Ahaha, creepy things await you in this oneshot/sketch/drabble. Oh well.

Read, review, enjoy!

Wake-up and the morning routine are always the same for Raelyn Court. Every morning at exactly 7:00, she rises from her «Bed», then «Cleans» herself for the upcoming day. Then she does her daily bug check of her house and goes to work.

Work is always the same for Raelyn Court. She steps into her «Office» at exactly 8:00. The «Office» springs to life, automatically opening up to «Request Box» and alerting her superiors that employer number 0375 of company number 27654 has begun her work day.

Raelyn opens up her first «Request», which was from someone named Tobis Beckhan. The description reveals that this Tobis is an «Artist», but bugs in his «Studio», which appeared after his latest «Renovation», have rendered his «Studio» unusable for the time being.

Raelyn opens up the doc inside the «Request» and quickly scans it for bugs. She eventually finds the culprit: A few missing semicolons here and there, and on misplaced curly bracket. Whoever did this «Renovation» must not have been very skilled. Not only does their code glitch, but it's messy and barely readable. Raelyn opened up the doc's history, and find the person responsible for the latest «Renovation». His name is Clarx Korey. Raelyn sends a complaint to the higher-ups, who she knows will carry it to «The Council». Honestly, this person needs to get themselves in gear, or they may end up «Suspended», or even «Deleted». Raelyn shudders at the thought. «Deletion» is a horrible punishment, reserved for repeat offenders of the most serious crimes. Raelyn wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, even an incompetent like this «Designer».

Similar requests roll by, and Raelyn opens and takes care of them with her usual efficiency. There are a few like the first, which ask her to fix a bug or two, but most simply seek her advice. Raelyn sees, "Is there a way to change my «Home»'s «Wallpaper» but not its skin?" and "How can I make this «Coverlet» code shorter?" These questions are fairly standard, questions Raelyn has seen every day and has no trouble answering.

But the «Request» she opens right after her 12:00 break is quite the shock. As she scans the doc for bugs, Raelyn notices that something as amiss on line 264. But this is not your standard "Oops, forgot a curly bracket" bug. This code has no errors—it's doing exactly what it was programmed to do. The reason for the «Request» is that this code has been planted with a virus.

All of Raelyn's senses shoot into the red. She quickly fires off a «Virus Alert» to her superiors, then sits back and looks at the malicious code.

Though Raelyn knows to leave the catching of the «Hacker» to the «Law Enforcement», she can't resist opening up the file's history. She sees a number she's all-too-familiar with: H16986564, a repeat offender on the fringe of «Deletion». This offense would surely push him over the edge.

Raelyn receives word minutes later from her superiors, congratulating her on reporting the error and notifying her on H16986564's status. As Raelyn thought, he's been «Deleted». No longer will anyone in company 27654, or any other «Software Adviser» company for that matter, have to deal with H16986564's viruses. «Deletion» is always a sad fate, but Raelyn can't help but feel slightly relieved that H16986564 won't be around to disrupt society any longer. There's been many of Raelyn's hours wasted poring over a doc that he's corrupted.

All thoughts of H16986564 have completely vanished from Raelyn's «Memory» by the time 19:00, the time Raelyn heads home after every single workday. She goes through her normal «Clearing» procedure, checking herself and her «House» for any bugs and readying herself for «Sleep».

As usual, Raelyn goes to her «Bed» to «Sleep» at precisely 20:00. Another day has passed, just like all the ones before it.

Yes, every day is always the same for Raelyn Court. Life is always the same for Raelyn Court and the trillions of other programs like her.

After all, there can only be so much variation in a world where your very being is an AI, a computer program long ago uploaded to the «System». Where your personality—and everyone else's—is an algorithm. A personalized algorithm, but still at heart an algorithm designed to function mechanically, robotically.

This is a world where every movement, every thought, every emotion is all computer-generated. Does that mean they are false? Well, I'll leave that up to you.