The Field Encampment: Act III and Epilogue



The Fourth Miscellaneous Tale

A hurricane of emotions twisted through his head as he found himself over her lap. A sudden chill ran down the spine of his back as he felt the chilly evening air upon her bare bottom. Slowly he wiggled back and forth as if tempting her into striking it. He wanted it more than ever now. He wanted to feel the sudden stinging palm of her hand upon his cold bottom cheeks. Each second that ticked by only increased the over powering feeling of want and need.

A wicked smile curved upon her lips. Slowly she placed her warm hand upon his cold bottom. Slowly she started to move her hand in a circlet motion. The wicked grin slowly melted into a more refined toothy grin. Then without warning she lifted her hand from his bottom and hosted it up high. She allowed it to hang there for a few minutes before bringing it down with a loud stinging swat.

A sudden wave flooded from the open palm of her hand into his bottom. The smack was only a taste of a salvo of smacks to come. She removed her hand from his bottom and smiled as a nice faint light pink hand print started to take shape. Soon his whole bottom will be colored a rose pink. Then she will add a little color with the brush.

A small yep escaped James mouth as he felt the sharp wave of sting roll into his bottom. Memories of his childhood came rushing back to him. He could not count the countless times he had found himself over his mother or aunties lap for some misdeed or poor grade. But along with these memories came a sense of peace and forgives. This sense was mostly due to a unwritten and unspoken rule of the house. The once your spanking was over you where forgiven and forgives is what he sought most of all.

A swelling pride filled her heart as the yep reached her ears. In the blink of a eye she brought down her hand once more sending another painful and burning wave of sting through his bottom. And soon she started in earnest. Her savage salvo of smacks rained down like embers from a burning fire upon his bottom slowly she turned his soft cream colored bottom a light red.

Soft whimpering could be heard as from his mouth as waves of sting traveled through out his body. His whimpering only grew as felt his bottom melt into a light pink color and his round bottom cheeks bounced like a bouncing ball under her firm hand.

"Do you why you are being spanked my little one." She scolded him once more in her mocking scolding tone of voice. Her hand came crashing down with he word she spoke. She could barely hold in her glee as she saw his bottom cheeks bouncing in front of her.

"Because I failed to study for my spelling test, right.." Whimpered James as the level of sting started to built up. He found himself for trying to fight back the tears that where forming on his eye lash's. It had been ages since he felt the well tested hand of a masterful spanker upon his bottom. The feeling was both painful and humiliating yet thrilling.

"Yes my little one, you failed to study." She grinned as she increased the speed of her smacks ten fold. Each second that passed by more and more painful stinging smacks would fall upon his bottom. A ever increasing wave of sting crashed upon his bottom like the waves of the ocean crash upon the sandy shoals of a beach.

"Yes ma'am I promise it would not happen again." He cried as tried to wiggle around. Hopping to movie his quickly redding bottom from her line of fire. But at last the only really real effect was to increase apply of swatting his bottom a even deeper shade of red.

The women rolled her eyes a little as felt him wiggling upon her lap. Her toothy grin melted into a demonic smile as she reached for a large wooden paddle brush. The head of the brush was a perfect square one that will send a sharp shockwave of sting through his bottom the minute its wooden surface came into contact with his rose red skin.

"Ready my little one." She said raising the brush up in the air for a few seconds it seemed to hover above his bottom waiting for its mistress command to come striking down.

James looked up and a bonfire of panic shown clearly upon surface of his eyes. He zoomed in on the brush. The bloody blooming brush. Of all the items she could have selected she had to choose that of all them. He thought to himself. Quick James shook his head back and forth hopping with a baited breath that he could keep way the stinging surface of the wooden brush. That he could keep it away be the mere act of shaking his head a sure sign that he was not ready

"Oh my poor baby. Even if your not ready here it comes." Said the women bringing the head of the wooden brush down upon his bottom sending a massive way of sting coursing through his bottom. The sudden wave of sting rolled down upon his bottom like a wave rolls across the flat surface of the sea.

A loud ear piercing scream filled the room as James felt the wooden brush come into contact with his already sore bottom. To him it felt as if a bolt of lighting had struck him and not the polished side of a paddle brush.

A few painfully slowly seconds passed before once more the women brought down the head of the wooden paddle brush. The brush made a loud smacking sound as it came into contact already sore bottom. Once more a wave of sting came crashing into his bottom like a wave crash's into the sandy shoals of a beach.

The second smack took his breath away. Using his last ounce of self control he bite down upon his lip and fought like a mad man to keep the bellowing scream inside of him. Why the bloody fuck did I ever pay for this! Mum never spanked me this hard or did Auntie Isabella. Maybe Emily but she rare did it.

"Now its time for the gracing touch's." Called the women out as she brought a stingy salvo of swats to bear upon his bottom. Like a rain from the heavens the wooden polished back side smacks his bottom over and over and over again. Each smack sending a flood of sting through his bottom each smack plowing through his tender bottom the blade of a farmers plough.

"I'm sorry…" Cried James at last. His mental dam had finally broke and a flash flood of sting was rolling toward him. As the flood of sting rolled it took with the guilt that had clung that had built up these eight long weeks. Once the flood had rolled till it could not roll anymore and was starting to withdraw. A pristine soul had now replaced the hold guilt ridden one.

The women took a deep breath as she set down the wooden brush. Slowly she lifted the sniffing youth to her shoulder and gently she folded him to her chest. "There there my little one its over, its over," She whispered softy into his ear. She could feel his chest rising and falling. She could feel long held tension in his shoulders finally giving away. Poor angle just needed a good cry. This one will be the house. I've done my duty to the empire today, there will be after all other ones. Ones much older and one with far harsher aims. I'll simply pass his cost onto them.

For the first time in eight weeks James felt at peace within himself and in her arms he found at least a peaceful nights rest.

The morning sun reveled a land covered in a light coating of cold white frost. A ringing sound of a bugle broke the peaceful sleep of the men. The shouts of offers some on horse some on foot added to the confusion and the sound of a army on the move. Without thinking James awoke from his peaceful sleep. Slowly he removed the light peach pink night gown and once more he donned his battle things. As he dressed sung softy to himself.

Men of Harlech stop your dreaming

Can't you see their spear points gleaming

See there warrior pennons streaming

To this battle field

Men of Harlech stand ye ready

Let it not ever be said ye

For this battle where unready

Irishmen do not yield

From the hills rebounding

Let the war cry sounding

Summon all, the clarion call

The might foe surrounding

Men of Harlech onto glory

This will ever be your story

Keep these stirring before ye

Irishmen do not yield

Fight for father, sister, mother

Each is bond to each as brother

And with faith in one another

We will win or die

Tho' our mother may be weeping

Tho' our sisters may be keeping

Watch for some who are now sleeping

On the battlefield

Still the trumpet's braying

Sounds on ever saying

Let each rifleman strike a foe

And never stop the slaying

Till invaders learn to fear us

And no Hun linger near us

Men of Ireland! Our God doth hear us

Never will we yield

We'll not die, be conquered never

Harlech, Harlech, lives forever

Freedoms from the greatest giver

See how Irishman shouting run down

From the mountains they do come down

Like a storm that strikes at sun down

Boil up like a flood

Irishman's strength has made her

Freedoms strong crusader

Swords of Irishman have cut deep

The heart of the Invader

The sword is met, by sword replaying

Steel on steel on strength relying

See where Erin's flag is flying

Freedoms in her body


Sixteen days later during the Battle of Verdun. James spotting a weak point in the Center powers line order his unit to attack. Through a stroke of luck the attacked work and his small band of men broke through the Center powers line. They where soon followed by other units. The battled that followed proved to be a turning point of the war and at last the door to the Rhineland had been thrown open and road to Berlin cleared. James was hailed as the Hero of Verdun and award Medaille of Honor. He was latter award the Medaille of Courage for actions performed during the battle of Isabella Woods.