Explaining The Cazalound Empire Also just to be safe this story is copyrighted :D

Cazalound is a fairly mighty empire. Trade is their strongest they also have decent infantry. Manzana is the capital of the Cazalound Empire. The current king is King Flavio the Great. He is called the great as he drove the evil zikorcs from Cazalound once and for all. He allowed the good and lawful zikorcs to stay even giving land to the chiefs who were loyal. Cazalound has several castles. Uva castle is one of the larger castle. However it was a joint building. Show Cazalound's tolerance as it has both their culture and Bingonian architecture.

With the rise of the profiteer slaver society and corruption order. Refugees are sailing to Cazalound. King Flavio has placed heavy fines for any of his people publicly making racist or ignorant comments towards the refugees. I like Flavio and the Cazalound Empire. Flavio however desires rapid expansion. He recently went towards my Irongrass Kingdom. Four coastal settlements were built. Salmón, Calamar, Camarón, and Tiburón. It was mixed results from my dulkaron's and vederabards. Only time will tell if Flavio begin's expanding to other lands.

Hope you guys liked it if you want it expanded just let me know.