A Once In A Life Time

© Misty Cantrell

* Chapter 4*

The next day Macy seated herself on a black barstool; she then placed her art supplies down on a small charcoal square table, that had a black outline on top. She exaimed the vase full of flowers in the center. In a way, it seemed to have a homey touch. Picking up a pencil, she began to draw. That was, until she heard something. Getting up, Macy went to investigate the commotion.

As she walked toward the disturbance she viewed nothing was there. 'Must be my imagination she thought to herself, as she decided to head back. Just as Macy turned to do so; something gushed down and soaked her white shirt.

"Oh! GREAT! That's what I get for wearing white" she said heated. She looked down and added "How in the world did my pants escaped the splashed? SHIT!"

Joey was walking towards her from a different direction, where she came from. He impetously pulled off his jacket and reach it to her and said "Here, you might need this." While trying not to see her visible tan bra that had bleed through.

"Follow me" he said.

They went around some buildings and took a left to his trailer; he opened the door and they entered. Macy pursued to him. Joey went to a shelve and was in search for something.

"Ah. Ha!" He said, as he brought out a shirt with some kind of a logo on the front.

"Here, put this on." he commanded.

"Wait! I'm a little bit bigger than you! Well, in a certain area." Macy retaliated, as she peeped at the shirt.

Joey laughed and replied with "I'll fit."

Macy took the shirt and went to the bathroom to change. Afterwards, she stared at herself in the mirror. At that instant, she had a flashback of the passionate night that they shared. Macy didn't know why Joey find her so appealing. It wasn't like she had a model-figured body, instead petite, rotund one, but more curvy. She had so many scars, stretchmarks, which to her was very inattractive and disgusting. Yeah she tried loosing weight, but it was hard to keep it off.

Macy slid her fingers along an loosen strand of brunette hair and studied herself closely in the mirror, as the hazel eye woman stared back at her. To add, her hair wasn't always fixed up perfectly according to what an celebrity's would be; plus she hardly wore any makeup either.

Even though, Macy didn't care much for the team, she had always like the logo. She stood back to check her appearance. Macy had to admit she did look good in the shirt.

In his shirt...

Macy blushed and became serious, 'What am I thinking? It could never happened. We're both married to separate people' Macy thought and shook her head.

Macy came out of the bathroom and Joey glanced at her, amazed of how good she look in the shirt.

In his shirt...

"What?" She asked, pensive.

"Nothing?" He replied in a velvety tone.

"You know, I really don't care much for this team?!" She mentioned.

Joey beamed and said "I know."

Joey was puzzled to why Macy didn't see herself as beautiful. Not just her body, but her smile and personality were alluring also and when he would hold her close to him, it felt so right. Then a low vibration went off, it was Joey's cell phone.

"Damn! I gotta go, be back soon" he said, infuriated.

"Okay?!" Macy said to the air, where he once stood.

Macy decided to take the opportunity to wash her soaked white shirt. 'I'm sure he won't mind' she thought. Suddenly, a knock was at the door. "What now?" she asked vocally.

"Hee-...HI. Macy?!" Jimmy said, surprised and eyed the shirt she wore, which was obivious not hers.

Macy scrutinized down and said "It's a long story. See my shirt got wet and Joey let me borrow one of his. Now I'm washing my shirt and changing back, before anyone gets the wrong idea."

"Ah. Okay." Jimmy said and mumbled the following "He wouldn't mind if they did."

"Come again?" Macy questioned.

"Oh, it's nothing." Jimmy said and stood there for a while in quietness.

"Everything okay?" Macy asked.

"Yeah... I just want to say...Thank you for everything you have done, for all of us."

"Thank you as well and you are very welcome" Macy replied, puzzled.

Jimmy nodded and said "Well catch ya later" and with that he vanished.

After he left, Macy thought he sure was acting strange, but shrugged it off. She was in Joey's trailer after all.

Once Macy's shirt was washed and dried, she changed and placed his folded shirt on the table; she then return to her trailer. As she glance up in the sky the stars above shine bright back at her. Macy then mosey on to her trailer, for she waited too long on Joey to return. She wasn't sure why she even did.

When Macy entered her trailer and looked at the clock, she quickly got ready for bed. Next, she climbed into bed and closed her tiresome eyes, letting herself drift off to dreamland...

"Do you know where I can find a 1967's model or later Chevy or Dodge car? That's not in trashed condition." Macy heard herself asked the familiar man; it was Deel Turner.

"I have, but here can't find anyone who takes good care of them." Deel replied.

"Oh? -My husband has one in excellent condition and of course he takes extra care of it. It's a hobby of his you might say."

Deel nodded that he understood.

'My husband?!' Macy asked herself, addled. There was no way Jason had such a thing, because Macy knew their financial said other wise. This was a dream though.

"He does?!" Macy could hear the excitment in Deel's voice.

"Yeah, come and I will show you" Macy said, as she gestured.

They headed up a small hill and stopped inches near the entrance of the garage.

"Honey?!" Macy asked. She knew he was in here. It was just minutes ago she heard pinging and banging coming from inside.

"Yeah, Babe." Joey responded as he came out from underneath the car's hood. His once clean blue shirt stained in black oil substance.

Joey went over to the cart that held all his tools; he took a rag and wiped his hands off, followed by him throwing the stained towel down. Next, he picked up a beer bottle and slug it down. Macy had a complete befuddled expression.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing" She said pleasantly.

Macy woke up and wonder why in world were the odd dreams about her and Joey. She clasped her head. "My body must not be use to the food here, yet."