I'm very excited to announce that Duality made it to the Top 10 in Harlequin's 2015 So You Think You Can Write contest! Voting is open NOW, and you can vote DAILY! Here's the link: (w w w.) so you think you can write . c o m (/)duality(/) I would of course appreciate any support.

Naturally, I will probably be on a posting binge during the contest period: updating stories, maybe posting some new ones, and on my other platforms I'll have novel facts and artwork and more. It's a combo of my gratefulness and trying to provide a daily reminder.

Thank you to everyone who's helped Duality get this far!

P.S. I'll keep tweaking the link/include it in my bio: FP and I struggle with this every time... If you can't see it at the moment it's on soyouthinkyoucanwrite's website, under the Top 10 announcement.