Hello everyone. Here is my story, A Once In A Lifetime.

"When two souls call to each other the universe hears the whisper and the conspires to bring them together. In the world of spirit, distance is not an issue and time is not a barrier. Two souls who have found each other and hold on to the hand of the divine will see heaven and earth move to make a way for their love."

- Daniel Nelsen.

A Once In A Lifetime

© by Misty Cantrell


Macy Cartwell has always wanted to meet her idols from her favorite TV show, but what actually happens to her as she goes on this journey? What is in store for her? What surprises does she unfold?

* Chapter 1 *

Macy Cartwill was very nervous. She couldn't believe that her dream was coming true. She was actually going to step foot on the set of "Beings Unknown" and also meet the cast and crew.

Macy was picked out of the millions that had entered the video contest. The producer decided she couldn't decide on a winner, but three was tied. Because of this, the producer resolved to have a contest between the three contestants. The contestants would make something constructive-creative dealing with the show. Each contestant would stay a separate week than the other to complete their work.

It would give them each time with the stars-cast and crew to be with them. 'Which was fair,' Macy thought as she thought back to how she came to now.

Just a few hours ago, she had kissed her husband, Jason and hugged him and also their children; Isaiah and Alaina. She would miss her family, but this is some thing she well deserved. Macy did have a group picture of them on her cell phone. Anytime she started to miss them she would bring that picture to view.

Once the airplane landed in Canada, the scenery had not much changed from what she was use to. Macy noticed this as she looked around. For as she stepped off the plane, she noted that it was a lot cooler here then home, but she would get use to it. It was a good thing she packed just right for the weather here. Macy's excitement rose after being terrified for so long. After she dealt with airport security, catching a cab and telling the cab driver directions; she went back into deep thought.

Macy had questions to ask the cast, but brushed it off for these were silly fan-girl questions. Now wasn't the time to day dream. 'Okay, so if it's another video contest... Maybe I can do an interview-?' Macy thought, but sighed. Since that was done to death, so no she couldn't?! 'I'll think of something' Macy told herself in comfort. It only took a few minutes to get to set.

After looking at the enormous set she sees Jimmy Payne and Joey Axes; the two main cast members that she loved, but the one that she honestly like more was Joey. Joey's dark hair was always styled, his perfect face, hazel eyes, muscle like nose and kissable lips; made him very attractive. He stood six foot and was wearing blue-jeans, a red flannel shirt and boots. While Jimmy has much longer hair, blue eyes and longer check bones. He was also taller than Joey, but not much. Jimmy was also younger than Joey too. Jimmy was also wearing blue jeans, a solid brown long sleeved shirt and boots. Macy introduced herself as calm and steady, but her nervousness leaked through. They introduced her around the set and time flew by for Macy. Since she was use to her own time zone, which was three hours ahead of their time.

Once Macy had been introduced to everyone, she was handed a small envelope. As she opened and slide out the note, it read:

Hello Macy,

Thank you for coming. I have concluded that I want you to draw/paint something about the show (contest). You have one week to complete this. I want to apologize for not being there. Also, your expenses for here and returning home have been taken care of. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Emily. (Producer)

Macy slipped the message back into the envelope. She wasn't sure if she could draw what was expected, but she would try her best. Even though, Macy wouldn't be able to meet the producer, she asked the boys to say thank you for her and they happily agreed to pass along her request.

They also told her that Macy would stay in one of the trailers on set; while Jimmy and Joey bunked in one together. It was very hard for Macy to hear that the boys were giving up there own self trailer for a fan, this left her stunned. They also mentioned that it would be best for her not to stay by herself; for some crazy fans had broken in secretly and stay in the trailers not to long ago. So, now the place is very well watched. But to help her easement, the boys would stay.

Soon they had reached one of the trailers that they-she would be staying in. She notice Joey reaching into his pocket and retrieve a key. He then inserted it in the key hole and unlock the door and open it. Joey walked in, followed by Macy.

"Here you are" he replied.

Next, Joey threw the keys on the small eating table. He looked around and about the time he turned to leave, he bumped right into Macy.

"Oops" they both replied.

Jimmy was outside and smiled to himself, hearing what had just happened. He chuckled and thought, 'Joey was such a goof at times'.

"If you need anything let us know on these." Joey said, handing her the walkie talkie that once was on charged. He then added "Oh, be ready by 7:00 AM."

"Oh, okay. Sure will," replied Macy.

"Well, night" Joey said softly.

"Night" Macy said.

"Night Macy" Jimmy yelled tenderly inside the trailer.

"Night Jimmy" Macy called back.

By the second day, Macy was missing her family and the photo, nor the phone calls wasn't helping any. But she was still glad to be here.

"Even though, I won't be here to know who won only through email" Macy told her friend, Jilly on face chat.

"Just enjoy it!" Jilly said and asked, "When are you exactly coming back home?"

"Sunday" replied Macy gloomily.

"Oh that's just a few more days. I bet your excited to come home?!"

"Yeah." Macy said sadly.

"Why?...What's wrong?" Jilly asked.

"It's nothing."

"Oh, okay? Your very lucky to be on set to watch them, especially Joey," Jilly winked.

Macy let out a choke laugh, from where she had swallowed a sip of drink and was shocked by Jilly's previous comment. "Thanks Jill, you make it sound like I'm a stalker."

"Oh, you know what I mean."

"Yeah I do." Macy responded and the girls giggled.

"And besides bestie, you deserved this. You do!" Jilly said, assured her friend.

"I supposed" Macy said in a sighed as a single tear roll down her cheek. As she thought about the hard times her family has went through.

"Please don't cry bestie! You'll make me cry."

"I'm sorry." Macy said, quickly as she wiped the tear away.

Meanwhile, Joey had made his way to the trailer where Macy was staying at. He wanted to make sure she was alright. She had been very quiet and hoped she wasn't displeased with anything. There was something about Macy that he couldn't explain; like some how she was familiar in a way. Joey didn't see any lights on in the front, so he went towards the back to where only a screen light was shown.

"So are you going to tell him?" Jilly asked and continued with, "You know your special ability?!"

"Oh that! No I don't think so."

'What special ability?' Joey thought as he abided to listen.

"How come? You said If you-" Jilly said, and stopped.

"If he brings it up or anything related to it then I will, but I'm not going to blurt it out. You have to see it from his point of view. He'll think I'm extremely crazy if I mention the following; Hey we met before, you just don't remember, because you thought you was dreaming and it was actually something else. Talk about freaking out the poor guy. No, it's best to let it be." Macy said.

"Yeah, I can understand that and no, we don't want to do that" Jilly agreed.

'So, she's the one' Joey thought curious. "

How's the drawing coming along?" Jilly asked, changing the subject.

"It's coming" Macy replied.

All the sudden, there was a knock at Macy's door. "Well girl, there's someone knocking-I'll talk to you later" Macy said.


"Bye" Macy replied back and then shut her computer down.

She got up and answered the door and was very surprised to see who it was.