Spy, Magic, and just my Sister

Last night I had a dream that we were going to go play volleyball and I asked the person in charge if we should not serve the ball that high because we don t have a lot of room for it to go up. He said yeah that s ok. There were not many people on each team but it seemed ok because the size of the really small gym and there were two volleyball games going on at once. We started to play and when I saw the ball it was like the size of a ping pong ball colored like a soccer ball. In the gym next to us all the hulk and hulk like things were playing volleyball in the next building over.

Then for some reason we had to go out, and I said we had to go out undercover so no one would recognize us. So then I discovered I was like some sort of witch with magical powers and stuff, so I switched bodies with some guy and when I did his body turned into a girl and my body turned into a boy. I started saying longer, longer, longer over and over again until my hair was really long, then when I tried to see where the bottom of my hair was with my right hand I found that it was touching the middle of my back. My hair was black like the boys originally was and I was darker skinned. I told the boy that I switched bodies with him and he could change the way he looked, and then I went off. I went home and switched into the clothes that I had, so I wouldn t be in boy clothes anymore.

I found my sister and my brother and my parents and told them that I did this for some reason. They didn t mind so we went about our day in the sun. Then I told my sister that she could braid my hair since it was long and thinner, but she didn t do anything. I kept trying to tell her she could braid my hair but she didn t want to do it because I was allowing or asking her to do it other than her begging me to do it.