a goodbye

i watch the cars go by
and i wish i could
drive away with you
i spend every waking hour
thinking of you,
and writing a million
notes filled with
pretty metaphors that compare
you to shooting stars and
the sea and the midnight sky
they're pathetic because of course
you are so much more
than that.
and you will never know
how much it kills me
that you can never be mine
and i can never be yours.
we will never go on
vacations to the middle of no-where
or take long summer walks
down by the coast
or kick the yellow leaves in autumn
and watch the season turn to
winter and catch the falling
snow flakes with our fingers
while holding hands,
through the beginning of the start
to our new lives,
that we swore we'd live together.
because we can never be together.
but i'll never let go,
and i'll never forget.