and some would remain. That's all that I heard from Hue. Although he guaranteed that Sinclair was more modernized than Éclair since it's far away from the border. The miasmas from the Evil's Nest made Éclair gloomy and dark.

Hue went out of the room and left me alone. Feeling guilty, I reached out for her hand and held it firmly. I sat down beside her and gazed at her. She must had been a pretty lady if the miasma didn't attack her. I've decided to heal her, so I brought my face close to her forehead, chant a spell and then kissed it. Right after that, a circle lighted up and expanded like a water surface that was touched by a dewdrop.

Then, I stood up facing her and put both of my hands above her body and chanted a spell. Her body was glowing as it was reacting to the spell. The virus was so strong; I had to use a lot of power in order to stop it from eating her cells. After a while, I started to sweat a lot but I could see that my spell had worked. Her skin was brighter and it seemed like the virus had stopped moving.

I smiled in relief and after a moment I could feel my legs were shaking weakly. I'd started to have headache and my view suddenly gotten blurry. I tried to keep strong but I fell right after that and my magic vanished. I lied on the floor trying to catch my breath but then I started to feel sleepy and everything went dark.

I tried to open my eyes. The light shone through my eyes and I could feel that I'm moving. I opened my eyes slowly and looked forward. I'm passing a series of windows and that made me confused. Then, a voice appeared and broke my confusion.

"You're awake?"

It's Hue. And he was actually carrying me like I'm a princess. I was so close to his chest, I couldn't say anything. I only stared at him nervously, while he was staring at me, expressionless. I panicked and ordered him to put me down but he didn't.

"Just let me take you to your room. I guess you need to rest…"

"I can walk just fine!"

I protested and he suddenly stopped. He stared at me like he would kill me if I didn't stay still. I was stunned and turned my gaze down. He then continued to walk and ignored me. He actually looked very scary when he's mad…

He went inside a room and tried to put me down on a bed. I hooked his neck with my arm and tried to sit on the bed. He let me go slowly. I then slipped my arm off from his neck and suddenly our faces met. His face was so close, I got speechless. Those dark red eyes looking straight at me and I could feel his hand was still on my waist. I guessed he was stunned too when he tried to let me go.

He blinked and realized that our face was so close and he quickly pulled his whole body away from me.

"Get some rest,"

He said and left me alone in that unfamiliar room. My heart beat so fast and my cheeks burnt. I put my hands on my cheeks and exhaled to calm myself down. I've just realized that he was a handsome man himself. I was so anxious, I didn't realize it before. His strong arms, strong legs, strong gaze. His dark red eyes, raven black hair and fair skin. It made me goose bumped all over.

'The Black magicians are tainted and we won't want to be like them, right?'

Father's words suddenly appeared in my mind. Now I'm here, I could see that every one of us is the same. White or Black, we still have feelings and purpose. Maybe father was wrong. Black magicians like Hue and Maria weren't evil and tainted. They're just trying to survive, that's just all. I clenched my fist, thinking about how unfair the White magicians are; how selfish they are.

The sound of the door opened and something fell startled me. I shifted my eyes towards the door and found out two young female Black magicians on the floor. I was shocked and my eyes met theirs. They look stunned as well.

"Uh-oh, wrong room!"

One of the magicians, a brunette girl said to her friend; a black-haired young girl. Her hair was exactly like Hue's hair colour. I wonder if they're related.

Both of them stood up nervously and tapped their clothes to move out the dust. I slid off of my bed and stood in front of them.

"Wait! Don't get any closer!"

The brunette stopped me and they backed off a little.

"You're a White magician, aren't you?"

I nodded in reply. Are they scared of me?

Then, the brunette suddenly gave out a sigh and turned to her friend. Her friend that was in silent from the start started to look at me suspiciously. Her eyes were red too. Somehow she really reminded me of Hue. And at last she said something.

"You're here for Maria, right?"

I nodded again in reply. Somehow I couldn't say anything. Her eyes changed a little. It didn't look aggressive as just now. It looked, softer.

"You know, as a White magician, you don't look so bad. Lots of people said that if White magicians found us, they'll curse us."

I widened my eyes after listening to her. It's like, we, the White magicians were taboo to them and they, were taboo to us. This world is a mess.

"I think you've misunderstood me. I won't hurt you."

The young girls in front of me stared at me in silence. The atmosphere became awkward for a moment. Suddenly, the door opened and a maid came inside my room and she looked shocked after she saw the girls.

"M'lady, what are you doing in here?"

The dark-haired girl walked pass the maid, followed by the brunette, without answering her question. Then, they disappeared behind the door. The maid then bowed to me before leaving the room. I went back and sat on the bed. Thinking.

I opened my eyes slowly. It seemed like I fell asleep and the day had gotten darker. Night fell and I could feel my stomach growling for food. I sighed and stood up, walking to the door. I popped out my head by the door and looked around. There was no one and it was silent and creepy. I tiptoed out of the room and headed where my guts told me to; aimlessly.

The corridor wasn't dark, but when one of the corridor light blinked, I kind of jumped a little. After walking for a while, I found a maid that was just went out of a certain room and rushed to her side. She was startled to see me suddenly at her side.

"Urm, do you know where..."

While I was trying to ask her where Hue was, I could hear someone calling for me.

"Hey, princess!"

I turned towards the voice and there he was. Hue was walking towards us and when he got closer, the maid bowed and left us.

"I am not a princess,"

I told him.

"Whatever. Are you hungry?"

I swallowed my saliva and nodded. Hue then smiled an honest smile.


I then followed him wherever he's taking me. We then arrived in front of a door and he opened it. We entered the room and I could see a long dining table with some food on top of it. I wonder if it's for me... He then walked to a chair and I followed him.

"Here you go."

I sat on the chair and stared at the deliciously-look food in front of me. I took the fork and when I was reaching for the food, i stopped and turned to Hue.

"Aren't you gonna eat?"

I asked Hue and he shook his head.

"I've already eaten before you do. Well, I guess you didn't notice what time is it now, right?"

I stunned.

"What time is it?"

Hue sigh as a reply.

"I don't think you wanna know..."

I sheepishly smiled and turned towards the food once more.

"Well, since I'm already here. Thanks for the food!"

I ate the food until my stomach was full. It was such a delight dinner. I turned to my right side and I suddenly noticed him. He was sitting beside me and his right hand supported his chin and what surprises me was that he's sleeping. He looked so innocent. I pat his shoulder and he shrugged. His eyes open slowly and the crimson eyes gazed at me.

"Are you finished?"

I nodded multiple times and he stood up.

"Well, let's go."

Before we went out of the room, I called for him.

"Hey, do you have a sister?"

He turned to me.


"Because I met a little girl who looked a lot like you,"

He turned towards the door and said,

"It has nothing to do with you. Just focus on saving the girl,"

He was being cold again. What was he thinking. Suddenly he's kind and then suddenly he's cold. I wonder if the state of this country made him like this.

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