"This was a story I have had on my mind for a good amount of time, and I decided to say whatever and give it a try. I do acknowledge that the concept is a little creepy, and thus say that viewer discretion is advised.

Everyone desires power, regardless of the shape or form that it may take. While teenagers are known for their lack of control and irresponsibility, will the teens in our story be able to put their newfound abilities to good use, or will Evalian High School become the battleground for ultimate power and authority?

Chapter 1: Terry McKay

The senior took one long look as he stood in front of Evalian High. He was sad at the prospect of leaving at the end of the year but at the same time grateful since he wouldn't have to deal with high school stupidity or drama when he got to leave. The three building high school wouldn't be thought badly upon a first glance at it, but if you had been there for three years like Terry, you'd be pretty sick of it too. Terry never considered himself to be judgmental or biased, but when it came to the school, there were a lot of things about the school or the student body that he didn't agree with. For starters, why he had to sit through hour and a half classes, some of which had no meaning or anything really going on in them, when he could be working in another classroom or doing something productive for another class. Secondly, why said classes where hour and a half long classes when they could be shorter and more like the schedule of a junior high school student. Thirdly, why did his teacher need to give him crap about contemplating these questions in his head when "he could be more diligent and pay attention to what they were saying at the moment." Terry didn't like that teacher after that, even though the course involved computers.

Thankfully, school was now over for the day, and Terry could partake in the joy of waiting for his ride. Terry hated that he couldn't drive yet, even though it partly was due to him procrastinating on the training. Turning to head back inside the front of the building, Terry caught a quick gleam of a shiny object close to the gate leading to the courtyard in between the three school buildings. Being ADOS (Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny), Terry immediately walked over to where he thought he saw the object and looked for it. When he finally found it, he picked it up to examine it. The first thing Terry noticed about it when he picked it up was that it was a medallion of sorts. The second thing he noticed was that the medallion wasn't shiny enough to glint in the sunlight. The medallion was a flat circular metal piece, and it was attached to the adjustable leather band, making it fit for wearing as a necklace. Terry felt bad for the original owner. The medallion looked very nice with its spiral patterns. The patterns seemed to draw in his focus, so much so that Terry had to use all his willpower to merely look away. When he did, everything was dark. Terry couldn't see anything, as if shadows had covered the entire land and not a shred of light existed. Terry started to panic. How long had he stared at the medallion? Just what was this thing, and why did it have to happen to him? He was just a regular teen. He didn't want to get involved in anything. He just wanted to be normal.

"Terry McKay." A young female voice whispered creepily. "You have been chosen."

"Chosen for what?" Terry replied angrily.

"You have been chosen as the first of four to wield an Archelion Artifact. These artifacts were once used to bring peace, order, and unity to humanity. However, humanity almost destroyed itself with greed spurred on by the power of these artifacts, eventually leading to the artifacts being locked up where they could not be misused. Now, humanity is in dire need of peace and order once more, for it is once again on the brink of a global conflict."

"Why couldn't you give this power to someone else? I am no great leader. Hell, I can barely be able to keep a good record with my teachers and classmates. Why should I have this power."

"The artifact that has been bestowed upon you is known as the "Medallion of Tutek". To use it, swing and sway it in front of the desired target. They will enter a trance, and be open to your suggestions. To awaken them from the trance, snap your fingers. May this artifact aid you in the fight for peace, equality, and order."

HONK HONK! Terry looked up, startled. Everything had returned to normal. He could see, although now he was wishing he was still out of it. HOOONK!

"Terry! What are you just standing there for? Get in, we're late!" Shouted his mother from the car. Terry, not wishing to experience another round of technology restrictions from his parents, rushed quickly to get into the vehicle. As they drove away, Terry could not stop staring at the front of the school, replaying what had just happened in his mind. His mother, noticing the pale and frightened look on her son's face, quickly spoke up.

"Terry honey? Are you okay? I didn't think you would have such a bad day at school. Is something wrong?"