Good morning, everybody.

Like Saturdays, Daddy tends to get up with me on a Sunday so that Mommy can have a lie in. Mommy asks Daddy not to let her sleep in too long, but Daddy says that Mommy deserves her rest, so he waits for her to get up, rather than wake her up himself. When Daddy gets up with me on a Sunday, he normally feeds and changes me, and then takes me into the spare room. The spare room is where Lucy sleeps when she stays over, but it's also where Mommy and Daddy keep their computer. Mommy says it's her computer, but she doesn't use it very often. Daddy uses it a lot, especially on Sunday mornings. Daddy will take me into the spare room, put me on the bed, give me some toys, and he'll talk to me while he works.

For the first few months of being at home with Mommy and Daddy, I've been sleeping in their bedroom in my Moses basket. That was fine for a while, but I've been growing so much that I'm almost too big for it. I have my own big boy bed in my own room, and now that I'm six months old, Mommy and Daddy let me sleep in there. It feels great having more room to sleep, and whenever I need Mommy or Daddy they always seem to know, and come and see me. I don't know how they know that I need them, because they're not in the room as me. There is something with blinking lights on top of my wardrobe, but I think Mommy and Daddy are magic. Mommy and Daddy say that I can use my big boy bed for a few years yet, so that will be fun.

On Sundays, Daddy also does something called housework. Mommy does the housework during the week, so Daddy gives her as much of a break as he can on Sundays. Daddy jokes that I should be helping out with the housework, but he knows that I can't do it at the moment. When I'm old enough I hope Daddy will show me what to do so that I can help out. Mommy and Daddy say that it's Important for kids to help out around their houses. Lucy tells me that she helps out at her house, so I want to help out when I'm old enough. One of the jobs that Daddy does on Sundays, but not every Sunday, is mowing the lawns. It looks like a lot of fun, and I'd like to try it when I'm old enough.

While Daddy does the housework, I normally go in my travel cot, which Mommy has put in the living room, or I go in my new walker. I really like my walker, because it lets me stand up. I'm getting better at sitting up, but I can't quite stand up on my own yet. Mommy and Daddy say it won't be long before I can, but, for now, I use my walker. It has wheels on it, so as I get stronger I can move myself around the living room. It also has a lot of coloured buttons at the front that I can press and make sounds. They're great fun. The walker even has a steering wheel with a squeaky button in the middle. I love making sounds, even if Mommy and Daddy do call me a noisy monkey. They keep calling me a monkey, but I've seen pictures of monkeys and I don't think I look like one. I hope Mommy and Daddy are just joking with me. I think they are, because they always seem to be smiling and laughing when they call me a monkey.

I like to smile and laugh with Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy even has a little song he likes to sing to me when he's holding me. It always makes me smile and laugh, and it goes like this:

Smiley, smiley, smiley, smiley, chuckly, chuckly bear.

So Daddy not only calls me a monkey, but a bear, as well. I think Daddy's confused, but he's still very funny. I think someone should tell him that I'm a baby.

On Sundays, Daddy needs to shave before he has to go back to work on Mondays. He tells me that when boys grow up they grow hair on their faces, and they can either let it grow or shave it off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I need to shave, but Daddy doesn't let his grow more than a week. My uncle Tim has let his grow into a beard, so maybe I'll do that when I'm old enough. We'll see. Mommy doesn't have to shave, so I suppose girls don't grow hair on their faces like boys do. Every day I learn something new about how things work. It's a lot, but I'm definitely enjoying it.

Well, that's my week. It's been fun telling you about what I get up to. I'm looking forward to all of the other things that are going to happen to me as I grow up.

Goodnight, everybody. Thank you for reading about me. I hope you've enjoyed it.