The out of balance world requires a physical embodiment of light and dark. Raised in the woods by her guardian, the only thing Mila knew about her other, darker half, Ashton, was that he wanted her powers badly enough to kill her.

That is, until they meet: nothing goes as planned, and they're inexplicably drawn to each other, in every sense. Mila is learning she won't get rid of Ashton so easily, nor is he the real enemy. She'll have to find another way to achieve harmony for the world—and it looks like the solution resides in Ashton.

"Duality" has been moved to Wattpad (where you can still read it in full, for free) for a contest entry. By the second week of October I should have an update on whether it proceeded to the second round; I'll post what I know as a new chapter.

You can find information about my Wattpad account (and some other accounts) on my profile page, but just in case: my username is Massey on Wattpad, you can also find me by searching Macy Pearson, and you can find the novel by searching for Duality or looking on my Wattpad profile page.

Thanks for your interest!