Kiss of the Yuki-onna



Sequel to 'Per adue ad astra '

A broad smile shown upon Susan face as she closed the car door behind her. She quickly zoomed in her Sapphire pink eyes to the small fire red brick and black tar slated cottage. The cottage itself was almost brand new having been completed last season. From its screen end porch one could easily view the Lake Hiro with its deep cool blue water or open air man-made hot springs with its clear blue water.

"Mom its perfect." Cried Susan over her shoulder. She bounced toward her and quickly wrapped her arms around her waist. "You mean its true, they gave you a whole week off.!?" Cried Susan once more as she nuzzled into her mother chest. Mere words could not complete summon up how she felt right now.

Elizabeth blinked a little as she felt her daughter thin arms wrap around her waist. She smiled a little as she shifted her eyes downward. Slowly she lifted her hand to her daughter head and then in a loving manner she ran her figures through her chest nut brown locks.

"Yes Susie." She said choosing to use her nickname. "We have the whole week to areself." She said in a low loving tone of voice. She spoke in a gentle tone of voice. The kind of tone one uses to sooth a scared child or a frantic pet.

"Mom can we tell ghost stories too.." Said Susan lifting her face from her mother chest and peering into her eyes. Elizabeth along with being a skilled physician was also a skilled story teller how could weave a yarn powerful enough to move one to tears or laughter.

"Sure we can, have you heard of the Kaidan of the Yuki-onna." Said Asked her mother. You could tell she was getting into her story telling mood by the way her tone of voice had shifted. The tone had taken on the quality of veteran actor or performer.

"I've hear of the Yuki-onna, the second cursed women of the trinity." Said Susan releasing her grip from her mothers waist. Susan like most teenage girls in her class a working understanding of the occult. A good many of the manga in her personal collection covered such stories.

A fiendish grin graced Elizabeth face. "So you know how she creeps through the snow coved landscape till she spots her pray and how once she spotted her pray she slowly closes in on them and gives them the icy kiss of death.?" She said going into complete story mode now.

"Yes ma'am.." Said Susan feeling a sudden chill running down her back. She opened the back door car seat and pulled out her pink Hello Kitty suitcase. A sudden shadow crossed her heart as the mental picture of the phantom women formed in her head. The women had long coal back hair that glowed like a polished stone. Her kimono was a pure snow white color and her skin a flour white. A strange glow surrounded her like the glow of firefly.

Elizabeth smiled a little girlish smile. "Well in cause you did not know, a few years ago they a troop of boy scouts where camping up here in one of the cottages. Among them was on very bold and brash scout who's name has been lost to the tomes of yore. This scout was very prideful and love to take foolish wagers." She started. Being a veteran store tell her she knew the boy scout plot was a oldie but goodie.

"Oh.." Said Susan her ears perking up at the mention of scouts. It seemed every ghost story set in the woods or mountains centered upon them in some way or shape of form. This might have been one reason she never took up scouting as a hobby.

"Yes and you see Susan, there had been for some time a betting pool going around the troop on how would dare spend the night in the open for this camping trip, away from the safety of a warm tent and friends. And you see the coin count was getting quite high and well you know the old saying Foolish does as foolish wills." She said going into detail. She took a deep breath and peered toward Susan as she reached for her brown leather suitcase. She hoped she could spot a few traces of fear on her daughters face.

"Brave maiden embolden samurai all seek there prize one wish upon the shrine that will appear for those that complete the four ghost stories." Said Sue in a low tone of voice. The Foolish does as foolish will's reminded her of a chant from a child's playground game. The complete chant was Foolish does as foolish wills, brave maiden embolden samurai all seek there prize one wish one wish upon the shrine that will appear for those that complete the four ghost stories.

"Yes, but the prize this time would not be as grand as one wish, And there will be only one ghost story to complete maybe that's why the prize was a cap full of silver." Said Elizabeth picking up her suitcase and closing the door behind them.

""You see, as the legend goes the Yuki-onna while she does pray on lost travelers she very shy and so very often she will shy away from a group. But if she spotted a lost traveler along she would dive in for the attack. Or should I say float in." Said Elizabeth turning toward Susan. Slowly she shifted her eyes toward the setting sun.

"So what happen then mom.." Said Sue the story thus far had been kind of dull by now it seemed things where really getting to the point or core subject. She tried her best to hide the growing tone of fear in her voice.

"Well the scout being the foolish and brave lad he was took on the dare and when the camp master set up camp It was he who unrolled his sleeping bag under a old oak tree a few hundred yards from the main camp. He built a small fire took cook is supper upon that night and to provide a little comfort from the settling chill." She said diving deeper into the last push of the story.

"Okay go on." And like a fish hooked to a fisherman's line she was hooked.

"Well with a belly full of canned meat and beans and the dream of how he would spend his prize money he fell into a deep sleep. It was a little past midnight when he was awaken by a strange soft glow. Through his sleepy eyes he spotted a women in a snow white kimono she a soft white glow surrounded her. She smiled toward the young man before bend down to his face and once her lips were mere inches away from his she breathed her breath on him and his time on the earth came to a end." She said bringing her story to a end.

"Wow…" Said Susan a sudden mental picture of the women bending over her and breathing her icy death breath on her formed in her mind a few seconds later a crop of goose bumps pricked on her arms and the back of her neck. She took a deep breath and slowly she released it.

"You know if it happen once.. It could happen again." Her said in a warning tone of voice. A stern look came across her face as a sudden wind from the north west blew across faces. She shifted her head toward a grove of small bush's.

"Leave us along Yuki…" She whispered toward the bush's. "We're not here to bother you,"

"Mom.. Who are you talking too.." Said Susan a little puzzled by the sudden change in her mother tone of voice.

"Nobody dear.. Come along now, its too late to go to the hot spring but I'm sure we can go tomorrow… morning." She said ushering Susan toward the cabin.

Susan smiled a small smile to herself. For once in her life she did not mind sharing a bed with her mother, the cabin only had one bedroom and in that bedroom there was only one bed. And Elizabeth refused to have her daughter sleep on the coach or the floor or her sleep on the coach or the floor and using her power as her mother she forcefully suggest they share a bed.

Now it seemed like the idea was a golden one. Susan felt safe so close to her mothers body. She felt like nothing in the word could touch her. Slowly she opened her eyes and peered into the darkness a sudden overpowering thirst had driven her from her slumber.

Then upon the glass window pane of there shared bedroom something appeared. The outline of a young women mid twenties by her facial expression and her shiny of her shoulder length polished iron black hair. The women's face locked with Susan's and in her mind she could hear this words being spoken.

Such a treat, a pretty young maiden has walked into my line of sight. Come and play with Yuki. Yuki will not hurt you my dear.

Susan blinked and blinked again did the those words belong to that phantom women? Was she dreaming yes that must be it she must be dreaming. Quickly she reached down a pinched herself hopping the sudden mild pain would awaken her and soon she will find herself back in warm bed held safety by her mothers arms.

The sudden wave of mild pain rolled through her body and quickly she held her breath for ten seconds. But once the ten seconds where up the phantom vision of the women remained. Just now she was smiling the most wicked smile Susan had ever seen in her life and she once spotted the Ghost train and was possible smacked by a ghost of a mother once.

Come play with Yuki, all Yuki wants to do is show you to her house, were you can play forever and ever. Don't you want to return to those carefree childhood days? Yuki can transport you there my dear just come and join her.

Rang the phantom voice of the women once more in Susan head. She took a shallow breath. The events of the last few days had made her wish she could return to the carefree hours of her girlhood. When the homework was only a few sheets of spelling words and sheets of coloring paper with fun characters outlined on them.

Come join Yuki, she'll let you play all day upon the mountain slopes

Susan took a deep breath. Something within her told her not to listen to the women. But part of her wanted to return to those care free days. Before she could stop herself her hand was touching the brass surface of the door handle. Slowly she pushed it open and then taking a deep breath she stepped into the cool night air.

"Yuki…." Cried Susan into the darkness. A feeling of darkness and shadow seemed to wrap there figures around her heat. She had only felt this once before and that was deep within the blacken ruins of old Sakura.

Foolish does as foolish will's.

The women's glowing white face was mere inches from her own. She could feel the coldness of her skin traveling through the air and chilling her own skin. She peered toward the women eyes and her heart melted the once playful visions of childhood freedom had been replaced by the cold as death vision of her laying down upon the ground stiff as a board due to having ever bit of life sucked out of her.

"Please…don't… I don't to die.." Said Susan tearing up. For the first time in her life she was afraid. Like a Jack-dawn fool she had walked right into arms of the Yuki-onna. Begging for mercy was her own hope.

Come now my dear, we all must do are part to help each other. Beside, I know you. I've peeked in your mind and seen many things. Despite what your mother says you're the unwanted child, they never did want you now did they.. Oh no have they ever been proud of you? Its always been Isabella this and Isabella that never Susan… so allow me to take you away from this word, they will miss you when your gone.

Whispered the Yuki-onna told her, this was on the reason's she love teenage girls. One could easily pray upon there mind and to make them feel unwanted and un-needed.

"Hey what the hell do you think you are doing to my daughter!?" A shrill voice broke Susan from her trance. She turned her head toward the doorway of the door and there stood her mother. It seemed flames danced upon the polished surface of her

"Elizabeth.. How nice of you to show up…" The Yuki-onna said smiling toward her. "Is this tasty morsel your daughter, I knew there was something special about her , her eyes they match yours." Said the Yuki-onna in the tone of voice that brought to mind somebody selecting a roast for there supper.

"Yuki… this my daughter…" Said Elizabeth in a firm tone of voice. She gave the floating women a glare that could have possible melted a ice burg.

"So be it, I'll spare this one, but you do owe me one Elizabeth I am after all passing up on a rare treat." Said the Yuki-onna with a deep sign. A look of clear disappointment appeared upon the phantom women's face.

"I owe you nothing, remember It was I how saved you, I knew that one wish would come in handy one day. Never thought it would be used to save my youngest daughter how should have know better than the trust a spirit." Said Elizabeth folding her arms across her chest and shooting Sue a cold hard look.

"Well you should have, You are the daughter of a shrine maiden.. And the mystic powers of the old way still run within you body."

"Go.." Was the only word Elizabeth could mutter. She took a deep breath and folded her arms behind her head before she shifted her eyes toward her youngest daughter Susan. "Me and you are going to have a little talk once this phantom snow women leaves." She said in a very neutral tone of voice.

"Oh a little heart to heart mother and daughter talk, so touching." Teased Yuki-onna as she floated away. Before she vanished from view she peered over her shoulder and gave Susan a teasing look. "Oh and Susie, before I leave I shall do you a small favor. That boy in your class the one that tease's you suck, tease him back a little, there a red rope tied around both of your figures."

A sudden fresh from the oven brick red colored Susan face. "Hmm thank you.. I will.." She said peering toward the floorboards of the screened in porch. A small girlish grin graced her lips.

Elizabeth could only roll her eyes at this.

"Hmm mom… am I really the unwanted child.." Said Sue peering toward her mother. A hollow look now graced her face. A sheer deadness rang in her voice.

"Bloody hell.." Muttered her mother. "Dear my little Susie, please don't listen to the words of the Yuki-onna, that's how she gets her pray to well follow her. She prays on there hearts, listen Susie, you're a teenager and well your going through a strange time. Boys are changing and well so are you its all part of this thing we call growing up." Said her mother smiling toward her youngest daughter. "But still, one should never listen to strangers and that goes double for strange spirits so come along." She said holding the door open for her.

Susan did not speak a signal word but simply nodded toward her mother as she followed her lead into the living room. Her fate was sealed once she heard the cottage door close and the metallic clicking of the lock. Her mother like a judge strolled into the living room and took her seat of honor upon the only armless chair.

"Susan Waterflower Bell, you have been found guilty of the following crimes, the first one being listing to a strange phantom women. I'm sure by know you would have learned not to follow any up and coming spirit that happens to cross you path." Started Elizabeth a very scolding tone of voice.

Susan hung her head low. The hazy memories of the events in old Sakura came to her mind, Still she hung her head low and signed. She did not have the courage or to will to give a simple yes or no.

"You've awaken some four or five months ago. While I do take the blame once more for not taking you aside and telling you what it means when you awaken I shall do so now. Susan you come from a long line of Shinto shrine maids. This was before the Catholic church really came into power." Elizabeth dove head first into her lecture. She had so much to tell her and so little time.

"Okay.." Said kind of lost how in the world worked in a History Lesson with a scolding. Nobody but her mother had that kind of poetic mind.

"And this line of shrine maids where special see they could see the other lets say the other side of the coin. And comminuted with ghost and other such spirits. That's why you can see ghost and speak to them. That's why I can and why your sister can as well. And the whole Bell line." She was about to finish up the History part of the scolding and head toward the main point of things.

"But with this power comes a heavy respoinsplity." She said patting her lap with her open palm.

Susan blushed as she quickly crawled up and laid down upon her mother laps. Before another word was spoken Susan could feel the cool bedroom air upon her panty clad bottom. A sudden chill ran down her body she seemed to end up in this position a lot.

"And one of those respoinsplity is not talking to or walking into a bloody pox ridden Yuki-onna's trap." She said bringing the palm of her hand down hard upon her bottom. Another quick smack landed followed by another one and yet another each one slammed into her bottom a bowling ball slams into the pins at a bowling allay.

Susan despite herself started to tear up at the first smack. These where not the stinging smacks she was use to, know there was a force behind these and that force send a shockwave of sting through her body like none she's ever felt before.

Elizabeth felt the scolding part had passed any more scolding would simply count toward a overkill so she kept a steady rhythm of smacks coming each one sending another wave of sting through her bottom, each one burning like a small piece of ember from a bonfire each one making her wish she had never ever set eyes upon the blooming phantom women.

Susan still new to the idea of being spanked by her mother so regularly crumpled like stale bread under her mothers aged hand. It took every ounce of will power stored in her teenage boy not to scream out and kick and possible earn more licks.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and held it, biting down up her lip she delivered the last eight smacks of the spanking these landed in the dead center of her bottom.

Susan just broke into tears the last eight smacks fell upon her bottom. A low burning feeling was now starting to settle and it seemed her thin cotton panties now took on another roll of holding the heat in and not releasing it. A strange twist for something that was suppose to shield one from the incoming hand.

A few minutes passed and it seemed once Susan had cried out her tears and sorrow and yes her guilt the time for cuddling had come. What happen the events that unfolded then seem to happen in a brief span of time, in a blink of a eye it seemed Susan went from being on her mothers lap to being held by her strong arms. And then my friends sleep overcame here despite the thirst.

Authors Note: This is the second story in Elizabeth and Susan Story Arc. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you are looking forward to the third and final story Abundans cautela non nocet