The resident superheroine cockily asks Vanilla, "Why are you so scared of the water? Can't you swim?"

Vanilla twitched her kitty cat ears, scrunched up her nose, and whimpered, "Just because I'm half human doesn't mean I like cold water, EctoSylvis. Besides, is Atlanta, GA really the best place to swim?" nya~

"First of all, you whine too much, and yes, yes it is.", replied Sylvis.

Vanilla stared at the cold pool water dreading every minute of it. "No, I don't wanna! nya~

EctoSylvis or Silly as she was called for her pranks, flashed her glowing green eyes and grinned, "Oh, it's okay, I won't force you," she said as started hovering up.

Vanilla looked around suspiciously for she knew something was up, what she wasn't expecting was Silly to go into a dive and push her off the edge into the pool.

"Oh it's cold, so cold!" nya~ Vanilla shrieked as she frantically swam to the other side of the pool, sputtering water out.

"That was cruel and you know it!" nya~ She exclaimed.

"At least you can swim. Also even if you couldn't I would have saved you, gotta keep my image, ya know?" The so called superheroine shot back with a roll of the eyes.

"Keep on laughing and I'll wipe that smirk off your face!' nya~ She exclaimed as she started to shoot after Sylvis, while using enhanced speed.

'Oh no, she's chasing me, what do I do?! Wait a minute, I can fly, and she'll never catch me in the sky!' EctoSylvis thought as she started to shoot up towards the cosmos.

"Na na, can't get me!" Silly taunted.

"Ugh, I will have my revenge!" nya~ yelled Vanilla.

Back at her house a week later, Sylvis is baking cookies. "Flour, sugar, milk, eggs," she sang as she poured the respective ingredients into a bowl.

When she tried to add the vanilla, Sylvis was horrified to find it all gone. Silly knew exactly who did it! "Vanilla!" she screamed.

In a tree nearby, Vanilla giggled and flicked her tail. There was no mistake about that cheeky smile she had on, "Ah, revenge is sweet!" nya~ she purred.