Life was once a beautiful thing. I once enjoyed the everyday things that are easily overlooked. People were normal and I was another face among the crowd. Life was good, I had a loving family and lots of friends. I had decent grades in school and high expectations because of my older sibling's success. I had a bright future ahead of me, I had not even decided what I wanted to do yet. But I don't get to decide anymore. My choice has been decided for me...

I live among the shadows. There are more of us out there than people think. We sneak through the shadows during the day and own the night. We feast on those we find wandering. We are mythical and real. We are feared and adored. Come too close and you too will become one of us. We are vampires.

I was a normal student on a normal day. Walking home late at night from a study session at my friends home. But I never got to return home. I was taken down in the middle of the lonely street. The full moon shone dimly, shadows cast over everything on the street. The figure took me down and I hit my head on the cold cement with a crack. I let out a scream, a mix of pain and fear. The figure pressed a strong hand to my mouth, muffling my scream and not letting me breathe. Their other hand was holding down my arms so I could not fight back. The figure bent close to my neck and there was a searing white hot pain that flashed through me. I'd been bitten by this vampire. The vampire bit deeply into my neck and infected me with their venom.

When the vampire lifted their head, I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen. Everything went dark around me and the pain increased from the bite as the venom spread. I thought that it was the end. I wasn't going to pull though. I tried to grab onto that last strain of life when i felt another terrible blow to my head. I let out another high pitch scream that sounded inhuman and then everything began to clear. I opened my eyes and the surroundings were barely visible but I now saw my attackers face. She stood above me with a bloodied brick in her hand. Her blonde hair pulled back and my blood covered her lips and fangs. I tried to take a breath and couldn't. There was no hand on my mouth, nor a gag. Why was it that couldn't breathe? I tried and tried and began to panick. I was going to suffocate to death. But yet I felt fine.

The vampire rolled her ruby eyes at me, "Vampires don't need to breathe." Her voice sounded like venom and made the bite flash with new pain. The pain brought an devilish smile to her bloody lips. She tossed aside the brick, "Every time I speak. Pain is brought to you. You are now my assistant, so do as I say." More pain flashed by and I let out another inhuman scream.

That was my attack. I had become the vampire's assistant, unable to speak or be spoken to. I never got to go home that night and I wonder what my family thinks happened to me. Do they know where I am? Do they wonder when I will return home? Have they told the police? Do they think that I am dead?