The Demoness of Aokigahara Forest


Susan Waterflower Bell

Sequel to "Joyeux Noel"

Susan took a deep breath as she peered around her, the litter upon the forest floor was the only sign of any human life. Old plastic water bottles stuffed with rotten leaves and long since turned to yellow lay hidden under rocks and old rotten tree branches. An old plastic bag, bearing the logo of a local hit and run, lay at her foot, giving off a rotten smell, and a few bones from a long discarded chicken meal a few inches away didn't help.

"Bloody Hell…" She said softly to herself, kneeing down and peering toward the bag, part of her wanted to pick it up, and toss it away once she was back in town... Although, the stomach turning smell that seemed to hover from the bag made her chance her mind the minute she was close enough to pick it up, and get a good whiff of it. Susan you see was the great granddaughter of a Shinto Shrine Maiden. And even though she was a generation removed from the more "in touch with nature" way of thinking of her forebears, the sight of the trash upon the forest floor still irked her a little and made her sigh.

"Bloody hell…" She repeated quickly shielding her mouth with her hand once she was no more than a breath away from the bag. The bag it seemed would be staying for she just did not have the stomach to pick it up. And with that being said, the lone traveller once more made her way down the weather beaten trail through the trees that she was following. But if she had been observing her surroundings a little better, she would now know she was being trailed by someone, or something.

For this something or someone had been watching her now for a good bit of time. At first glance one would think that the humanoid hourglass figure as being a beautiful, well-toned female, or possibly a goddess in human form. For not an ounce of fat could be seen upon her curving form, and her clothing of choice was one befitting a goddess. Starting from top to bottom one would first notice her hair, bright red almost the same shade of red befitting a ruby.

The second thing one would then notice is that her hair was divided evenly down the centre, with each section both left and right having been styled in even, flowing pigtails. Next came the shirt that covered her upper body, which appeared to a short sleeved t-shirt of some kind. The garment must have been tailed for fit very closely as every bending curve of her upper body could be seen bending and flowing with her movements. This tightness also serviced to give an extra boost to her well-developed chest area, not that It needed any boost to catch one's eye.

And last but not least the third and final thing one will notice that she wore pants tight midnight black pants that seemed better fit for a clubbing or concert going than stroll through the woods, and finally a nice clean pair of sneakers covered her feet guarding them from the thorns and nettles. Completely average save for the peachy, slightly pale-flesh coloured tail that seemed to swing back and forth in the manner a cats tail swing back and forth when she has a mouse or a bird firmly fixed within her sight.

"Ho, this is strange, there's something about this girl that catches my eye... Maybe I should follow her, after all she is trespassing, but then again maybe she has a reason for coming into my home away from home." She said softly to herself, her melodious voice seeming to flow with the swaying trees and leaves around her, lifting her hand up and gently rubbing her chin as ideas and thoughts of how to deal with this trespasser filled her head.

And so without speaking another word the demoness closed her eyes and melted away into the tree line. She was a huntress, a predator, and there was no greater thrill for a person of her level than to follow a would be prey and deal sweet swift justice to them once she felt the time was right and the chance presented itself.

A good fourteen or fifteen minutes passed before Susan felt the faint presence of something following her, she had been gifted since birth with the gift of seeing and feeling spirits and elements of Kami, and on those rare occasions, catching a glimpse into the word of the unknown. But there was something strange about this spirit or piece of spiritual energy. Strange in the way that she could not really put her finger upon its exact origins, though it was a toss-up between a forest spirit or a demonic one.. Though if it was demonic in nature it did not feel like the demon she once met that time in the old hospital.

"I'm not here to harm you, or to harm your forest." She said calling toward the trees. Quickly a rash of goosebumps started to form upon her arms, she had always taken this feeling as a sure fire sign that a spirit or many spirits where gathering around her. Though the only drawback to this was she did feel a bit silly afterward if it turned out to be nothing more than a cold breeze upon her skin.

The Demoness blinked and raised an eyebrow towards the girl at her proclamation. There was something very strange about this girl, something very strange indeed. For one, why would she talk to the trees and address them as if they were living breathing people? People often talked to the trees though, she had seen it before most of them where old men dressed in strange garments. These old men often walked around the forest floor chanting in a tongue long forgotten by men and long since silenced. They often swung a vessel of some kind that gave of strange coloured smoke that was heavily scented with an unknown smell.

"There is a powerful aura about her, mistress, though nothing really to be worried about. She's a simple minded girl and she poses no threat. Though she might provide a little fun for you." said a voice filled with duty and devotion from behind her. The voice belonged to a male one could easily tell.

Slowly the demoness closed her eyes and felt a little smile form upon her lips, one of happiness rather than a smirk that one would expect from a demonic entity. "Robert my dear, I'm so very thankful you have showed up just now. Because I would like you to follow me and help me deal with this little girl who's dared ventured into my land." she commanded in a soft gentle tone of voice that commanded, and expected respect, but didn't demand it outright.

Robert nodded his head and slowly drew in a deep breath as he closed his eyes and quickly snapped the heel of his shoes together and raised his hand to the tip of his eye brown in a saluting fashion. "As you command, Mistress." He said as dropped his salute and bent at the waist to bow respectfully before her.

"Good boy… Very good, very good indeed." She said with her smile growing, before once more vanishing into the shadows the trees cast upon the ground.

The many narrow rays of light that broke through the thick forest canopy formed rough rings of light upon the ground and added a sense of mysticism to the sight that greeted Susan, for there, in a clearing not too far ahead of where she felt the spirits upon her flesh, lay the remains of the shrine she was seeking.

"It's amazing." Said Susan, peering toward the broken stone walkway that snaked its way over the forest floor. The large square stones where broken in places, some being completely hidden by the dirt and thick vines that covered the forest floor. The holy Torii post too, was overgrown with thick vines, and its once fine coat of red paint was nothing more than a pale shade of pink. Countless years of rain and neglect had taken its toll upon it.

A dozen or so stone Toro lanterns, some broken into a million and one pieces, others overgrown with vines and their broad, onion like tops covered in moss, lined the walkway. The presents of these aged stone Lanterns were a sense of mysticism and decay to the whole scene. Beyond the walkway there could be seen the remains of the main structure the place, this place was the main hall of worship the place where the Kami had been enshrined.

The young women quickly drew in a deep breath and with nimble fingers reached down and quickly unzipped her midnight black backpack, reaching into it. Quickly ,she pulled out small ziplock bag, filled to the brim with homemade chocolate chip cookies. She moved the cookies into her one hand and then reached back into the bag to pull out a few other items with the other. Soon two greenish sticks of incense join the list of items.

Then, drawing in a deep breath once more to steady herself, she started down the broken path. A few seconds passed before she came to an old, weather beaten door. Slowly she eased the door open, a sudden chill running down her spine as the aged wood groaned in protest at being moved from its age old rest. Slowly though, the door gave way till the inner room where the alter and other objects where housed was revealed, and the bright rays of the evening sun pierced the thick, dusty fog of the room as fresh air flooded in.

With a beating heart, Susan stepped into the room and started toward the old alter that sat toward the very back of the room. Slowly she drew in a deep breath as she looked around her once more, checking out her surroundings. Once she felt herself safe, she unzipped the bag of cookies, and placed them upon table. Then she stuck the long incense sticks into there, properly. Once that had been done, she stepped back and reached into her pocket, fishing out a packet of matches. Quickly she struck the red and white head of the match upon the rough surface strip found at the back of the package.

And with that strike, there was a hiss, and a flaming ball of orange and red flickering flame appeared from within the thin little match stick. And so with a steady hand, she lowered the flame toward the very tip of the sick and as soon as the burning source of heat came into contact with the tip, a sweet smell of apples and mints filled the air, this smell was increased twofold once the second stick had been set alight.

Slowly she took a step back, and offered a little bow to the alter, before she once more reached into her bag and fiddled around. After a few long minutes of rummaging, she finally felt her fingers run across the cold clay surface of her pale blue ocarina. Quickly she lifted the instrument from her bag and fitted her mouth around the familiar mouthpiece. Then once her head was clear and all was silent she slowly started to blow air into its chambers and with skilled hand a seasoned fingers she started to play a melody.

Mina knew the time was right when she saw the girl enter into the shrine, there was no possible way of escaping now. So with time on her side, she decided not to waste it, and she started quickly down the broken walkway, soon standing in front of the door. But then she stopped as she caught sight of the girl, standing there in front of the old alter.

For you see dear readers a soft yellow gold ring of light now hovered above her head. And her being as a whole now seemed to be surrounded in soft glowing light. There was an almost angelic flare about her as she kept up the tempo of her melody, now almost completely lost in its haunting tempo.

"I told you there was something special about that girl, mistress. Look closely at the light floating above her head. That does mark her as one of the special ones, alright. One of the few… Though I doubt she knows about it herself... I think the only reason we can see it is because of your eyes, and in my case, the eyes you gave me." said Robert, appearing behind Mina. He smirked a little as he gently raised his arm and started to stroke his chin as if in deep thought.

"If she is what we think she is, maybe we should help her along a little." He said finally after a good thirty second pause. "I mean there could be no harm in helping her discover her true self, you do have a way with reaching souls long thought to be lost and long strayed from the straight and narrow my dear if I might be so bold as to make that statement." He said dropping his arms by his side and turning his head a little to smile adoringly at his mistress.

"Yes, I agree with you, love, though let's let her finish her little offering first." Mina said with a nod, peering into the darkness with her glowing emerald eyes, the pupils of which were slitted like a cat, enhancing her predatory feel. Her tail was now swishing back and forth much like a tail of a cat peering toward a cornered mouse that was well within her sight, and was at the limit of her preparations to pounce.

Susan signed a little as she lowered the mouth piece from the tip of her tongue. The low, haunting melody still echoed around her, keeping her company. Slowly she drew in a deep breath to ease the feeling of tension in the centre of her chest. It was over now, she had finished her offering. Now she could relax and slowly make her way toward the main trail, from there it was only a short two mile hike to the collection of cabins, camp store and small scale children's playground and pool area that formed the centre of the camp site she and her classmates where staying at.

"You play nice," Said the Demoness, appearing in the door way that connected the main hall with the outside. The sharp points of her fangs gleamed in the twilight of the day past her lips. Her peach coloured tail switched back and forth making a evil hissing sound as it divided the air as it passed through it.

Quickly Susan spun around and peered toward the slim humanoid finger that shadowed the doorway. In the dim twilight of the room she could see the sheen of her long, flaming red hair tied back in two twin pigtails. She spoke with a commanding flare about her and she held herself with the same calm, composed stance as a queen or princess would when addressing a crowed of her peers.

"There's something special about you, you are a special girl. You know that don't you?" She called out, folding her arms across her chest and peering her jade green eyes toward Susan, sizing her up. Yes, despite the massive amount of power she held within her hand, she was little or nothing when compared to the other foes she had clashed swords with in the past.

Susan took a deep breath and peered toward the woman standing in the doorway. A sudden chill ran down the spine of her back as she felt the powerful gaze of the women peering toward her and through her, as if x-raying her to the very centre of her being. A feeling of coldness spread over her... It was like somebody had taken a sharpen icicle and had thrust it into the centre of her chest.

"Now, please do tell me in your own words, why you thought it would be a good idea to wonder into my forest. Ho, you must by now know what happens to little lost souls that trespass into the den of a demon or demoness." She said, strolling foward with firm, measured steps. With each steps he took her bottom swayed back and forth in time with her tail, and the air surrounding her become darker and darker.

Quickly Susan flipped a mental coin... Heads she makes a break for it and runs like a bat out of hell… or tails, she stands and face this demoness. Slowly the invisible coin came to rest, and curse her luck, the face of her dear old grandmother could be seen engraved upon the surface silver disk. This was a clear sign that the coin was tails since the face of her father had been imprinted upon the face of her own make believe coin.

"Don't even think about it, little one." She purred as she caught the look that darkened Susan's face. She knew that look for she had seen it many of times sketched upon the faces of her countless victims, and other poor souls to have the misfortune to cross her path in her many years of haunting and stalking the forests and shadows. "Now you have a simple choice to make, you can submit to me… or you can force me to use my powers to make you submit to me." She said in the same purring tone of voice that brought to mind a happy kitty full of warm milk and seafood flavoured dry food.

"I'm not a little one!" Susan cried as she balled up her first and stomped her foot upon the ground. Susan had a streak of pride that was about a mile wide and sixteen miles long. Any sort of insult or question directed toward her courage and honour was one sure fire way to get the little teen fired up like a steam locomotive. Quickly her round sapphire pink eyes locked eyes with cat like green eyes of the woman before her.

"Yes you are, you became a little one the minute you walked into my forest." She said, smirking a little as she raised her hand and then quickly brought it down toward her, a wave of ruby red energy flowed over her extended arm, and slowly, in low measured breaths she started to whisper a charm.

Susan took a deep breath, and then she felt her eyes go wide like two saucer plates. A sudden heavy feeling took hold of her and complete and total feeling of being paralysed took hold of her whole being. A total feeling of being at the mercy of this demoness flooded over her like a crushing wave.

"Now where was I… Oh yes." The demoness said as she drew closer and closer to her. "Oh yes I remember now, it's not fitting, my dear, for a little angel like yourself to be all alone in such dark woodland." She said in a scolding tone of voice as she walked behind Susan and reached down and unbuttoned the back button of her navy blue pleated school skirt. Once the button was out of its loop the skirt was removed from her person and carefully folded along its creases.

"What are you going to do with me?" Stammered Susan as she felt the evil presence of the demoness surrounding her being. She quickly started to wiggle around as best she could, in the manner that brought to mind a dying worm set snuggly upon a fishing hook.

"Well for starters, I'm going to take your skirt and panties for my service. You can call it my fee for the service of correcting you, and setting you on the path of becoming a perfect little angel." Mina said, using that word again and this time placing heavy emphasis upon it . And with that, she reached up and quickly pulled down Susan's pink hello kitty panties.

Susan blinked and felt her eyes become wide as saucer plates as she took in the demoness' words, so was she not only at her complete and utter mercy but now she was going to have her skirt and panties taken from her as some form of twisted payment. Hell, if she required payment she could just take her wallet! That held a good two thousand yen.

"Now, we move onto the second stage of payment." She said, smirking a little as she forming a wall of energy around Susan. "I think a little angel needs to be taught a good lesson… about what happens when somebody trespasses into somebody else's property." And with that being said she drew in a deep breath and started toward the doorway that connected the outside of the hallway to the bright twilight.

Only soft whimpers and groans could be heard as Susan felt herself being tugged along, her daggling feet light kicking up the collective dust that covered the old wooden floorboards of the room. And soon, in the blink of an eye one could say, she was leaving the musty air worship hall and being forced into the bright yellow and orange skyline of twilight bathed courtyard.

"Come now my little angle we can have none of that." Mina said as she scanned the flat rolling square piece of ground, her cat green eyes soon finding what she was looking for. An old tree stump toward the very end of the yard would provide the perfect seat she would need to carry her plan into action.

Susan slowly opened her mouth to protest but she could form no words. Slowly she closed her mouth, and lowered her gaze toward the ground there seemed little in the way of charms or magic she could summon to come to her defence. Though to speak the truth she had little in the way of learning to support such defence even if she could summon such forces to her aid.

"Ho, trying to summon a charm or spell to help you?" Cooed the demoness as she peered toward Susan with cat like eyes. "Fetch me my a good willow switch my little Poli, for this young one needs a lesson in manners and a bit of schooling in being a more prim and proper young lady might be a good measure to add." She said addressing the air above her and then in a blinding flash a little pixie appeared.

There was something odd about the Pixie. For unlike the fairies in fairytales and folk stories and even popular Kwaidens this one was a strange lava red colour. A sinister air appeared around the creature as it flew toward the long draping branches of a low hanging willow tree.

Once within a arm's length of the low hanging limb the evil minded thing turned around and flashed a wide grin toward Susan as it snapped her fingers and cut the base of the switch with a powerful beam of invisible energy. And with a sinister giggle she ferried the switch over to her waiting mistress.

A long string of curse words where whispered in Susan's mind as her pale pink eyes followed the fly like movements of the fairy. And in due time the little bug delivered the requested switch into her mistress' palm. And with her task completed she turned over her shoulder and gave the young girl a once more gleeful look, sticking out her tongue and blowing a raspberry at the girl. And with that eloquent departing gesture, the fairy vanished from sight in a brief, blinding flash of white light.

Susan could only swallow hard as she looked on, a look of horror and total humiliation sketched clearly upon her face. There was no turning the clock back now, she was in for it, and somewhere deep within her mind a tiny voice was yelling its little lungs out at the foolish actions of Susan. Who, by an odd twist of fate had once more walked into the layer of a demon, a female demon this time. Kind of a nice change of pace...

"Just like that time in old Sakura…" She whispered under her breath as she mentally traveled back to the charred ruins of the once grand village.

"Now let me tell you little angel. What you did was wrong, and I'm sure you know it. I'm positive you know it. Did not your mother ever teach you it's wrong to trespass into some else's ground. I'm sure you don't go around poking in your sister's room." Mina said, bringing the switch into the air and letting it hang it there for a few minutes before she quickly brought it down upon the round rump before her.

The switch made an evil hissing sound as it sailed through the air and landed smartly upon Susan's poor round bottom. A sudden and powerful shockwave of sting rolled into the bottom from the contact and after a second or two a bright long red mark appeared, which ran the length of the cheeks that were just assaulted. And like the whipped cream squirted upon the final scoop of ice cream sundae, a cute little shrill of pain escaped Susan's lips.

The demoness smiled as her sharp pointed ears soaked in the sharp shrills of pain escaping from Susan's lips. Such lovely screams made her blood run hot with excitement, and caused a wave of shivers to flow over her body.

"And now it's time, for the grand finale..." She said, raising the switch high into the air and quickly bringing it down again, and again. Over and over again the tip of the switch came down upon Susan's poor bottom, sending waves of sting and pain rolling into her soft flesh. Minute by minute rolled by and soon the creamy bottom was being crisscrossed by long thin red lines of throbbing, burning welts.

Susan felt herself being broken down, each incoming crack that was laid upon her bottom sent a sparkle of pain to her heart. And soon she could do no more than weep and wallow in the deep mire of pain and humiliation that came with being given a semi-public switching whilst naked from the waist down. Though deep within the back of her mind she prayed that the white flag of mercy would be shown to her, and she would soon be set free.


Though Sue's prayers might have been answered if she was in the presence of a kind spirit, her feverish request might have been heard and granted, but the cold and bitter truth of the matter was she was in the presence of a demon, one born of pure evil and witchery, and not the white form of it, but the oil black side of the craft, the ones that feed the powers of voodoo and other evil learned ways of the humans to channel and call upon the powers of darkness to feed their own twisted dreams and to advance their own, darken fantasies.

Quickly the switch increased its tempo and flare as the lashes expanded their reach, and started to cross each other. Soon the little whip started making its way down her legs, claiming new tracks of virgin skin as it rolled on like a steam roller. There was only one objective of the demoness, to switch the young girl so hard she'll be bed ridden for the next few days, and on her belly at that.

And finally it happen, like somebody breaking a twig, Susan felt her spirits crack and the last vestiges of her mental strength came crashing down. The switch had broken her, and yet it kept coming. The seconds rolled on and the number of blows kept climbing, and soon her bottom was nothing more than a large collection of red stripes. A newly plowed field would be a good comparison. For each line brought to mind a newly plowed row.

"There, you're done… You're finished, little angel." Said the demoness, rolling the little girl off her lap and onto the ground before her. Then she rose to her feet. "Never let me catch you in my forest again. And well I think you still owe me once piece of clothing... I think your bra, as payment for breaking the hex I've placed upon you." She said in a commanding tone of voice, a smirk upon her lips as she broke the spell restraining Susan. Though she still kept her eyes glued to the shivering frame of the girl in front of her, just in case.

Susan drew in a deep breath and quickly reached up and removed her sailor fuku shirt… she was a broken girl and the only thing she wanted to do was follow this instructions to the letter, lest she receive more punishment. After all, that was the only possible way home, it seemed. So with that thought set firmly in her mind, she reached up and unhooked her bra, and as tears of shame rolled down her face, she handed it toward the demoness.

The demoness snatched the bra from the quivering girl's hands and smiled as she unceremoniously threw it over her shoulder where her skirt and panties laid. With that she pointed quickly toward the exit of the shrine and back to the forest. And to add a bit of weight to her pointing, she gave her a glare that would chill the blood of a battle-hardened warrior. "Go now, little one. Go and rejoin your classmates, and never again darken ye spirit by walking the paths where demon's dwell." She commanded.

Susan quickly nodded her head, and with that she once more slipped the shirt over her trembling frame, and once more she started down the broken cobblestone pave. Shaken and defeated, these where the two words best suited to conjure up how she felt taking that long walk of shame...