Entry 23: You came

Hello, what's wrong?

How did you get here?

I'll love you, if you want me too.

That's all I want.

We could have been together,

But you chose him.

We could have been so happy, you, me, the dogs...

I love you.

It was probably for the best; young love never last.

They were right.

I still think about you.

You broke my heart.

I didn't want to.


No no no come back come back.

I need help.

We gave you help, you didn't take it.

Its because of them.

No, it's because of you.

You should have known better.

You're crazy, coocoo, stupid, you should never go near anyone.

Nobody will love you.

You don't deserve it.

You hurt me.


You'll never see me again.

I'm leaving.

You shattered me.

I'm almost going to die.

I never want to see your face again.

Dont hurt me anymore.

You deserved it, everything that happened.


It left




I didn't choose him, they forced me.